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Malcolm Shaw[edit]

Malcolm Shaw.jpg

"Character Quote"[edit]

High Concept[edit]

"Spotlight Craving Conjurer"

A true Ravenclaw, Malcolm is clever, intelligent, and thoughtful. He is most known for his natural tendency (or need) to be in the spotlight. He was forced to learn how to deal with important people and large crowds at a young age due to his mother's position, and wanted Malcolm to grow up and follow in his footsteps.

Since his Mum was often very busy or on travel, part of Malcolm's attention seeking behavior was an attempt to get her to notice him.

Malcolm has shown exceptional ability at Transfiguration, specifically Conjuration. Since he has already mastered the 5th year coursework, he has been admitted into the sixth year Advanced Conjuration class.

Invoke: when conjuring, when he is performing in front of an audience, when trying to become the center of attention
Compel: to have him butt in and take the lead when it isn't appropriate, to have plans center around himself, to come off as political or sleazy.

School Aspect[edit]

"A Ravenclaw of Many Mantles"

Ever since coming back to Hogwarts in his 4th year, Malcolm has done everything he can to be of use to his House and the School. A good part of this is for the guilt he still feels for being away during the Battle of Hogwarts, but mostly it was the plan all along. The reputation and connections he establishes during his time at Hogwarts can help his political career after graduation.

Malcolm became Captain of a beleaguered Dueling Team last year and led it to victory, claiming the Dueling Cup. He is also the star Chaser on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, and was selected as Prefect at the start of this year.

These positions, and many other duties and responsibilities he has accumulated, give him a significant measure of reputation and influence with his his fellow student, and to a degree, the faculty. He can use that to get his advantage... but all of that authority comes with a commiserate amount of demands upon his time.

Invoke: when exercising the authority of one of his positions, to have one of his positions grant him access to items or information kept from most students, to have his reputation aid him when influencing students or faculty.
Compel: to have his duties demand his time at a crucial moment. To have him behave 'responsibly' when he might not otherwise, to have younger students come to him with their problems.

Wizarding World Aspects[edit]

"Escape to Ilvermorny"

This was a muttered comment Malcolm heard upon his return to Hogwarts in his Fourth year. He has a tendency to be touchy about the subject and he feels a significant amount of guilt for not being their for his friends. This guilt is part of what drives him to do more within Ravenclaw and throughout Hogwarts, as if he could make up for this absence somehow.

His time abroad was not wasted however, he through himself into his activities while at the American Wizarding school and picked up some spells and other techniques that are quite rare on the other side of the pond. While battling in the Ilvermorny Dueling League he even learned how to cast a few basic spells without his wand.

Invoke: when casting a spell wandlessly, when casting a spell he picked up in America, for knowledge of America or an outside perspective on wizarding
Compel: to have his absence during the Battle of Hogwarts called out, to have his logyalty to Hogwarts (or Britain) called into question, to have the 'privilege' or 'connections' of his family cast him in a bad light.

Charismatic Competitor

Malcolm made the Quidditch team as a First Year... no mean feat. When the Dueling Club was reestablished in his second year he threw himself into that as well. During his time at Ilvermorny he continued his athletic escapades, even though some of the sports were different.

It's not just fun and games however... sports are one of the ways he's made a name for himself at Hogwarts. He's a star Chaser on the House Quiddich team... his flashy moves draw a lot of defenders, and cheers from the crowd, letting the other Chasers score most of the points. He's an even better duelist, and he loves being the center of attention.

Malcolm is a natural at winning over people, and through all his games and matches he is careful to be a humble winner and a gracious loser. Given everything the school has gone through, he doesn't want Hogwarts being torn apart again. Certainly not over anything as relatively trivial as an intramural sports league.

Invoke: When dueling, playing Quidditch or any other physical competition. When trying to win somebody over or be diplomatic. When trying to diffuse a situation.
Compel: to take competition a little too seriously, to have his wins (or losses) generate distrust or earn himself rivals, to have him play peace-keeper when another action might be more appropriate.


Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Quick

Blackfate.png Blackfate.png Clever/Flashy

Blackfate.png Careful/Sneaky

Blackfatezero.png Forceful


Wood: Applewood | Core: Thunderbird Tail Feather | Length/Flexibility: A foot long, firm but flexible

Quick Curse:

+2 to Quickly Attack a person or creature when your life is in danger.
  • Wands with Thunderbird tail feather cores, like the birds the feathers are taken from, are able to sense danger and can cast curses on their own. Wands with Thunderbird tail feather cores have been known to fire curses pre-emptively when supernatural dangers are present.
  • Applewood wands are not made in great numbers. They are powerful and best suited to an owner of high aims and ideals, as this wood mixes poorly with Dark magic.
  • Wolfe wants are especially sought after by practitioners of Transfiguration.


Waif, my flighty Fairy Familiar (really Wayfinder, but she said 'waif' was prettier)

During his year as an exchange student at Ilvermorny, Malcolm had the opportunity to perform familiar summoning ritual. He thought he'd get something impressive or fearsome, but instead ended up with a Fairy.

As vain as her European counterparts, Waif is great at finding things, people and places... when she an be bothered to help, that is. Malcolm ends up bringing shiny trinkets and flowers back to his room on a regular basis, which many of the other Ravenclaw boys tease him about.

She understands English, for the most part... and when it suits her, but communicates via humming and chiming sounds.

Finder of Things:

+2 to Cleverly Overcome when Waif helps Malcolm locate something or someone.

Character Stunts[edit]

Play to the Crowd:

+2 to Flashily Create an Advantage whenever Malcolm has an audience.

Preparation Makes Perfect:

+2 to Carefully Overcome that involves or benefits from study or research.

Counter-spell Specialist:

+2 to Cleverly Defend against magical attacks when Malcolm is not surprised.

Stress & Conditions[edit]

Stress Track

D0a.png D0a.png D0a.png


D2b.png (Mild)

D4b.png (Moderate)

D6a.png (Severe)

Refresh D3b.png

Character Background[edit]


Family History[edit]

The Shaw wizarding family was founded a couple hundred years ago when a daughter of the Macmillan family married the muggle-born Wizard, Roderick Shaw. Malcolm doesn't remember the entire family history, but the Shaw's have married at least a few other muggle-born wizards or witches over the years. Most recently, Malcolm's Mum, Olivia, is a second generation wizard who married into the family.

Since it's founding, just over half of the Shaw's have been Ravenclaw's, with a fairly even split between the other Houses. Malcolm's own father, Derick Shaw, is a Hufflepuff and his mother is a Ravenclaw. When the two got married, Malcolm's grandmother was pleased to see that her son married a 'nice Ravenclaw girl.'

Derick has a relaxed, easy going demeanor. He's an Owlet Trainer with the Post Service, a job he can do just about anywhere. Which is good, considering Malcolm's Mum is one of the British Delegates to the International Confederation of Wizards.

Malcolm spend the first six years of his life in London and the next six years in America when his Mum was posted there. He returned to Britain to enroll in Hogwarts, but his parents still live near New York.

First Two Years at Hogwarts[edit]

Malcolm had a plan, a good portion of which was based on 'advice' from his mother. Knowing he was a good flyer and athlete, he tried out for Quidditch his first year. He made the team, if by the skin of his teeth, but that was the start of his reputation. Malcolm is reasonably intelligent, and knows how to study, so he did well in his classes.

When dueling clubs were started in his second year, Malcolm jumped at the opportunity to join. He did well, becoming the top ranked 2nd year out of the entire school, even if Ravenclaw came in second place in the Dueling Cup. Now a seasoned Chaser, Ravenclaw did exceptionally well, but also failed to win the Quidditch Cup.

A Year Abroad at Ilvermonry[edit]

Against his will, Malcolm was shipped off to Ilvermorny due to the political climate in Britain. As it turns out, this did in fact keep him safe, which was his mother's goal. It also made Malcolm feel like an outcast.

Despite his reservations, and his focus on events back at Hogwarts, he did well at Ilvermonry. He was accepted by the Thunderbird Totem and joined his new House. Malcolm threw himself into his studies and sports, hoping to keep himself busy. He even picked up a couple of spells that he could perform passably without a wand.

He spent most of the year waiting for Owls and craving information from his fiends back home. When he heard about the struggles they were facing he tired to help them by performing research and sending back information, the directions for a few dueling charms he'd picked up in America, and even potion ingredients, until he got caught.

When communication with his friends went silent, Malcolm started to worry. He tried escaping and going back home a few times, but the teachers were very vigilant and were paying special attention to their exchange students from Europe.

Return as a Fourth Year[edit]

Extra Curricular Classes[edit]

Ancient Studies

Conjuring (Accelerated Study)

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