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Trump Magic is the manipulation of forces to make contact with others and to create portals.

In Jeweled Amber Trump is a process to manipulate High Order constructs and not a power standing on it own. The item is created using the trump techniques using the supporting power. Thus trumps can be created using the powers of the Pattern, Logrus, Mark, Squiggles and numerous other High order constrct such as the Fount of the Four Worlds, The Dial of Gustev, The Braldig device and others.

Once the trump is created anyone with the pschye to the level of the trump may use them.

Known Decks[edit]

King Random's deck[edit]

The most famous deck is the King Random's deck. It is comprised a Major Arcanum & a Minor Arcanum. the major Arcanum i divided into Place Trump depicting places in shadow and Royal Trumps depicting member of House Bariman. The minor arcanum consists four suits of 14 cards each. These cards allow those with a pattern imprint to contact each other or travels in shadow. Major Arcanumm: Diners of Amber & Heirs and spares

Minor Arcanum. 4 suits of 14 cards. Swords, Wands, Wings and Staves. Ace,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, P, Kn, Q, K. No Joker in the Deck Jeweled Amber Trump Decks.

Mandalay Deck[edit]

The Manalay Deck consists of a major Arcanum, a Minor Arcanum, a Mistyica Arcanum, and the Trio.

  • Minor Arcanum: 5 Suits of 14 cards. Staves, Leaves, Water, Fire, & Earth numbered A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, P, Kn,Q, K
  • Major Arcanum: Seated Lords of Mandalay and Places of Mandalay
  • The Mystica: The Wood Lords of Mandalay
  • The Trio: Ygg, Adrian & Oberon

The Hounds of Mandalay though counted as Lords of Mandalay are not represented in the Mandalay deck.

Azcalan Deck[edit]