Heart of Fire, Hand of Iron

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A mecha playtest using the Lancer rules, run by The Wyzard.

Helldiver mecha by sttheo.jpg

The PCs[edit]

I think the easiest thing to do would be to just post the a screenshot of a sheet, if you can blow it up enough to be legible. If someone wants to make a wiki markup sheet, though, that's fine too.

The NPCs[edit]

  • Horn - Lancer Captain (Deceased)
  • Patience - AI
  • Tennae Sixbee - Rookie on probation
  • Himlae - Medical Chief
  • Bildung - Chef, in charge of the cafeteria
  • Hadura - Security Chief
  • Felding - Engineering Chief
  • Watanabe Hitome - Lancer Captain, in charge of Comfort Overwatch
  • Ninae Tukay - Salvage Team lead
  • Talula - Chief of Personnel Development
  • Edena Ji - Corporeal Attaché
  • Kay-En "Ken" - Ex-Auditor, assigned to farm labor
  • Sadie - Pod-mate of Ken
  • Yvonne - Farm laborer
  • Ben - Vineyard worker
  • Jenny - Vineyard worker
  • Renna - Vineyard worker
  • Toby - Vineyard worker

The Setting[edit]

House Rules[edit]


Game Notes[edit]

Current Missions[edit]