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A player character in Victorian Justice League: A Tale of Two Cities.

Princess Diana of Themyscria was born among the Amazons approximately 2000 BCE. The Amazons were dying out when she was still a young adult. To preserve their future, the gods gave them a stone plinth and said one of their best warriors would be preserved on the plinth to help those who need help. A contest was held and though her mother, the queen, forbade her from competing, compete Diana did. And won. Taking up pose on the plinth, she transformed into a marble statue.

The Amazon culture faded and the plinth and statue were moved several times. In 1500 BCE, Diana defended the Minoas from outside invaders. In 100 BCE, Diana found herself in Rome. In 730 CE, she was moved to Gaul where she saved the ancestor of Charlemagne. In 1885 she was moved again to Metropolis Museum. Several months ago, she came to life to rescue a few children who were trapped under a ceiling collapse. She did not immediately return to stone as she usually did. Something was coming, she felt. That was five years ago. She was hired by the museum to help them in their studies of antiquity. She has cobbled together her combat gear from items found in the museums' storerooms.

Because she never assumed the same exact pose every time she went back to "sleep", there are stories of a statue being found and helping out and disappearing. But because the statue poses vary, no one figured out they were all the same statue. Diana is also probably part of the origin of the Pygmalion story.


Curious (Major) - The character wants to know about everything.
Heroic (Major) - The character always helps those in need.
Quirk (Minor) - Inappropriate: Character doesn't always follow normal social mores: feminist, casual nudity, bisexual.
Loyal (Minor) - The hero is loyal to his friends and allies.


Attributes (14 = 5 + advances 2 + powers 4 + hinderances 3)[edit]

4 Agility: d12
2 Smarts: d8
3 Spirit: d10
2 Strength: d8
3 Vigor: d10

Skills (26 = 12 + advances 4 + powers 6 + plinth 4)[edit]

2 Academics: (Smarts): d6
4 Athletics:* (Agility): d12
0 Common Knowledge:* (Smarts): d4
4 Fighting: (Agility): d12
4 Focus: (Spirit): d10/d4 (Requires plinth)
2 Notice:* (Smarts): d8
1 Persuasion:* (Spirit): d6
2 Riding: (Agility): d6
3 Shooting: (Agility): d8
2 Stealth:* (Agility): d8
2 Survival: (Smarts): d6

Derived Statistics[edit]

Pace: 45"; running die: 2d6
Parry: 10 (2 + agility 6 + shield 2)
Dodge/Cover: -5 (Bracers 5)
Toughness: 10 (3) (2 + vigor 5 + armor 3)

Offensive Summary[edit]

Short sword (d12), damage d8+2d6+1d6
Lasso, whip (d12), damage 3d6
Lasso, entangle (d12) opposed Athletics roll, break out attempts at -2

Edges (3 = setting 1 + human 1 + powers 1)[edit]

Combat Reflexes: +2 to rolls to recover from being Shaken or Stunned. (human)
Quick: The hero may discard and redraw Action Cards of 5 or lower. (power)
Super Powers III: (45) (setting)

Super Powers (50/50 = 45 + 5 spp, limit 15)[edit]

2 Environmental Resistance: Magic, Mental
2 Fearless
2 Immune to Poison and Disease
4 Melee Damage: +4: Str+2d6
8 Super Attributes: +4 (Agility, Spirit, Vigor, Vigor)
2 Super Edge: +1 (Nerves of Steel)
6 Super Skills: +6 (Athletics +2, Fighting +2, Shooting +2)
11 Lasso of Truth
  • (10) Truth function: (9) + Selectable (+1)
    • (7) Entangle: (3), Strong (+2), based on Athletics (+1), Area (+2), Selective (+1), Device (-2)
    • (3) Mind Control: (5), Strong (+2), Contingent on entangle (+0), only prevents target from lying (-2), Device (-2)
  • (10) Whip function:
    • (9) Ranged Attack: (6) 3d6, Rate of Fire 2 (+3)
5 Bracers of Hestia
  • (5) Dodge: -5 (5), Defender (+2), Does not stack with Cover (-1), Worn Device (-1)
5 Winged Boots of Hermes
  • (5) Speed: 5 (pace 45, 30 MPH), Maneuverable (+1), Worn Device (-1)
1 Tiara of Athena
  • (1) Speak Language: (1), Written Word (+1), Worn Device (-1)
2 Princess Diana Plinth: A 3x3x2 solid piece of marble, Diana turns to stone while on the plinth
  • (1) Regeneration: (5), Very Heavy Device (-2), "Turns into statue while regenerating" (-2)
  • (1) Super Skill: (4) (Focus), Device (-2), "while regenerating only" (-1)


Short Sword
Shield, Medium
Bronze Corselet


Rank: Seasoned

Advances: 4

  • Agility
  • Athletics
  • Fighting
  • Agility

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