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This page links to Lore Sheets for various Shen Secret styles. Within each Lore Sheet is a selection of Shen Secrets that your character might choose to learn.

Common Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent common mental techniques. These are the sort of techniques that starting characters would be likely to know, and which are easily acquired and learnt. Scholars, generals, leaders of men and other self-proclaimed "experts of mind" see these basic styles as the "Noble Techniques for the Cultivation of Shen". Every wise old man knows a little about the principles involved, and many scholars are more than happy to train anyone who shows an interest. Of course it takes an exceptional individual - such as an Emperor, or a Xia - to truly master these methods.

  • Xia: Eight Lessons of Rightful Mind - How do the lessons of Tao help us strengthen the Shen? Well, just as body can be trained, so can the mind! This sheet reveals the benefits of such training.

Rare Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent rarer Shen techniques. Starting characters will not normally have access to these, at least not without GM agreement. These styles are harder to find, either because they are counter-intuitive, or because they run against traditional mindsets and values.

  • Xia: Art of War - Sun Tzu is many centuries away, but Xia generals are not without great strategy!
  • Xia: Broken Mirror - Shunned by right-thinking sages, this kung fu turns to the power of inner madness to fuel it.
  • Xia: Ultimate Predictionist - Not through magic, but through superior analysis techniques, the Ultimate Predictionist knows what the future holds!


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