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This is the apartment of Tazaerich, in the district of Stray River. Taz lives in a middle-class apartment building in the East Bank area, with a permanent security guard/doorman at the building's door. His apartment is relatively small, but has a lovely view of the sun crossing over Upper Flint Bay; and most days, the smell of cleanish water even drowns out the stink of smoke and industry.

The apartment's main room is plainly decorated, with a comfortable chair and couch facing the sitting table by the front window. A bookcase against the kitchen wall contains a smattering of literature -- a combination of popular fiction & crime novels, a few history & philosophy texts (including William Miller's treatise on hypocrisy), a set of Flint legal codices, and several play scripts. A couple of elven-style tapestries decorate the walls. The dining area has a plain, well-worn table and set of chairs.

The kitchen is extremely well-used, with a small bookshelf by the cabinet, containing a variety of cookbooks -- primarily desert recipes and Elven cuisine. Despite its constant use, its cleanliness shows that Taz takes very good care of all of his cooking equipment. The icebox is invariably filled with various dessert ingredients, as well as things that can be combined in a variety of ways to make plain but tasty meals. Lots of sandwich fillings, too. There is also a Danoran press coffee maker and a healthy supply of coffee beans from Café Primos, up the street.

In the bedroom, Taz has a large, comfortable bed and a small bookshelf with a few novels stacked haphazardly. There is also a dresser and a nightstand. Underneath the bed is his most expensive purchase -- a gun safe where he keeps almost all of his weaponry (with the exception of a pistol secured behind his nightstand). The safe is locked with an Arcane Lock ritual cast by Julia Pemberton, with the passphrase "Potresti gentilmente aprire per me, buona serratura?" (Taz is probably correct in assuming no one would assume he would speak politely in formal Elven in the privacy of his own home.) The phrase is known by his squadmates, Hana Soliogn, and Aquayanna.

In the last few months, there have been a few changes that have occurred in the apartment. Several paintings of nature have been hung throughout the rooms, including a print of Kathana Fricorith's "Lost Elfaivar". A small potted plant also sits on the living-room table now. Also, a few sets of women's clothing have taken over a section of Taz's closet, and a second toothbrush hangs in his bathroom. This is all certainly a coincidence that has nothing to do with him dating Hana.

....shut up, Dar'ana.

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