Todd Fukushiro

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Todd is a character in St. Jude's Monsterhearts played by FrivYeti

Todd Fukushiro[edit]

  • Looks: Todd generally wears a perfectly-pressed uniform, but he can't help seeming sly when he feigns innocence. He wears large glasses that draw attention to his green eyes, and tends to shift back and forth between acting out and holding back.
  • Origin: Todd was born under a bad sign, possibly as a manifestation of his parents' forbidden marriage.


  • Hot 1
  • Cold 1
  • Volatile 1
  • Dark -1


  • Shapeshifting

Your true form is that of a fox with a number of tails equal to your Dark +3. To remain in human form you need to keep a specific object on your head. When you change into a specific other person roll with hot. On a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2.

    • You have subtle visible foxlike features
    • You have large foxlike features (fur, tails) you can conceal under your clothes
    • You sound fox-like

If PCs spot minor clues they can Gaze into the Abyss to confirm their suspicions. Clear visions will tell them what to take off your head to turn you back

  • True Disguise

Social and emotional conditions you receive while disguised as someone else go to that person

Other Moves[edit]

Sex Move

When you had sex did someone mention anything to do with love or commitment? If they did, gain the condition “Not ready to grow up” If not you both take 1 forward

Also if neither of you laughed freely and non-maliciously, enter your Darkest Self.

Darkest Self

You’re all alone. No one would pay attention to you if you didn’t make them laugh or sleep with you. Go wild with the quick cheap pranks, going for as much quick laughter as you can so no one thinks you just an animal. Leave your darkest self when someone demonstrates they want you for you - or someone pulls a long and involved joke of the sort you’re no longer thinking of.


  • +1 Cold


Todd lives in the wealthy part of town; his father made sure to buy a house there when they moved back to England, because he went to St. Jude's as a child and intends the same for his son.

Year 12, and taking Chemistry, English Lit, Economics, Business Studies, Drama, and Law. Todd would have preferred fewer classes, but his father wouldn't hear of it.

Personal Character Interaction Notes[edit]

  • Seth seems like an okay guy, but he's also clearly old money, and Todd's suspicious of people who seem to be Important. Todd keeps his distance, and tries not to have too much to do with him.
  • Robyn is also rich and important, and he's kind of a tool; Todd likes to rile him up.
  • Conor's a cool guy, even if he's a little wrapped up in himself. Todd likes hanging out with him, and seeing how he'll surprise him. One String in each direction.
  • Summer's a real challenge; she keeps herself on the fringes, and she's a little odd, but she has a really nice laugh.
  • Yoanna, Yoanna. So tense and uptight all the time. Todd doesn't really mean to play so many tricks on her, but it's easy, and maybe if she just laughed about it, he'd calm down... or maybe not.
  • Alex: Certainly counter-culture, and that's always cool. Plus, he's Conor's friend, so he's clearly an okay guy.
  • Eirin: I don't know about her. There's something a little odd, but maybe it's nothing major...
  • Raj: Do not mess with Raj more than is necessary. Dude's okay, but dangerous.
  • Helen: Helen's okay. Kind of cool, really.
  • Jessica: Oh, my god, I can't stand her. She has got to learn to loosen up. She's worse than Yoanna sometimes.
  • Rebecca: It's not nice to hit people while they're down... but hell, she deserves it.
  • Mr. Berry: Mr. Berry is a cool guy, and he's wise to me. It's cool to mess around a little, but don't do anything seriously mean to him, you know?