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The Premise[edit]

Taoist kung fu heroes kick ass in pseudo-historical fantasy China!.

Why Xia?[edit]

There are a lot of great kung fu hero games on the market - such as Weapon of the Gods, Feng Shui and Street Fighter to name but a few.

So why am I making another?

The answer for me is because I wanted to make a homebrew game that was quick to learn, with a simple base system but a lot of permutations. I wanted something not tied to a specific setting, but rather just useable for generic games of wuxia action.

I had a very specific style of game in mind: something fast and loose, freeform, with rapid advancement, with player creativity encouraged and opportunities for the players to discover new secrets as the game progressed. I wanted to be able to let imagination run free, without any baggage of established setting or pre-existent "internet wisdom" on "best builds".

As to the word "Xia" itself... Partially this is a reference to the [Xia Dynasty], which is the near-legendary period of early Chinese history that may or may not have actually existed. Partially its a reference to [Wuxia], the martial literary form of adventure stories popularised in the West by such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. This genre gives an idea of the style of the setting - explosive kung fu, devestating chi powers, angst about sword-honour and the spiritual and magical trappings of Chinese mythology.

But enough talk! This game system is designed simply enough so you can use it however you wish, in whatever kung fu setting you wish! Let's move on!

The Way[edit]

This section provides all the information you need to create a character and play a game within Xia.

  • Character Generation - The Character Generation overview, and your starting point for making your Xia hero.
  • Game Systems - How to play the game!
  • Glossary of Keywords - A guide to specific keywords, which may turn up when you are reading the Lore Sheets.
  • Xia: Additional Game Systems - These are included for those who wish to enrich their game with more complexity. All the systems in this section are considered to be optional rules, to be added or removed as players and GMs agree.

"Infinite Style!" or "How swift Thy Blade!"[edit]

This section presents a selection of kung fu secrets that characters might want to access for their characters. Each heading presented here is a category of kung fu secrets, and each page beyond that is a single "Lore Sheet".

These aren't part of the core rules, as its not actually required for you to use them in any way! Instead, they offer guidelines as to what sort of power level that our (moderately rigorous) playtesting suggests is balanced, and as a spur to imagination. If you like, just lift them wholesale and drop them into the game. Encourage your players to create Lore Sheets of their own though!

When they do, post them to this wiki!

  • Wushu Secrets - Martial arts to assist you in kicking ass within physical conflict. Let's face it - this is the main reason you're playing this game. Its probably sensible for most new players to take at least one Wushu Secret at character generation, as a Xia game without wushu battles isn't a Xia game at all.
  • Heart Secrets - The secret techniques of courtiers and socialites, who dominate social conflicts with their own kung fu of words. This is the category that the more "talky" players will want to check out.
  • Shen Secrets - The secret techniques of mental conflict! Not just for scholars and games players (not that there's anything wrong with those archetypes) but also for generals, emperors, sorcerers and the wise. This is the category for those who think BIG.
  • Inner Masteries - These are the secrets of just being plain better. If you want stronger chi than the next warrior, or better health, or if you just want to prove your inner mastery is greater, then this is the category for you.
  • Specialised Skills - This is for those who want to be more than a Xia. If you see yourself as being a famed musician, or a blacksmith without peer... then check out this category.
  • Quality items - This link takes you to a workshop where you can build your own superior equipment, to gain an edge for your character.
  • Major Edges - This is like the workshop above, but is a little more conceptual as it deals with non-physical advantages.
  • Magic - As every Wuxia fan knows, the place of magic is to provide impressive special effects, and to allow the heroes to achieve the fantastic. If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out this category.


Well, what else was I going to call this section?

This is everything else you may or may not want for running a game... optional rules, ready made characters, ready made monsters and more.

  • The Gang - Premade characters, both made with the character generation rules, and with varying amounts of XP applied.
  • Foes and Allies - A bestiary of sorts. The characters and monsters made in this section aren't made with the ordinary character generation process, so with each entry there is a note as to how much fo a threat they pose to an newly created lone Xia.
  • ["Crazy Ass Kung Fu"] - This is an rpg.net actual play report of the first run of this game, where a lot of the playtesting took place. Bear in mind that no-one is telling you to run your game in that particular madcap style, nor is the system designed for you to do so. It's just an option...


This is a complete roleplaying game, originally created on the rpg.net wiki by Asklepios.

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