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Identities and Aliases[edit]

James Bourges

Origin Story[edit]

Born a mutant, James' powers manifested in his early 20s while he was attending college in Baton Rouge. James was something of a jack of all trades and worked as a waiter, mechanic, and doing odd jobs while taking classes. Mutant hysteria was on the rise in this country and James did his best to keep a low profile. James did what any red-blooded American that discovered he had the ability to break into virtually anywhere would; he did. After pulling a couple small jobs on his own he was approached by Shatter and offered the opportunity to get into the big-time. The first job Shatter took James on was robbing a federal savings and loan. It also turned out to be the last job they worked together on. While James was emptying the locked bank vault the costumed heroes known as Knight Blade and Charge arrived to confront them. In the middle of the fight James recognized Knight Blade's voice to be his brother Jamal's. Rather than let Shatter kill him, James turned against his partner and together the brothers overcame her. Shatter later escaped custody and her whereabouts remain unknown.

Jamal was a member of the underground Mutant Liberation Front, an organization that was working to improve the image of mutants by fighting crime and working against the mysterious mutant terrorists. They also worked to conceal and protect those with physically obvious mutations. The MLF gave the Bourges brothers opportunities to master their abilities while also providing them with equipment.

Shortly after a nearly disastrous mission with an MLF team James was contacted by SHIELD and offered an opportunity to work on special assignments. With some hesitation and concern about the organization's motives he accepted.



Associated NPCs[edit]

Carlton Bourges, Emma Bourges, Jamal Bourges, Nick Fury, Shatter, Frank Thomson

Character Sheet[edit]


Type Source Permissions
Mutant Genetic Power Theme [Discorporate]
Intrinsics: 5


Body Coordination Sense
2d 3d 4d
Brains Command Cool
3d 2d 3d
Base Will/Willpower: 10/10 80


Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Athletics 2d Dodge 2d Drive [Automobile] 1d
Education 2d Hearing 2d Language [French] 1d
Melee [Sword] 2d Sight 3d Stability 3d 34


Immunity [Universal] [DRU] 4 Attached to Insubstantiality 56
Insubstantiality [DRU] 2d 2wd Cannot pass through solid objects 20
Invisibility [DRU] 6hd Attached to Insubstantiality, Fade 12
Teleportation [DRU] 4wd Attached to Insubstantiality, Cannot pass through solid objects 16