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Appearance: The Twelve Deadly Gods are ridiculously flamboyant in appearance as a rule. All of them go to great lengths to separate themselves from the masses of regular fighters so they will be memorable for their slaughter in ways that will resound throughout history. As such, they are almost all tremendously flashy in their appearance and attitudes. Think Samurai Showdown meets Street Fighter for an example.

Roleplaying Hints: The Twelve Deadly Gods vary tremendously in personality but are all extremely devoted to Genai, that they consider some sort of modern day prophet. The majority of them are this side of psychopaths on their best days but give exaggerated respect to anyone whose able to stand up to them in battle. They've so rarely encountered foes able to oppose them that they usually merely march up to their opponents and challenge them. Those who attempt to use this treachery against them often find it returned and rarely survive long enough to repeat the mistake.

Background: Amongst House Deneith, there is a legend, of possibly their greatest warrior. Genai D'Deneith was born with the Siberys mark that made him a figure of great reknown despite being found amongst a pair of peasants that had only the vaguest connections to the bloodline. Genai found himself an ill fit for the House despite the fact that he quickly mastered the arts of fighting. He was viewed as too sensitive a youth and would have been bullied were he not able to defeat even the strongest weapons masters of the House by the time he was sixteen.

Genai D'Deneith found the mercenary life to be boring and tedious. Instead, he began a pilgrimage around Khorvaire the various fighting arts of other races. The samurai of the Hobgoblins, Adar Mountain swordsmanship, Cyrean fencing, Karrnath claymore fighting, and Talenta plain spearmanship. Genai's quest was respected in the fact that he was considered a "Kensai" or seeker to bring new knowledge to the House in the ways of battle.

Over time, Genai gathered a group of followers around him that each mastered a different school of the Eberron Zodiac. Genai, himself, created each of these schools from his own studies of the various fighting disciplines. Many of his house came to view him as a natural sucessor or, at the very least, the next weaponsmaster of the House. In truth, Genai simply disappeared one day into the Demon Wastes and was expected to never return.

Until, he did.

The Twelve Deadly Gods are a scare legend amongst the Last War's followers. They appeared at the edges of villages or entire units before slaughtering them down to the Last Man. The criteria they accepted for a job seemed only to be whether it would be amusing or not. Genai's followers were responsible for a horrific slaughter of some of the greatest heroes in Eberron. Specifically, they targetted mighty warriors whose legends had often been the heart of Galifar or their homeland's pride. In the end, some of the Deadly Gods were slain but almost always did their killers end up joining the enigmatic warrior brotherhood.

They were thought destroyed in the Mourning but, in truth, largely broke up to merely seek out new challenges for their ruthless skill.

Special Abilities: Genai wields supernatural powers drawn from the Rajah Baalzebul. The majority of the Deadly Gods do not know that he has been annointed with the power of the Lord of Battle. Instead, he claims that he gains his power as the Chosen Embodiment of Hextor (another name for Dol Dorn). Nevertheless, many clerics sense the demonic power that infuses most of the Deadly Gods with Innate Abilities that add to their legend.

Dogma: To be a warrior is the ultimate honor in the world and there's nothing else that matters in life. All other beings in the world are sheep and cattle to the true achievement of victory in battle. There are no innocents in this world but those who attempt to destroy a superior warrior by treachery deserve only to be slaughtered along with all that they worship. A true warrior is without pity, remorse, or regret. He lives only to destroy his enemies and to improve his own skill as a fighter.


These are the members of the Twelve Deadly Gods as they were in Melissa's time. Take note that they have several "henchmen" groups that all seek to emanate the Deadly Gods and build up their skills enough that they might be allowed to join the group, if and when, an existing member dies. This is highly unlikely as these henchmen (despite being tremendously skilled) tend to embody the herd mentality that Genai loaths.


Genai: Lawful Evil Human Male (Dustborn) Swordsage 11/Master of Nine 7

Genai is a figure whom is arguably the greatest Swordsman currently alive in Eberron. Humbled by one of the Lords of Dust, he's taken to the philosophy that was taught to him by his Demonic Master. Genai is blessed with a peculiar sense of honor but believes life is pointless except for seeking death in the most grandiose manner possible.

It is noteworthy that Genai doesn't actually 'count' as a member of the Twelve Deadly Gods, so their number is actually Thirteen.


Current Members[edit]

1. Keltis Dorran Neutral Evil Dwarven Male Warblade 10/Deepstone Sentinel 4

Keltis Dorran was once the greatest champion of the Mror Holds and a mighty veteran of many Karrnath Campaigns. Then, his brother Korram's village was destroyed by the Karrnath army in order to steal food to feed itself. Outraged, he butchered most of them himself and abandoned the cause. When many dwarves tried to avenge the insult, he destroyed his honor completely by slaughtering them. From that point on, he killed everyone he encountered until Genai defeated him and gave him a new life.

2. Beren Raven-Whisperer CG Male Seren (Bear Shifter) 8th level Beserker/4th level Weretouched Master

Beren Raven-Whisperer is a rare creature in the 12 Deadly Gods in that he's a fairly noble human being and attempts to mitigate the tremendous damage that the others do. He came to kill his Raven-shifter wife, whom had betrayed the clan for the secrets of becoming a greater swordswoman than she had been. Having already joined the 12 Deadly Gods, he accepted her position when he killed her in fair combat by breaking her neck. He is now haunted by her ghost that exists in a flock of ravens that follow him.

Beren senses the evil of the Lords of Dust and hopes to someday drive it out by protecting the less malevolent members or eventually challenging and killing their leader. In the meantime, he participates in only about half their battles and tries to dissaude them from rampant slaughter. Beren has an odd fondness for Cannith technology and drives a military Lightning Fortress while wielding a Cannith wand.

3. Alexia N Valenar Elven Female Ranger 6/Sorcerer 1/Arcane Archer 6

Alexia is a member of the Valenar warrior code that has broken with tradition due to the fact that she has surpassed all of her known ancestors as an Archer and Horsewoman. Feeling utterly depressed and alone in this world, Alexia has since joined with the Deadly Gods in search of new challenges. This has made her an outcast amongst her race since she considers the Deadly Gods to be greater warriors than the vast majority of Valenar warriors in living or ancient history. Her capability with Arrows is, frankly, ridiculous. Unlike most of the Deadly Gods, Alex is not a raving psychopath and is uncomfortable with many of their deeds.

4. Jezebel NE Female Tiefling Druid 5/Blighter 5/Planar Shepard 5

If you discount the black pools for eyes and the claws, Jezebel seems like any other Elf you'd run into. A former member of the Wardens of the Woods, she fell when an investigation into the Gloaming went horribly wrong. The twisted energy of the area awakened the Demonic blood sleeping in her, causing her to go berzerk and murder her companions.

Since her soul was first stained black, she has embraced it, even attuning herself to Mabar. Among the Wardens of the Wood, and even the Ashbound, she is considered one of the, of not the, greatest threats to the natural order on the Material Plane. The Children of Winter consider her a Prophet, but the few who have lived after an encounter with her know this is not the case.

She was one of the first to encounter Genai after he emerged from the Demon Wastes, and has followed him ever since he defeated her. There are indications that she serves as Genai's mistress, but whether it is truth or merely her desires is unclear.

In battle, she is ruthless and can reduce any living creature to a dessicated husk in mere moments. She has fully embraced Genai's Philosophy, posthumously reagarding anything that falls to her destructive urges to have been unworthy of the life she stole.

5. The 'Talenta Kid' Jimmith Bluesummers CE Halfling Male Martial Adept 7/Pistoleer 7

Jimmith Bluesummers was left to die by his tribe because the Shaman of the Great Lawgiver (Aurreon) predicted he would bring great suffering to the world. The boy was then adopted by a couple who had lost their children in the Last War. By the time he was twelve, he'd killed them by burning down their farm and apprenticed himself to a House Deneith crossbowman.

Jimmith is congenial, pleasant, and a wonderful guy....but deeply f-ed up. At times, he believes he's taken over by the spirits of his victims who crave the deaths of the living. This leads to cross-dressing and psychotic killing sprees. Jim's not actually possessed, he's just got more neuroses than one could possily imagine. Jimmith's preferred weapons are twin action crossbows with six micro-bolts each. His article is here Jimmy A.K.A. "The Talenta Kid."

6. Volarun a.k.a The Beast LE Male Kalashtar Psychic Warrior 7/War Mind 10

Like so many Kalashtar, he was raised in a monastary in Adar. Also like others, he was educated in the ways of the Path of Light and the coming of Il-Yannah, about the evil of the Quori and their Inspired puppets, how to use his mind as a weapon to bring about the Turning of the Age, etc.

Only problem was, unbeknownst to his parents or teachers, he'd been corrupted by Ulakhun, the soul of Riedra's greatest Inspired General trapped deep within the monastery he studied in:Kasshta Keep. It goes without saying that, because of it's influence, Volarun developed less...honorable attitudes. Soon after he was chosen to study the ways of the Talariic Codex, he killed several fellow students, stole the Codex, and fled.

Making his way to Khorvaire after finding no welcome by the Riedrians, he wandered the fields of battle, honing his skills before encountering Genai. The man's appreciation for the true path of the warrior led him to join the Deadly Gods, if only to enhance his already formidable skills. Both he and Genai know he will eventually challenge the esteemed leader to a duel for control of the group, and each eagerly awaits that day.

7. Mageddonna LN Warforged (female personality) Wizard 5/Warblade 5/Jade Phoenix Mage 6

Mageddonna is a warforged anomaly of unknown origin. Her mithral body is of incredibly draconic design. That alone would place her as unusual, but her flame red hair and incredible magic-like powers truly make her stand out.

While not one of the most skilled combatants of the Deadly Gods, she is still one of the groups most powerful members. This and her analytic abilities allow her to act as the groups defacto leader when Genai is off on his doing his own thing.

8. (slot open)

9. Melissa D'Deneith - Genai's daughter and corrupted hero.

10. Epee No personality waforged Swashbuckler 6/Duelist 8 - A dangerous and masterful warforged duelist with a mysterious past.

11. (slot open)

12. Kuzo Lawful Neutral Half-Elf [Valenar] Fighter 7/Sorcerer 1/Bladesinger 10

Kuzo is one of Genai's former students, a ruthless and brilliant master of the blades that is arguably the greatest living swordsman currently in Valenar. Unfortunately, he's also a man that has lost all of his drive now that he's exceeded anything his ancestors had accomplished. Obsessed with proving his own legend and finding new purpose in life, Kuzo has been enslaved by Genai. This is despite the fact he's a national hero.

He is now the 2nd most powerful of the 12 Deadly Gods.

Former Members[edit]

Valek D'Vol CE Aerenal Male (Deathless) Elf Warblade 10/Blood Storm Blade 4 (Deceased)

Valek is one of the rarest of creatures in Aerenal, an outcast from the Undying Courts. Valek earned his place in the Undying Court by serving as an assassin during the war against the Dragons. Older than even Erandis D'Vol, Valek slowly grew insane with guilt and self-loathing from the slaughter of every member of his family by him and other members of the Undying Court. Exiling himself, Valek fell to murder and slaughter to appease his inner spirit. Valek has no real loyalty to the Twelve Deadly Gods but finds it an amusing way to pass the time while he continues his endless life of murder.

On some level, Valek seeks death but refuses to die at the hands of anyone but someone who has defeated him in fair combat. Thus far, the Deadly Gods seem to be the only ones capable of bringing it about.

Garuum Lawful Good Half-Orc Crusader 8/Bloodclaw Master 2/Priest of the Silver Flame 1 (Deceased)

For years, Garuum traveled outside of the Demon Wastes seeking evil to destroy in the name of the Flame. The man was hoping to find some secret for helping to end his people's eternal struggle but only grew angry with their arrogance and spoiled natures. Genai recruited Garuum and they slaughtered countless warriors together as he managed to justify it in the name of the flame. Then, Garuum confronted Ethan in battle to kill a young girl that Genai had been hired to destroy. During that battle, he discovered she was the new Keeper and he was shamed to fully recanting of his evil.

He's since been replaced in the Twelve Deadly Gods.

Schneider CE Tiefling Male Swordsage 8/Aberrant Blade 4 (Deceased)

Schneider is the bastard son of Genai and the older half-brother of Kaela. Born in the Demon Wastes to the twin sister of Xavier, a half-fiend harlot, whom had Genai slept with out of boredom. He grew up alone in the Demon Wastes, where he developed a fighting style that merged the use of his demonic heritage and Aberrant Dragonmark of Flame. Towards the end of the last war he assaulted and razed a Church of the Silver Flame, killed Cardinal Krozen's family, and slaughtered all the members of the Order Palatine guarding them including Richard Ferdinand, Kyle's older brother. After Garuum's defeat and renouncing of the Deadly Gods, Schneider took Garuum's place.

Mister Shadow Race ??? Gender ??? NE 2nd level Fighter, 10th level Blackguard (Deceased)

Mister Shadow is the product of the Mourning and no one actually knows what gender or race he/she is. The name comes from Yithhala whom simply got tired of referring to the cloaked figure as "You." Mister Shadow seems to be an incarnate darkness that is able to Drain Life Energy with its touch and has a rapacious need for it.

It has little care as to who or what it kills, but the upper limits of what it can drain is anyone's guess. While it prefers to wound opponents to helplessness and drain, it actually drained an entire village of life energy once. This is likely the product of a some kind of Book of Vile Darkness ritual of some kind than something it can do naturally....or not.

Mister Shadow is immune to all weapons not +3 or higher and blessed, cold damage, electricity, normal fire, and is able to Summon Monster in Shadows of his former victims (apparently kept in his cloak somewhere). Ethan, despite never encountering this creature before, recognizes it as his antithesis in almost all respects. Mister Shadow speaks in only a whisper but one that causes flowers to wilt and ears to bleed.

Kaela: Lawful Evil Half-Elf Female Monk 10 (Deceased)

Genai's daughter and one of the most fearsome of the Twelve Deadly Gods, her mother died long ago and she's been molded by her father into a perfect killing machine. Oddly, she's never really been exposed to concepts outside of the select brotherhood she lives in and is emotionally unprepared for dealing with them. Some of the causal cruelty that she performs is mostly immitative since she has no real joy in it.

Trent Carlyle - A Berserker that was raised by the 12 Deadly Gods. (deceased)

Yiithala Goremi CN Female Githzerai Bard 7/Dervish 5 (deceased)

Genai has quite the reputation. He knows this. However, even he was surprised when a warrior from the Plane of Chaos came to find his group. Yiithala's speed is without equal, and to even see her blades (much less counter them) is a feat worthy of legend. When Genai did both, she immediately requested to join a man so skilled.

Her style embodies the Plane of her birth, her most deadly asset being her complete unpredictability. She left Kythri in search of new experiences, and seeks only to enhance her prowess.

She carries with her two masterfully crafted Scimitars infused with the essence of Kythri, the energy emanating from them serving to warp the space about her, further bewildering her enemies as they struggle to keep up. To compound the problem, she likes to cast various Bardic spells to confuse her targets. Rarely are their eyes looking in the right direction before she cuts them down.


The Twelve Deadly Gods are, specifically, a group of warriors that disdain magic that does not come from their warrior spirit. However, this does not mean that they are completely lacking in magical backup. The reputation of the Twelve Deadly Gods has attracted hangars on and followers that are vital to their success as a group of evil doers.

1. Mutai Muramasa CXII, LE Male Hobgoblin Artificer 13

Mutai Muramasa is a figure that is the last in a lengthy lineage of Goblin Swordsmiths who trace their lineage all the way back to ancient Dhakaani. Mutai was not satisfied with just mastering the debased teachings of his ancestors, but has done his best to spend much of his time rediscovering the techniques of the old Masters while also studying the pathetic infusions of others. Though, he states, that his time was not wasted despite the heaps of scorn he has for Cannith weaponry. Mutai has no real loyalty to Genai's group but believes they're the best warriors on Eberron. Those who prove equally talented might well find them being made an offer to create weapons of equal value. Just a chance to examine some of the swords of existing members would also be enough to have him create objects of power for them.

Mutai Murasmasa cultivates a unique technique in that he presents blades that are only minorly enchanted to warriors and allows them to be used in the spilling of blood. Over time, the amount of death they causes enfuses the weapons so they're able to hold much more powerful enchantments than normal. Thus, Mutai creates far more legendary weapons than is normally possible on Eberron.

2. Mallora LE Female Outsider (Eriynes), Necromancer 6/Disciple of Asmodeus 6

Mallora is the second in command of the Lords of Dust that serve the King of the Devils. She operates directly under the command of Queen Glaysia herself. Mallora is something of an outsider though, because she is being punished by her mistress by having her beauty removed. Mallora is a dessicated and hidious old crone that many confuse with being a Ogress or Hag.

Technically, in the Lords of Dust's eyes, Mallora is in charge of the Twelve Deadly Gods with them as her thralls. The truth is much different with the Demoness unable to do much more than advise Genai on what to do as even the least of the group is an uncontrollable personality of unbreakable will.

Mallora has the unique ability to create necromantically infused puppets that are exact copies, including levels, of individuals but with evil alignments that obey her utterly. She has made it a point to harvest hair and blood samples from all worthy foes in eventual hopes of creating an army to serve her.

3. Berezi CE Male Daelkyr Half-Blood, Cleric of the Dragon Below 2/Sorcerer 4/Fleshwarper 6

This man is insane. There is no question of that. Some say he has been to Xoriat and returned, others wonder if he's just sat talking with the Dalekyr bound in Khyber way too long. There is no question, however, that he is a master of grafting and the dark arts. He imbues all his work with the twisted energy that flows through his veins, and, depending on the individual, it is sometimes questionable whether the grafts are really the ones in control.

Among the Deadly Gods, he was able to rebuild Keltis Dorran and Jimmith Bluesummers after they sustained terrible wounds in Lycanaton, but they remain firmly in control of the twisted "gifts" this profane surgeon has given them.

4. Gurunberd Adult Male Red Dragon, 8th Level Fighter

Shadows over Cyre