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Valentine Quick
First Episode An Auspicious Start(S01,E01)
Theme Song "Coronation" (Ilan Eshkeri, Stardust)
Played By Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Full Name Valentine Quick
Legal Status Core Citizen
Known Aliases No known aliases
Age 31
Birthplace Paquin
Favored Weapon Pistol
Physical D8
Mental D8
Social D8
Role Casino Floor Manager
Eye for Trouble: When you observe a crowd, step up or double Notice to catch someone up to no good. Spend 1 PP to do both.

Eye of the Storm: In a chaotic situation, Step Up or Double your Focus Die. Spend a PP to do both.

Background Ship's Captain
Protect the Crew: When a Crewmember in the same scene as you acquires a Complication, spend 1PP to take it away and step it back.

Lead the Crew: When one of your crew directly follows one of your orders, spend 1 PP and give that Crewmember an Asset equal to your Influence die rating.

Personality Cool Under Pressure
Sea of Calm: Spend 1 PP to use a Complication as an Asset for one Action; step up the Complication afterward.

Got It in One: Spend 1 PP to roll your Focus and add it to your total.

Craft D4, Drive D4, Fight D6, Fix D4, Fly D6 (Shuttle D6), Focus D12 (Intimidation D6), Influence D12 (Defusing D6, Negotiation D6), Know D6 (High Society D6, Gaming D6), Labor D6 (Ranching D6), Move D8, Notice D10 (Reading People D6), Operate D8 (Ship Systems D6), Perform D4, Shoot D8 (Pistol D6), Sneak D6, Survive D6, Throw D4, Treat D6, Trick D8 (Sleight of Hand D6, Bluff D6)
Signature Assets
Black Rose D8
Big Damn Gun: Step up your Intimidate but count 1s and 2s as jinxes.
Rechargeable Big Damn Hero Dice
D4 0
D6 0
D8 0
D10 0
D12 0
Spent Episodes
Season 1
01 Focus (d8)
02 Focus (d8)
03 Focus (d8)
04 Trigger (Quick's Debt)
05 Trigger (Quick's Debt)
06 Delilah Signature Asset (Casino)
07 Delilah Signature Asset (Casino)
08 Trigger (Got It in One)
09 Trigger (Got It in One)
10 Fly (d6)
11 Fly (d6)
12 Signature Asset Trigger (Big Damn Gun)
13 Trick (d6)
14 Trick (d6)
Season 2
01 Sleight of Hand (Trick)
02 Trigger (Eye of the Storm)
03 Trigger (Eye of the Storm)
04 Gaming (Knowledge)
05 Shuttle (Fly)
06 Trick (d8)
07 Trick (d8)
08 Trick (d8)
09 Swap Out Distinction
10 Trigger (Lead the Crew)
11 Trigger (Lead the Crew)
12 Influence (d10)
13 Influence (d10)
14 Influence (d10)
15 Sneak (d6)
16 Sneak (d6)
17 Fight (d6)
18 Fight (d6)
19 Intimidation (Focus)
Season 3
01 Influence (d12)
02 Influence (d12)
03 Influence (d12)
04 Reading People (Notice)
05 Operate (d8)
06 Operate (d8)
07 Operate (d8)
08 Move (d8)
09 Move (d8)
10 Move (d8)
11 Focus (d12)
12 Focus (d12)
13 Focus (d12)
14 Bluff (Trick)
15 Shoot (Pistol)


Valentine Quick never really knew his father well, but the man who was never there left a huge imprint regardless. His mother, Delilah, was left to raise Valentine on her own for as long as Val could remember. She did the best she could to raise a boy as opposite from the wandering man she had briefly been in love. Valentine (Val to his friends) grew up to be a hard working straightforward man. Once grown up, he became a floor manager at a local casino after working his way through the lower ranks. His mother, no longer able to support herself due to health issues, relies on Val's monthly check that he sends back to her.

He's dabbled in relationships over the last few years, but hasn't found the woman yet that he wants to settle down with.


Val's calm, cool, and collected nature serves him well as a casino floor manager, where he has to deal with a wide range of situations quickly, efficiently, and quietly. He rarely gives direct orders to his subordinates, but on the occasions that he does, Val expects them to snap to without question. He's not without a sense of humor, but it is dry and observed infrequently. His one sore point is his father, Lazarus Quick, who abandoned him and his mother early on.

Physical Description[edit]

Black hair usually slicked back slightly with just hair product to keep things in place. Handsome in a polished way, Val dresses well without being ostentatious. He doesn't follow fashion, but rather dresses in tried and true but inexpensive suits. He's slim, athletic, but not built. He rarely smiles but when he does, it lights up the room.


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