Zaeed 'Wendigo' Isimura

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The Doctor[edit]


Zaeed worked on a secret bioengineering project codenamed REPLICANT putting to good use his expertise on the field and good leadership skills. When the project was hit by mercenaries, Zaeed discovered his aptitude for piloting mechs by stealing a dead mercenary’s ride, boosting into space and later joining the Lancer corps. Appearance: Zaeed’s skin is pale blue-gray, due to extensive radiation shielding therapy. He tends to talk quickly and to the point, but can become enthusiastic with his favorite topics: dogs, medicine and the Lunaro solar championship.

Fields: Biology, Medicine, Persuasion (diplomacy, professional)


  • Brave
  • Rational
  • Cold
  • Leader

Gear: Medikit, First-aid medigel, Field kit (biology), Hand-held printer, Extra-rations, Sleeping bag


Grease Monkey (Rank 1)[edit]

Machine Bond: You can no longer fail engineering skill checks to stabilize systems, and can choose 3 choices instead of 2. Your mech storage increases by 3 discrete items.

Siege Specialist (Rank 2)[edit]

Shaped Charges: Your blast weapons gain +1 blast, your cone weapons gain cone (+1), and your line weapons become 2 squares wide,

Select Fire Gunner: While attacking with a cannon or launcher weapon, you can choose the following firing modes. You can combine effects, but add +1 Difficulty for each effect past the first.

Saturation Fire: Your weapon fires as a cone (8) and you take 4 heat damage

Suppressive Fire: The next ranged attack made by targets hit by your attack is made with +1 Difficulty

Shock: Your target must succeed on an agility skill check or be knocked prone

Leader (Rank 1)[edit]

Field Commander: Gain the Leader pilot trait. In addition, gain 3 leadership dice (this is a d6, set it aside from your other die). Once per turn, you can give a command on your turn as a free action to give the die to an ally other than yourself that can hear you. If your target follows that command, they can use the die as +1 Accuracy for any roll before the end of combat, otherwise they lose it. An ally can hold on to one leadership die at a time. You get all leadership dice back when you rest.




Kit Bonuses: +4 hp, +1 engineering, Siege Stabilizers, External Ammo Feed



GMS Standard Pattern I ("Everest")[edit]

Hull: 0 (Melee: +0, HP: 14, Repair Rate: 4)

Agility: 0 (Evasion: 8, Speed: 5)

Systems: 0 (E-defense/Sensor Range: 8, Invasion/Scan/Lock-On: 0)

Engineering: +1 (Heat Cap: 11, Repair Cap: 8, Cooling: 6)

Size: 1

Storage: 6

Targeting: 0

Armour: 1

EP/IP: 8/5

Ground Assault Loadout[edit]
  • GMS Type 1 Howitzer (4EP) 2d6 explosive, loading, ordnance, indirect, blast 3
  • GMS Type 1 High-Arc Mortar (2EP 2IP, internal) 1d6+1 explosive, indirect, inaccurate, blast 2
  • GMS Deployable Cover (1EP) Line 4 light cover
  • GMS Modular Armor (1EP 2IP) +1 armor
  • EVA (1IP) can maneuver in space/underwater