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On 12-05-2005, C.W.Richeson queried Roleplaying Open as to which were the 'top 5 best indie rpgs'. Lists came streaming in, and soon many Open regulars were posting examples of excellent games they had enjoyed reading and playing. The following are the totaled results to date. (This tally is current as of post #121 of the original thread)

Vote Tally[edit]

The Top Five[edit]

The Runners Up[edit]

Games With Single Votes[edit]

"Non-indie", Honorable Mentions[edit]


  • Only the first five votes in each post were counted.
  • If you wish to add your votes to this running tally, please post a list of your top five to the original thread first, then made your additions here on this page.



Much appreciation to all those who provided corrections and URLS for the various games! :)

--Vasco Brown (aka Karasu)