Triston Penda

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A trainee in the ways of the Goddess of the blue moon, Tristan was born and bred in the enclave. Scrawny and skinny from a childhood of hunger and poverty, he has tousled brown hair and a constantly earnest expression. He was raised by Aharra, who might have been an aunt.

Tristan is armed with the simple weapons of the enclave, a stout short spear, a leather jerkin, and a leather-faced sheild that he normally carries slung across his shoulder by a long strap. Azure Sky has given him a shortbow, of the sort that the enclavers use to try and hunt seagulls, which he carries awkwardly. He wears a simple holy symbol, a silver disk like the moon, on a thong around his neck.

xp: 16754/25000 (Level 5, Curate)
gp: 1450gp, a 500gp gem, a 1200gp reliquary cover
spells: 2/level 1, 2/level 2, 1/level 3, 1/level 4

Special Abilities[edit]



  • Common


Triston Penda
Class Mystic
Level 5 (Curate)
Experience Points 16754
Total Hit Points 25
Armor Class 6 (Leather+Shield)
Movement 6" (Medium Encumbrance)
10 10 14 9 13 9
+0 +0 +1 +0 +1 +0
Item Location Notes Enc
Spear Right Hand 1d6 Damage 1
Leather jerkin Body ' 1
Quiver of Arrows Belt '
Shortbow Back 1d6 Damage 2
Shield Back -1 AC 1
Backpack Back Food and Water 1
Holy symbol '
Notebook, quill, ink '
' '
' '
' '
' '
' '
Total ' 6

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