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  • Name: Tazaerich
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Ranger
  • Level: 10
  • Background: Urban Elf (Streetwise class skill)
  • Theme: Gunsmith
  • Belief: Panopoly / Millerism
  • Languages Known: Common, Elven, Primordial, Ancient


  • Str 10 (+0) / Save: +5
  • Con 14 (+2) / Save: +7
  • Dex 22 (+6) / Save: +11
  • Int 10 (+0) / Save: +5
  • Wis 16 (+3) / Save: +8
  • Cha 8 (-1) / Save: +4
    • Elf Bonuses: +2 to Dexterity, Wisdom

Defenses/Combat Stats[edit]

  • HP: 71/71
  • Healing Surges: 8/8
    • Surge Value: 18 HP
  • Initiative: +10
  • Speed: 7 squares
  • Action Points: 1


  • AC: 26
  • Fort: 21
  • Ref: 25
  • Will: 21

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Ignore difficult terrain when shifting
  • Low-light vision
  • +1 to Perception checks to all non-elf allies within 5 squares
  • You are considered a fey creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.

Class/Theme Traits[edit]

  • Hunter Fighting Style
    • Quick Draw bonus feat
    • Sheathe a weapon as a free action, gain a +4 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks you provoke by making a ranged attack
  • Prime Shot
    • If none of your allies are nearer to your target than you are, +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls against that target.
  • Hunter's Quarry
    • Once per turn as a minor action, you can designate the nearest enemy to you that you can see as your quarry.
    • Once per round, when you hit your quarry with an attack, the attack deals +1d6 damage. If you can make multiple attacks in a round, you decide which attack to apply the extra damage to after all the attacks are rolled. If you have dealt Hunter’s Quarry damage since the start of your turn, you can’t deal it again until the start of your next turn.
      • Taz may drop this damage by 1d6 (to 0d6) to slow the target until the end of his next turn.
  • Gunsmith (L.1)
    • You can perform the ritual "Enchant Magic Item" in order to create firearms, firearm ammunition, and alchemical items.
    • You can requisition advanced Drakran weapons like grenades and rifles without increasing the Favor level of the request.
  • Gunsmith: Tinker (L.5)
    • You may designate a weapon as your primary firearm; each firearm you wield can benefit from your primary weapon’s enhancement bonuses to attack and damage.
    • You have custom-built a firearm modification, which you can apply to up to five firearms (your own or your allies’).
      • Ammunition Clip: For a carbine, musket, or shotgun, a stripper clip holds five rounds. For a pistol, a revolver cylinder lets you fire six shots before you need to reload. Reloading is a free action if you have the Speed Loader feat.
  • Gunsmith: Bling (L.10)
    • You have custom-built a second firearm modification, which you can apply to up to five firearms (your own or your allies’). You can apply both your attachments to the same gun(s), or divide them among different weapons.
      • Suppressor: If you are hidden when you attack, you remain hidden from creatures more than 10 squares from you. A creature struck does, however, know the direction the shot came from.


(Trained Skills)

  • Acrobatics: +16
  • Arcana: +5
  • Athletics: +10
  • Bluff: +4
  • Diplomacy: +4
  • Dungeoneering: +13
  • Endurance: +7
  • Heal: +8
  • History: +5
  • Insight: +8
  • Intimidate: +4
  • Nature: +10
  • Perception: +15
  • Religion: +5
  • Stealth: +16
  • Streetwise: +9
  • Thievery: +16


  • Quick Draw (Draw a weapon with attack action, +2 to initiative)
  • Speed Loader (Reload firearms as move action, not standard)
  • Firearm Expertise (+1 to attacks with firearms, increases by +1/tier; ignore partial & superior cover with firearms)
  • Weapon Focus (Firearms) (+1 to damage rolls with firearms, increases by +1/tier)
  • Improved Defenses (+1 to F/R/W, increases by +1/tier)
  • Weapon Proficiency (Muskets)
  • Hobbling Strike (Whenever you would deal Hunter's Quarry damage, you may forgo 1 die of damage to instead slow your target until EONT)
  • Sneak of Shadows (You gain training in the Thievery skill; once per encounter, you can use the rogue's Sneak Attack class feature)
  • Treetop Sniper (You can use any firearm with Sneak Attack or any rogue power that normally requires a crossbow.)


At-Will Powers[edit]

  • Melee Basic Attack (+1 Paired Rapier, +9 vs AC, 1d8+1 Damage)
  • Ranged Basic Attack (+2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, Range 20/40/200, +17 vs AC, 1d10+11 Damage)
    • Ranged Basic Attack (+2 Boltshard Shotgun, Range 6/12, +16 vs AC, 1d8+11 Damage; roll 2 attack rolls -- if at close range and both hit, 2d8+11 damage)
  • Nimble Strike (Standard Action, Shift 1 square before or after attack, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC, 1d10+11 Damage)
  • Twin Strike (Standard Action, 1 or 2 targets, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC/+17 vs AC, 1d10+5/1d10+5 Damage)
    • Twin Strike (Melee) (Standard Action, 1 or 2 targets; +1 Paired Rapier, +9 vs AC/+9 vs AC, 1d8+1/1d8+1 Damage)

Encounter Powers[edit]

  • (_) Two-Fanged Strike (Standard Action, 1 or 2 targets, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC/+17 vs AC, 1d10+11/1d10+11 Damage; +2 Damage if both attacks hit the same target)
  • (_) The Man With Two Guns is God (Standard Action, 1 or 2 targets (within 5 squares of each other), does not provoke opportunity attacks, Range 10/20; drop/store/sheathe held items and draw one or two firearms; Pistols, +16 vs AC/+16 vs AC, 1d6+11/1d6+11 Damage, targets may not make opportunity attacks until EONT if attack hits)
  • (_) Elven Accuracy (Free Action; Reroll an attack roll; must take second roll)
  • (_) Invigorating Stride (Move Action; shift 3 (Wisdom mod) squares; must not end in a square adjacent to an enemy; you may use your second wind)
  • (_) Disruptive Strike (Immediate Interrupt, 1 target, range 20/40; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC, 1d10+11 Damage; target takes a -6 penalty (3+Wis mod) to the triggering attack roll)
  • (_) Weave Through the Fray (Immediate Interrupt, Personal; when an enemy moves adjacent to you, you may shift 3 (Wisdom Mod) squares)
  • (_) Biting Volley (Standard Action, 1 or 2 creatures, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs Reflex/+17 vs Reflex, 1d10+11/1d10+11 Damage; critical hit on 18-20)
  • (_) Sneak Attack (When you make an attack with a light blade or a firearm and hit an enemy granting combat advantage to you, that enemy takes 2d6 extra damage)
  • (_) Defensive Volley (Immediate Reaction, 1 ally, range 20/40; when an ally is hit by an attack, you may reduce the damage dealt by 11 (Dex mod + 1/2 level))
  • (_) Boots of the Fencing Master (Item, Minor Action, Personal; Shift 2 squares)

Daily Powers[edit]

  • (_) Sure Shot (Standard Action, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC, 3d10+11 Damage; may reroll attack roll and each damage die once, but must take the second roll)
  • (_) Spitting Cobra Stance (Minor Action, Stance; until this stance ends, you can make a Ranged Basic Attack as an immediate reaction against any enemy within 5 squares who moves closer to you)
  • (_) Attacks on the Run (Standard Action, 2 attacks against 1 target or 1 attack each against 2 targets, Range 20/40/200; +2 Duelist's Rifle-Musket, +17 vs AC/+17 vs AC, 3d10+11 Damage per attack; Miss: Half damage)
  • (_) Repulsion Armor (Item, Minor Action; whenever an enemy enters an adjacent square, you may push them 1 square as an immediate reaction; power lasts until end of encounter)
  • (_) Boltshard Shotgun (Item, Standard Action; make a ranged basic attack using this shotgun against each creature in a close blast 3)




  • Duelist's Rifle-Musket +2 (Prof +3, dam 1d10+Dex, 20/40/200, 10 lbs, load free (move), brutal 2, high crit, rifled) (Primary Weapon)
    • Any enemy hit by an attack from this weapon takes a -2 penalty to area & ranged attacks until EONT
    • Crit Damage: (Max Attack Damage)+1d10+2d6.
  • Pistols x2 (Prof +2, dam 1d6+Dex, 10/20, 2 lbs, load free (move), brutal 2, high crit)
  • Boltshard Shotgun +2 (Prof +2, dam 1d8+Dex, 6/12, 5 lbs; Scatter (A gunman firing a shotgun makes two attack rolls, giving him a chance to “wing” a target. Additionally, if the target is at close range and both rolls hit, the attack has its normal effect, plus deals an extra 1[w] damage.); Standard Action (Daily): Make a ranged basic attack using this shotgun against each creature in a close blast 3.)
  • Paired Rapier +1 (Prof +3, dam 1d8+Str, 2 lbs; Free Action: Split the rapier into 2 weapons, one in main hand and one in off-hand; recombine as a free action)


  • Ammunition x5 (100 rounds, 10 lbs)
  • +2 Bending Bullets x2 (+2 to-hit/damage; while you have line of effect to a square adjacent to an enemy, you can attack that enemy using this ammunition. Treat the enemy as having cover.)
  • +2 Dispelling Bullets x5 (+2 to-hit/damage, when you hit an enemy with this ammunition, you may end one conjuration/zone which that enemy has created)
  • +2 Dual Bullets x5 (+2 to-hit/damage; when you attack an enemy with this ammunition, you may roll twice and use either result)
  • +2 Firesight Bullets x2 (+2 to-hit/damage; when you attack with this ammunition, your attack takes no penalty due to cover or concealment. When you hit an enemy with an attack using this ammunition, that enemy cannot gain the benefits of cover, concealment, or invisibility (save ends).)
  • +2 Firestorm Bullets x3 (+2 to-hit/damage; when you hit an enemy using this ammunition, that enemy and each creature adjacent to it take 2d6 extra fire damage.)
  • +2 Freezing Bullets x9 (+2 to-hit/damage, When you hit an enemy using this ammunition, that enemy takes 2d6 extra cold damage & is slowed until EONT)
  • +2 Reaving Bullets x5 (+2 to-hit/damage, when you hit an enemy with this ammunition, they also take 5 ongoing damage until they spend a move action to dig the bullet out)
  • +2 Spider Bullets x5 (+1 to-hit/damage, when an enemy is hit with this ammunition, they and any enemy adjacent to them are slowed until EONT)
  • +2 Surprise Bullets x10 (+2 to-hit/damage, Combat Advantage on any attack using this ammunition)


  • Repulsion Leather Armor +2 (+4 AC, 15 lbs)
  • Cloak of Distortion +2 (+2 F/R/W, any ranged attack from 5+ squares away takes a -2 penalty)

Other Magical Items[edit]

  • Aeriad Bracers (Arm Slot; +2 item bonus to damage dealt with bows/crossbows/firearms; when you fall, you may land in any square adjacent to where you would normally fall. If you deliberately jump down, you may shift 1 square for every 10 ft. you fall)
  • Gauntlets of Blood (Hands Slot; +2 damage to bloodied enemies)
  • Belt of Vigor (Waist Slot; +1 to Healing Surge value)
  • Boots of the Fencing Master (Feet Slot; When you shift, gain a +1 item bonus to AC and Reflex defense until the end of your next turn)
  • Gray Rain Cloak
  • Attaché Case of Concealment
  • Endless Ammo Bandolier
  • Elven Chain Shirt (Wonderous Item; +1 AC)

Consumable Magic Items[edit]

  • Potion of Healing (L.5 -- spend a surge and regain 10 HP (Minor Action))
  • Potion of Vitality x2 (L.15 -- spend a surge and regain 25 HP + make a saving throw against an effect that a save can end (Minor Action))
  • Unguent of Darkvision (L.9 -- rub on closed eyelids to gain darkvision for 1 hour (Standard Action))

Other Gear[edit]

  • Adventurer's Kit
    • Backpack
      • Sunrod x3
      • Waterskin
      • Iron Spikes x10
      • Investigation Kit (+2 bonus to Perception checks when you use the kit to search an area for specific details)
      • Silent Thieves' Tools (L.2 -- +5 to Stealth checks to remain unnoticed while using)
  • Flask
    • Contents: Don't Ask.
  • Worker's Clothes
    • Definitely not a gentleman's outfit. Trousers, undershirt and shirt, vest, and boots, all designed more for hard work than fashion. Still no cogs, though.
  • Goggles
  • Pocket Watch
  • Footpads
  • Deck of Cards x3
    • 1 Deck of Marked Cards
  • 2 Sets of Gentleman's Clothing
  • 5,098 reál (/52,595 total)


Tazaerich is an elf, ok? Just because he was born and raised in the city doesn't make him any less of an elf than those hoity-toity hippies out in the wilds! Maybe he can't tell you what it sounds like when the wind whispers fae secrets through the branches of the forests, but he can tell you the best place to get a sausage with probably-pork meat at 3 AM* and where to get a cheap beer afterwards! ....the point is, Tazaerich is proud of his elven heritage, but he loves the city and sees no reason why elves shouldn't treat urban environments as naturally as woodland ones.
In any case, he tends to be drily sarcastic as a means of self-expression, and his personality could be generously derived as abrasive. He's all too happy to pick an argument at the drop of a hat. However, Tazaerich is loyal to his friends, once he makes them, and views arguing as a way to express his friendship. He has come to enjoy the company, especially, of Assistant Chief Inspector-Sergeant Berg and Constable Dar'ana (though he would likely only admit it under extreme duress). Taz made the acquaintance of the eladrin 'terrorist' Hana "Gale" Soliogn several months ago in the course of the squad's investigations, and the two have become something of an established 'item'.**
Taz, as he's become known in his squad, has settled into life with the RHC well, busting perps with one-liners and happily sniping enemies from a safe distance. His official RHC record makes notes of his surprising tolerance of the RHC's coffee (extra strong, one sugar) and gourmet-level expertise in desserts, due to his sweet tooth. (His preferred donuts, also noted in his record, are chocolate cake, Beaumont Creme, and chocolate-dipped Danoran crullers.) Taz is a founding member of the up-and-coming RHC branch of the Docker's Union, and absolutely did not perform a comedic monologue at the office talent show.
He also has a thick Brooklyn accent, as do many elves. It's just the way of things.

*It's Sharga's House of Meat in Parity Lake, for the record.

**....shut up, Dar'ana.

Taz's Apartment[edit]

Taz's Apartment!

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