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The Tiger is Out is a Blades in the Dark game that is primarily co-GM'd by Nick the Nevermet and The Tim.


The Tiger is Out follows the exploits of a crew in the fictional city of Duskvol. They are a cult to Orc, the spirit of rebellion born when the world died centuries ago. In Its Name, they go forth and the destroy the powerful and unjust of the city.

    The Tiger
    He Destroyed his cage
    The Tiger is out
    -- A Poem by Nael, Age 6.

Player Characters[edit]

The following are player characters that are or have been in the game:

  • Bone Meal Miller, by Nick.
    • A Cutter Devil Hunter who used to be a carney strong man until a mystical experience put him in touch with Orc.
  • Mr. Bottles, by Aegishjalmer.
    • A Cutter and former dock worker who just got out of Ironhook.
  • Kobb Templeton, by The Tim.
    • A Whisper and a disgrace to a local noble family who has gone dissolute in his dual pursuit of worldly pleasure and occult lore.
  • Knocker John, by Nick.
    • A Leech Sabateur, motivated to revenge from witnessing the working conditions miners endured.
  • Lock, by William Wilja Wiklund
    • An old, bitter Spider who knows everyone and hates most of them.
  • Onyx, by Elven Princess.
    • A seductive, violent Slide.
  • Shine, by William Wilja Wiklund.
    • A Slide with remembers nothing before joining Orc's Tygers.
  • Song, by The Tim.
    • A ruthless and mystical Hound. Being from Tycheros, she's got feathers to match her ugly bird that she can mind-link to, and is 100% committed to the cause.
  • Black Character Sheet

The Tygers of Orc[edit]

Full Crew Sheet

Crew Name: The Tygers of Orc

Crew Type: Cult

Deity: Orc

Sacred Site: Sacrifice

Reputation: Weird & Brutal

Lair: An old ship that has been converted into a pub in the Docks.

The Tygers of Orc are a cult that honors Orc, the Chained Boy, the Spirit of Rebellion. They are committed to destroying the powerful, and believe that doing so in a ritual way can promote the spirit of rebellion in the hearts of the populace. When a sufficient mass of the people hear the cry of Orc, the flames shall rise and the guillotines shall fall.

Before the world broke, Orc was Luvah, the Aspect of love and passion in the world. But Urizen the Maker of Law struck Luvah down while breaking the world. The fallen Luvah arose in the broken world as Orc, and swore vengeance against the tyranny of law in all its forms.

Other Factions[edit]

Full List of Relevant Factions

  • The Circle of Flame (III): +3
  • Reconciled (IV): -2
    • Note: Lock has a personal contact
  • Forgotten Gods (III) +2
    • Note: Bone Meal Miller has a vice contact
  • The Grinders (II): -2

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