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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Frank Lhotka

Origin Story[edit]

Raised in Chicago by his Police Officer father and Homemaker mother, Frank led a fairly uneventful life until his mid-teens. One day while crossing the street a car carreened around the corner and into Frank, the driver clearly unable to stop before hitting the boy. Frank, reacting out of reflex, put his arms out in front of him and shut his eyes in natural defense. After a second of shock, Frank found that not only was he still alive, but that there was also now a loud pulsing humm and a shimmering red and purple glow emanating from the car. Frank had stopped the car completely dead in its tracks and somehow lifted it off the ground by merely touching it. Not only that but the vehicle and driver were completely intact and unharmed! Frank rejoiced at the discovery and placed the car back down, giving the driver a warning and going on his way. Frank spent the afternoon testing the extent of his power and found that the denser the object, the more light and noise the field generated. He also found that anything within the field, no matter the size or natural unwieldy nature of it, it became as light as a feather and could be lifted with but a touch and without actually having to be gripped. He also learned that he could manipulate anything within the fields without any outward effects of physics, that he could use the field to "slide" along their surfaces, and that he could generate the field across his entire body and use it to deflect and absorb incoming projectiles. Soon after the discovery of his powers, Frank went to his father and mother for advice, wanting their input on what he should do with it. His parents took his strange powers rather well but were saddened by their son being a mutant for fear that he may be segregated against in a time when mutant terrorists were becoming a terrible threat. With the help of his parents, Frank decided that he would use his powers to help protect people from these terrorists and attempt to give mutants a better reputation by becoming a crime fighter. Frank's father, though against the idea of a vigilante son, knew that having Frank as an ally against the terroists would be great, and thus trained the boy to the best of his ability to "protect and serve".


Frank has only recently turned 18 years old, but has become an experienced "super" crimefighter in only the few years since he first debuted as the Crimson Crush. Frank recently forgoed his mask on his 18 birthday, becoming a public citizen crimefighter. Frank is a handsome young man with dark wavy hair and deep black eyes, testamant to his parents slavik background. Frank has become a local hero in the Chicago area, though some people are leary of his powers and just of the fact that he is a mutant and a vigilante. Frank has done his best to prove the doubters wrong, uphold the peace, and protect the innocent. Frank's training by his father has instilled him with a good sense of morality and a want to resolve things in the most peaceable fashion possible, only using force when necessary, and protecting people first. Because of this, many local residents recognize him as a "good guy" in many crisis situations, and has improved Frank's popularity. Frank wears a deep purple and red body suit that covers all but his head when "on the job", and has a tendency to wear more subdued but popular clothes when on the street.


Protect the innocent.