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Game: Tríocha ceathair GM: @Larry B (GM-Khaos) Cast: 4-6 System: Amber DRPG


“War is good for business, Peace is good for business.” Ferengi 34th and 35th rules of acquisition.

The peace following the ascent of Kings Random and Merlin to their respective thrones has led to an end of the expectation of grand wars such as Patternfall are like a distant memory to the subjects of Amber and the subjects of the Golden Circle. Tensions have risen between the various powers in the Golden Circle. Competition for raw materials and resources is driving prices up and leading to a building of tensions between all the known powers of the Multiverse. The rising tension is being fed and resolved by building connections between new and emerging Shadows.

The Hunt Club has looked to find a new Shadow so this cabal of business men can gain new economic and political power in the Court of Amber. They have sought out members of the Royal family to forge ties to a particular Shadow Kingdom


100pt Character creation, with Pattern provided for free. I am looking for characters that have connections that might make them viewed as “compromised” to those outside the family. ( Rebma, Chaos, other major golden circle powers)

The game will focus on political, diplomatic, and economic intrigue .

email First: some of you I have ran in games at cons or elsewhere. Thank you for joining me in this endeavor.

This is after the events of Pattern fall and the major books. The cold war between Chaos (in general) and Amber have become quite amiable. Various houses within Chaos however have their own agendas. Rebma has begun to assert itself much more strongly in shadow. Kashfa, Begma, and other major Shadows in the golden circle are trying to asset more power. While the Barimen Family is still the major power ruling from Kolvir things have become much more complicated. Resources that once easily flowed into Amber have been finding new homes.

And the new spirit of the age dominated by King Random has lead to a new spirit of exploration and discovery in Shadow. A burgeoning Middle and Business Class has risen up in Amber. They have put resources and energy into exploiting new shadows. The Hunt Club had served under the patronage of various senior nobles of Amber in the earliest days of this expansion. But the Elders have gotten more conservative in how they handle matters

The leaders of the hunt club have selected YOUR CHARACTERS to undertake a mission of exploration and discovery. You were selected because people who think they understand the Royal Court viewed you as people with conflicting loyalties that could be exploited. They think the emergence of new allies in shadow (and new resources) would elevate your status in the court.

But they are outsiders to the family. Your position in the family is as secure (or at risk) as you decide. But your characters need a reason to want to go out and get involved in bringing a New Shadow to the Golden Circle.

Tancred Hawksman[edit]