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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Unknown, refuses to say what his real name is, though he admits that Midnight is not his given name.

Origin Story[edit]

Captain Midnight refuses to give any hint to his past or where he got his name, other than the fact that his name was given to him by "someone from a long time ago".


Who is this well built, handsome, 6'0" tall man with dark brown hair and hazel eyes? Why does he have that constant, yet completely appealing, smirk on his face? Does he ever shave that manly day old stuble? Why does he wear a dress shirt and tie with his flight pants and shiny brown boots? Is that brown bomber jacket really that comfortable to never take it off, and whats that strange yellow and red comet badge on it stand for? How does his white silk flight scarf always blow so impressively, even when theres no wind? Where did he get that amazing rocket pack and all those awesome gadgets and weapons? And where does he get that seemingly endless supply of half smoked stogies?

All these questions and more Captain Midnight has never answered with more than "What do you want, I'm Captain Midnight."


Be an OK guy.