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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Jason Daniels

Origin Story[edit]

A decorated Vietnam veteran that lost his arm in the war, Jason Daniels was contacted by Shield just before Xavier was killed on national television. Having lost hope for his own future he jumped at the opportunity to participate in their experimental enhancement program. Daniels received an advanced prosthetic arm and super-soldier treatments along with several other subjects. Most died or suffered debilitating psychological damage. Daniels and one other subject, Dylan Reynolds, survived with minimal side effects; primary among them heightened levels of aggression.

After the recovery of Steve Rogers from the antarctic, it was determined by Shield higher-ups and the President of the United States that due to deterioration brought on by the decay of the super-soldier serum in his body the mantle of Captain America should be past on to a someone new. From a candidate pool of six the field was narrowed down to Daniels and Reynolds. The two were equally matched in physically and mentally. Ultimately it came down to Rodgers' call. Both men came to his bedside individually and were asked the same question, "Who deserves freedom?" The broken sentinel of liberty must have liked Daniels' answer best because he was chosen. This drove Reynolds into a rage. Soon after he deserted while on assignment in eastern Europe. His whereabouts remain unaccounted for.


Roughly 6’4” and over 250 pounds, Jason is the pinnacle of human physical perfection and then some. He has short cut sandy blond hair and blue eyes that shine with intelligence and a semi-disturbing 100 yard stair of a man who has seen a great deal of atrocity. He moves with the grace and power of a jungle cat and a surety that others just can’t help but be inspired by. Jason's right arm has been replaced with an advanced bionic arm constructed of and sheethed in a highly resilient steel alloy that was developed by Dr. Otto Octavious and using many of his original designs, and gives him exceptional strength in his right arm, even beyond his already predigious athleticism.

Before the Fall of the United States government Jason follows the directives put forth to him by SHIELD and the US government to take efforts to portray the original Captain America to the best of his ability. Hence, he wears an only slightly modified version of the original Captain America suit that looks exactly like the original but exchanges the chain shirt for a layer of advanced damage resistant body armor built into the suit. He has since taken great efforts to portray the original Captain America, spending hours reading dossiers on Steve Rogers and his time as Captain America, and spending large portions of time with Rogers in attempts to learn as much as possible of his speaking habits, movements, and to learn anything useful from Roger's personal stories and experiences. He has also taken efforts to avoid anyone knowing about his bionic arm as part of the ruse to make everyone believe he is the original Captain America.

After the fall, Jason takes a turn for the worse as the American Dream is squelched by Apocalypse's armies. Jason alters his costume by removing the wings from his cowl, adding a series of pouches and pockets to the gloves and pants reminiscient of those found on camo fatigues, and adding a set of black combat webbing and belt, beset with a series of pouches for carrying field gear. He also wears a worn brown leather trench coat with a small tattered American Flag pinned to the back.


Preserve the American way of life.

Character Sheet[edit]


Type Source Permissions
Super Soldier Cyborg, Technological Prime Specimen, Super-Equipment
Intrinsics: Extra Tough 1 (ADRU), Resilient 30


Body Coordination Sense
5d (1hd) 5d 3d
Brains Command Cool
3d 3d 3d
Base Will/Willpower: 6/6 110


Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Brawling 2d Catch 2d Dodge 2d
Firearms [Machine Gun] 1d Firearms [Rifle] 2d Hearing 2d
Intimidation 2d Martial Arts [Judo] 3d Resist 2d
Sight 1d Tactics 1d Throw 2d 48


Cybernetic Arm Focus, Hard to Replace 11
Heavy Armor 2 [ADRU] Hardened 2, Limited Coverage [5-6] Armored plating protects the right arm against one killing and two shock while increasing the damage dealt by blows from the right arm by two shock.
Hyperbody 1hd [ADRU] Attached to Heavy Armor, Reducer [Speed 1 and Jump 1]
Protective Costume Back-Up, Focus 29
Heavy Armor 2 [DRU]
Extra Tough 1 [DRU] Attached to Heavy Armor, Doesn't Heal
Shield Accessible, Focus, Hard to Replace, Immutable, Indestructible, Operational Skill [Melee Shield], Reducer [Range] 18 22
Harm 10d 5hd 5wd [ADR] The shield is vulnerable to cosmic powers specifically intended to destroy or reshape matter.