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Trina is a technological world with a earth similar environment and a technological level equating a general year 2200 level of advanced technologies.


Two main continents and 6 major islands span the globe with a thick ice cap on the north and south poles.

The central continent, 'Halaka has a arced central mountain rang reaching the 13,000' range.

The seas and oceans are fresh water of a sort that is drinkable but somewhat acidic. Frozen ice kills the impurities in the ocean water, and after the ice melts the water is fresh.

Temperatures vary but generally are in the 40 to 100 range year round in the majority of the regions of the world. The northern most and southern most areas are typically as low as-70.

Ice Management[edit]

Ice Management is a major industry on this heavily populated world. Recycling has always been part of the mindset of the people of this world and reuse of water is a major part of that.

The two polar caps are part of the water paths and and weather systems. The jet stream cycles weather to the poles where the systems deposit rain, which forms into ice and eventually become ice bergs. Frozen ice kills the microscopic organisms causing ocean water to be too acidic for easy use.

Ice Management involves industry sheering ice bergs and moving them to a region north and south. Ice bergs are incased in heat resistant fields and shipped to cities for home use.


The world has well over 12 billion people of a varied humanoid form. Some portion show a racial history of earlier developed human forms that normalized into the species similar to Neanderthal inbreeding. An avian strain of humanoid causes occasional children to be born with wings. Many Trineans have gills showing an ancient inclusion of waterbreathing humanoids.

Many products are produced on this world but the population has caused most food production to be centralized in massive hydroponic systems. Nearly every home has a hydroponic unit that produces abundant vegetables.

Arcologies are common in each of the worlds major cities and often anchor minor cities as well.


Alda Cora Model Arcologies[edit]

Alda Cora.jpg]

  • The Coasarect of Alda Cora Prima is an Arcology in the world of Trinea. This highly advanced construction houses 1.2 million people and was the prototype for many other constructions in the Alda Cora Model. There are hundreds of other arcologies on this planet but the Alda Cora Model is by far the most preferred and influential.

Residential Districts: Alda Cora has 4 distinct residential districts;Green , Purple , Orange & Gray . Access to the Green level is extremely restricted and monitored. The region is generally not open to the public from outside the arcology. Purple is more open to access but is still heavily monitored. Orange and Gray zones are open to the general public but are monitored in case there are incidents.

  • Green is luxurious and exclusive. Archology administrators, business leaders, wealthy, and celebrities inhabit these levels. In most Alda Cora models the Green District often has upper division universities.
  • Purple and Orange are essentially middle class. Many residents in the Purple and Orange work remotely for locations across the world and in planetary orbits. They also work in a great many of the businesses in the Green, Purple and Orange Districts
  • Gray are workers and servants. Most Gray Zone residents and their families work in the Ring, Central & Base Districts. Workers from Gray and Orange district are often involved in the Hydroponic systems that provide produce for the populace and act as part of the water circulation, air purification, and waste processing systems.

Commercial Districts: It has 2 Commercial districts; Ring, and Central.

Industrial Districts: It has one Industrial District; The Base. This is the bottom of the facilities and has large numbers of factories, production and manufacturing facilities. It has large scale hydroponics.

Recreational District: There is one Recreational District; The Peak or Blue District .

  • The commercial districts of the Ring and The Central are available to the general public of the entire Arcology as well as to the people outside the facility in the general public. The Ring is between the Blue and Green Sections. The Central is between the Base and the Gray sections.
  • The Peak or Blue District is a vast recreational region where all Alda Cora residents interact. There is a cultural element specific to the Peak. In the other regions, residents carry Residential Identification and often wear clothing in color palates representative of their strata. In the Peak the residents take pride in wearing the Blue of Alda Cora and mixing with each other. Despite the different strata there is considerable unity among the residents. Access to the Peak for members of the general public outside the arcology is strictly prohibited. Members of the general public must be guests of a resident. Purple residents may have unlimited guests. Purple residents have a large number of guest passes. Orange residents have specific days each month they may invite guests to the Peak as well as having a few regular guest passes. Gray residents may invite guests once a month and have a few guest passes for other times.
    • Addition Guest passes to the Peak are a frequent gift that may be purchased or won.
  • While the Gray District is a residential area for workers and servants, as in all the Archologies, the standard of living is dramatically different then those in similar occupations outside the arcology. Minimal Gray habitations, while small by comparison to other levels, have many of the same elements those outsiide the arcologies would consider luxuries; Food Enhancers, multiple home hydroponic systems, In unit cleaning units.

Recycling and Cleanliness:

While recycling is very common on Trinea in general it is a mania in the Arcologies. Nearly everything is recycled from water to waste. Cleanliness is an extremely important part of the recycling culture. Personal hygiene is part of the recycling process as all residents use sonic showers daily. Sonic cleaning of clothes is a daily process.

Cleanliness is a common trait on Tinea.