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A character in the Wind Colored Magical Girls game, run by Jeremy Kopczynski with the Magical Burst 4th Draft


Name: Midorikawa Eri

Magical Name: Final Blossom Honey Eri

Girl type: Big Sister

What convinced you to make a pact?: I want to be just like the girl I look up to!

What is your wish?: I wish my father was alive again

Magical Element: Cloth/fabric

Magical Weapon: Ribbons

Magical Power: Wardrobe Change: This whimsical magical power lets you change your clothes to pretty much anything you can imagine.

Costume: Frilly dress, Violet and white, with ribbons. Lots of ribbons.

Class: Priestess

Crisis: One of my parents just vanished, and now the family is in trouble



  • Heart (Support) 8, OC 0
  • Fury (Defense) 3, OC 0
  • Magic (Attack) 9, OC 3


  • Charm 6
  • Insight 3
  • Tenacity 5





Free Action, 3/Scene, 1 Overcharge

When making a magical challenge, you can take 1 Overcharge on the magical attribute you’re using for the challenge to roll an additional die and add it to your result. This die will give you another die and another point of Overcharge if it rolls a 6 as usual, and if you use it for an attack it gives +2 to the attack’s damage as usual.



While out of combat, a magical girl can use this to regain 1d6+2 Resolve.


Minor Action

Create a link between two enemies or two allies within a range of 0-2, which can include yourself. You must designate a primary and secondary target for the link when you create it. Any time any effect (damage, status effects, healing, talent effects, etc.) affects the primary target, you may choose to give the secondary target a copy of the same effect as a free action. A link will end at the end of the scene, or when you create a different link.

Power Dampening

Free Action, 1/Scene

If once of the dice on a magical action comes up a 1, you can remove 1 point of Overcharge from an ally.


Free Action, 1 Overcharge (Attack), 1/Scene

Use this after making a successful basic attack. Apply the Bound, Bleeding, or Stunned status to the target of that attack

Safe Place

Major Action

One willing ally moves to the same position where you are.

Healing Magic

Minor Action, 2/Scene

You or one ally within a range of 0-2 regains 1d6+4 Resolve.


  • Level 3: Midorikawa Kaori, little sister, age 14, student in the Junior High division of WCCPA
  • Level 2: Hanagawa Yuu, fellow Magical Girl and Eri's source of motivation
  • Level 2: Mizuno Ami, fellow Magical Girl and surrogate little sister
  • Level 2: Onigawa Aino, fellow Magical Girl and surrogate little sister
  • Level 2: Asakura Akira, police detective, Dad's former friend
  • Level 1: Misugi Haruka, fellow Magical Girl
  • Level 1: Shirayuki Hikari, fellow Magical Girl
  • Level 1: WCCPA Rhythmic Gymnastics club, former teammates
  • Level 1: Sakanaya Shopping District, part-time workplace


  • +1 to Heart
  • +1 to Magic