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Identities and Aliases[edit]

Lady Killborgevil identifies that she is a rebuilt and modified Moral Majority Amalgamated Libido Barbie Class Sexual-Assault Bot, serial number 4395729033gts209402, but she prefers Lady or Snukums.

Origin Story[edit]

Sent back in time from a terrible and war-torn future, Lady Killborgevil has been given the mission to save the world from the creation of the Moral Majority Amalgamated, its moral and sexual tyranny, and the final great Battle of the Sexes, otherwise known as World War 69. Rebuilt from a captured MMA Libido Barbie Class Sexual-Assault Bot, Lady is the single most advanced sexual-assault weapon ever developed, using the latest in pervatech advances and powered by the experimental "Krypto-Kittie" generator that allows her to project devastating blasts of radioactive energy. Lady has been sent to save the world and protect the rights of every red blooded human to life, liberty, and a good solid spanking from a woman in six inch stiletto heels and a leather corset!



Save the Future!!!