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CAR ONE[edit]

  • Whiplash
    Inmate # I11-B-098
  • Man’OWar
    Inmate # IV-E-032
  • Butcher Boy ... aka. Ricky Faust
    Inmate # IV-A-114
    Waits, smirking to find blades. He will pay good money to get him out if necessary.
  • Doc Otaku ... aka. Solo Takashi
    Inmate # II-A-213
    Impatient. He will “re-hack” the system to take control of the tain! Contacts his Angels immediately.
    “NO NO NO MINE MINE MINE, NO NO NO MINE MINE MINE” -- a pocket monster
  • Golden Marvel ... aka. Leroy Conte
    Inmate # IV-F-008
    Tries to talk them down, going to upgrade arms as best he can to stay alive…

CAR TWO[edit]

  • Orion ... aka. Jack O’Ryan
    Inmate # II-A-011
    The most skilled hunter in the world, he will offer a “boon” to those freeing him. He will upgrade equipment quickly.
  • Baron Samedi ... aka. Simon DuLac
    Inmate # V-C-046
    The Loa of death/undead. He will sense and seek Madam Shade as a Bride! Mentially Mind Controlling anyone he can and making zombies of the dead along the way. He can create 2500’ of Darkness creeping…
  • Captain Kraken ... aka. Krak-En Vas
    Inmate # II-B-084
    He will forge alliances and break them pirate style. Always looking for the best beal. He has a star ship! Looks for a blaster and vibro-sword.
  • The Collective
    Inmate # IV-E21
    Roaches/Bugs find and inhabit the Drilling Machine to escape to food and a city…
  • Megalodon ... aka. Connor Kirkstrom
    PROVIDENCE Transfer #01-23
    In human form, without legs.
    “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”


  • Conundrum ... aka. Andre Kenston
    PROVIDENCE Transfer #05-42
    PROVIDENCE Transfer

Offers “consulting” work.

  • Cosmic Mind ... aka. Mina Kosmiova
    Inmate # V-F-067
    In stasis brought back from the depths of space by the Khan. Was used to get info on Earth – a real traitor to Earth. It is beyond human. The Star-Khan deemed it to be set for Execution.
  • Dr. Simian
    Inmate # II-A-082
    Simian prefers to build reserves and wait… He will get out and away asap. Giving and Accepting no help from any human.
  • Gamma ... aka. Adam Ward
    Inmate # IV-F-111 (ASTRO Labs)
    Lashing out looking for the Atom kids, he has one thing on mind – blasting anyone! He is still much a child in a powerful man’s body…
  • Warden ... aka. John Warden
    Inmate # I-F-052
    Warden had already escaped and is now on one of the STEED Gunships. He is taking it and will come to the Band of Steel’s rescue when the Collective takes the Drill. SHADOW has commissioned him in the past, and he contacted Overshadow just now to offer it again…

CAR FOUR[edit]

  • The Maestro ... aka. Basil Fatherton
    PROVIDENCE Transfer #01-77
    No real ability, he will pick up a gun in disdain. He will be toying with anything to create sound abilities.
  • Rant ... aka. Ray Trask
    Inmate # II-B-123
    Find his sister Rachael – searching with sound. He will blast away with sonics…
  • Death ... aka. Rick Davis
    Inmate # III-C-076
    Paranoid schizophrenic sociopath. Looks for Taxes his lover and partner. They are serial killers preying on the weak and supers. Natural Born Killers.
  • Doc Cartridge ... aka. Roy Russell
    Inmate # I-A-059
    He’s freaking scared! He will fight if ordered almost crying as he does it, until in a position of authority…
  • Superior ... aka. Kal-Zed
    Inmate # IV-G-048
    The Nazi Superman looking to work for the Overshadow looking to eventually overshow him (Overshadow knows this) He ia train wreaker with strength and cosmic eye beams!

CAR FIVE[edit]

  • The Scarlet Lady ... aka. Mary James
    Inmate # IV-D-033
    A Victorian-minded ghost, killer of prostitutes. She ignores most all not incurring her wrath. Walking through all… if something gets her attention she will phase into them ripping their heart out with her phasing!
  • Hivemind
    Inmate # III-C-057
    Mass mind control. Will look to get offensive/defensive armor to rebuild on the spot. Using others to interpose with him to protect him as cannon fodder.
  • Glacier ... aka. Gela-ziir
    Inmate # II-C-024
    Making it COLD absorbing the ambient energy in the air. Blasting, making frozen shapes, ice prisons, he hits flyers first.
  • Goldenclaw
    Inmate # I1-C-125
  • Archtic Blast
    Inmate # I1-A-053

CAR SIX[edit]

  • Taxes
    Inmate # III-D-001
  • The Huckster
    Inmate # I-B-026
  • Mr. Lucky
    Inmate # II-C-201
  • Icekill
    Inmate # I11-D-027
  • The Mad Maple
    Inmate # III-C-013


  • Black Diamond
    Inmate # II-C-024
  • Hyena
    Inmate # III-D-006
  • Mountain King
    Inmate # IV-F-007
  • Toreador
    Inmate # III-D-015
  • Spasm
    Inmate # IV-F-009


  • Berlin Betty
    Inmate # I-H-012
  • Firebug
    Inmate # I-A-002
  • Belladonna
    Inmate # II-H-009
  • Blackcroft
    Inmate # V-I-004
  • The Red Scare
    Inmate # IV-D-055

CAR NINE[edit]

  • Rave
    Inmate # II-C-051
  • Maggot
    Inmate # III-G-017
  • Blowtorch
    Inmate # III-C-205
  • The Mongol Horde
    Inmate # IIII-D-008
  • Grayve
    Inmate # III-F-030

CAR TEN[edit]

  • Valkyrie
    Inmate # III-C-109
  • Great-Bear
    Inmate # III-D-113
  • Looking Glass
    Inmate # II-D-070
  • La Pyre
    Inmate # II-C-024
  • Fear-Master
    Inmate # I-G-192


  • Skab
    Inmate # II-B-010
  • Dr. Stratos
    Inmate # IV-C-005
  • Nacht-Krieger
    Inmate # IV-D-036
  • Gepetto
    PROVIDENCE Transfer #01-77
  • Silly Putty
    Inmate # II-D-026