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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Rosalind Octavius

Origin Story[edit]

Rosalind Weaver never much enjoyed the spotlight, though a genius to be sure. She has an unadulterated love for learning. Physics, Environmental Sciences, Mechanical Engineering... The more difficult the pursuit of knowledge the better, but whether she was intrigued more by the knowledge or the pursuit she could never tell. The friends she made in her 10 years at Yale kept her sane, showed her how to keep her obsessions from ruling her life... kept her from going after a third PhD. She kept them in school. They knew her as Momma Rose, for her patient reassurance and assistance when the over-abundant schoolwork would drive them to tears. They were a team. When after 10 years of schooling none of the others could take it anymore she left too, figuring it just couldn't be the same without a family... and she certainly had no one else she would ever again turn too to fill that gap.

Her continued work in the fields of both robotics and genetic science, at the same time, earned her a bit of a reputation amongst her colleagues... And the grants just kept rolling in as she developed a team she could work with, trust, and rely upon. Many of them were the same friends she had gone to Yale with. Then, just as everything was going smooth on her latest governmental project for a sort of powered armor suit, Charles Xavier died... on national television, in a way that validated all those "kooky theories" he had always proposed to the scientific community. The world was shocked, their governments panicked, and mutants exposed.

Enormous amounts of money was thrown at anyone who claimed they could explain why the world had just turned upside-down scientifically. The best and the brightest in all fields were pulled off of whatever they were doing to research Xavier's "X-gene theory", and those projects that were to far along or simply to important to drop, were folded into a kind of "everything else" category. Most of Rose's close friends were bought away by panicked or greedy corporations... and that's when she met Otto at her age of 33. It's safe to say that she liked him immediately. She had never know anyone smarter than herself, but Otto was. He was also unafraid to demonstrate his intelligence. But he was also damaged. As she got to know him she realized just how easily she could have been him if she hadn't had the companions who had meant so much to her.

Otto had been working on his "dream project" (infinitely renewable energy) when the world went haywire. His funding dried up, and he was unable to convince anyone with money to fund his research into something that the "X-gene" could potentially reproduce for free. So he took his ideas with him when he left Oscorp, and was folded into Rose's bio-armor project due to his prowess with robotics (made manifest in his "helper-arms" which he had kept with him).

Over the course of the next few years Rose grew to admire Otto as she grew to love him, and he her. She was everything Otto had never knew he had always needed, and his abundant knowledge of seemingly everything delighted her to no end. They finished the prototype ATRAX armor and were immediately transferred to other projects. Fearing he would lose his Rose, Otto popped the question the night of the ATRAX's unveiling in front of every member of the team. None of them seriously thought the frumpy and arrogant Octavius had a chance, not with the beautiful Momma Rose. None, except Rosalind, who had been secretly waiting for him to ask for weeks. The joy of becoming "Rosalind Weaver Octavius" was the last unadulterated joy she was to ever feel. She still wears the ring he gave her, and a picture of him, in his suit at their wedding which he had had fitted in a locket of adamantium. "To symbolize his Imperishable Love for a simple Rose". She would find the locket in the pocket of the lab coat he was wearing when he died.



Use her husband's research for good.

Associated NPCs[edit]

Ben, George Halton, Henry McCoy, Kiran Michaels, Guy Torres, Frank Weaver

Character Sheet[edit]


Type Source Permissions
Anachronist Technological Inventor
Intrinsics: 10


Body Coordination Sense
2d 2d 2d
Brains Command Cool
5d 2d 2d
Base Will/Willpower: 4/4 75


Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Computer Hardware 2d Computer Programming 1d Drive [Automobile] 2d
Education 5d Electronics 2d Inspiration 1d
Language [German] 2d Mechanic [Robotics] 4d 38


Telekinesis [ADRU] 8d Backup, Boobytrap, Bootstrap, Booster [Capacity], Booster [Speed], Focus [Tentacles], Operational Skill [Robotics], Reducer [Range] 60
Power Stunt: Extra Hands 2d
Heavy Armor [DRU] 4 Backup, Boobytrap, Limited Coverage [7-9] 36
Gadgeteering [ADRU] 8d 40