Wave to Captain Wise

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Wave Sent from Paquin

Captain Wise
Commander of IAV Aceso

Joshua Drake


I don't know when you'll get this or even if you'll get this, but I felt it was something I needed to write. When you discovered me, floating almost dead in the Black, you had thought that I was your son. And for good reason. I had his face (albeit changed slightly), I had his DNA. But I am not Rex. Blue Sun built me to become other people: Infiltration and espionage with the most expensive neurotech that could be thrown at it. Blastomere implants, top of the line surgical facilities, and of course, the reach to be able to alter medical records. The last person I impersonated before escaping Blue Sun's grasp was your son. A mission involving captive Reavers for who knows what purposes. Your son was mostly likely in charge of that mission for the Alliance, and Blue Sun needed an in. Which is where I entered the picture.

It is not a defense of my actions, but I was unaware of the effects that my impersonations had on the lives that I borrowed. Because it is fairly clear to me now that Blue Sun replaced your son with me and in order to do that, they almost certainly would have killed him. He was a loose end and the department that used me certainly did not believe in loose ends.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that. You see, in order to impersonate your son, for a time I had to BE your son. And I studied everything associated with him, including his family. When I came to on the Aceso, I was sick from heat stroke and from my self-inflicted attempts to go off the Flomoxipan that Blue Sun had hooked me on. The confusion from that and the certainty that you had...those things almost had me convinced I really was your son. It was easy to fall into. I have never known my family and for a few days, I got to have a father. One who cared for me. Someone who loved me unconditionally. But that was a life that didn't belong to me. And while I could live it for a short while, it wasn't my life to keep.

I hope you find your peace. I'm just sorry I couldn't be the one to bring it to you.

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