Victorian Justice League: A Tale of Two Cities

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A PbP game of Victorian era superheroes run by Ryan L.

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Player Characters[edit]

Bat-Man, played by Max

Flash, played by fireinthedust

Golem, played by Delazur

Hunter of Mars, played by Leliel

Supergirl, played by Kaiya

Wonder Woman, played by jmucchiello

Zatanna, played by IMGoose

Non-Player Characters[edit]

Gotham City Police Department[edit]

Detective Colton - Sometimes comes to Zatanna for help with occult cases.

Justice League[edit]

Wonder Twins - Ki and the ghost of her brother Kal are junior members of the League who live at the Watchtower.

Legion of Doom[edit]

A prominent all-star villain group formed by sworn nemeses of the Justice League.


Map of the twin cities, Delaware Bay and surroundings


Home of the Bat-Man. A major center of heavy industry and shipping, famous for its thick smogs and robust criminal element.


Home of Supergirl and Wonder Woman. A renowned hub of science and education, sometimes titled the "City of Tomorrow".


Our heroes' base of operations as a team, a former lighthouse situated on the south-east tip of an island halfway between Gotham and Metropolis by the famous Metro Narrows Bridge (itself a marvel of modern engineering and manufacture, showcasing the combined potential of both cities).

Powerful - The team gains 5 extra Super Power Points for each member, but also attracts a major Enemy: the Legion of Doom.

Contested - The team gains a minor Enemy who also claim ownership of the Watchtower: who?

Cavorite Chamber - A spherical space carved into the bedrock under the lighthouse, equipped to hold and harness a piece of Cavorite to power the island's main electric generator.
Hidden Entrance - Secret underground tunnels, traversed by electric rail speeders, that connect Watchtower Island to a number of hidden access points in both cities including the Bat-Man's personal lair.
Justice Signal - Atop the lighthouse, the former beacon light has been converted into a signal for the League to assemble, an image of what? projected up into the clouds.
Library - Several floors of the lighthouse furnished with many rugs, desks and comfy chairs, with overflowing bookcases lining the outer walls. Contains an occult library curated by Zatanna (+2 to Occult rolls).
Planning Room - The top internal floor of the lighthouse houses a number of sofas and a large round conference table. High, private, quiet, a good place for formal meetings or meditation.
Pump Room - A maintenance space in the foundations of the tower, containing pumps, generators, heaters and tool cabinets, as well as the Wonder Twins' cubbyhole and collection of curios.
Science Lab - A separate observatory, laboratory and workshop newly built by the League's scientist members (+2 to Science/Research rolls).

Setting Rules[edit]

Born a Hero - ignore Rank requirements for edges during character creation

Comic Book Combat - a bunch of little add-ons including Combined Attacks (Support can add to damage instead of skill), Knockback (powerful attacks send people flying), Power Stunts (spend a benny to use a power in an enhanced or non-standard way) and Synergy (different types of attacks hitting the same target in the same round can help or hinder each other)

Conviction - token earned for a great triumph or tragedy, spend to add d6 to all trait and damage rolls for 1 round, can pay a benny to keep it going for an extra round

Creative Combat - if you win a Test with a raise, instead of the target being Shaken roll for a random effect (table on page 137 of the core rules)

Death & Defeat - replaces the Incapacitation table with one on page 34 of the SPC; instead of just dying you gain a point of Conviction, ignore all wound and fatigue penalties for one round, and then you die

Fanatics - dedicated villain minions can take a hit instead of their boss

Gritty Damage - when you take a Wound, also roll on the injury table for a temporary injury (goes away with the Wound)

Hard Choices - GM starts with no bennies, Jokers give no bennies, used player bennies are given to the GM

High Adventure - spend a benny to gain temporary use of a combat edge

Larger than Life - can take an extra major hindrance, for a maximum total of 6 points, at character creation

Never Surrender - if an incapacitated character is dealt a Joker, they can instantly get back up Shaken

Throwdown - ignore the Unarmed Defender rule