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Ditches tainted in Blood

This is a Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle playing in Amsterdam (NL). The Chronicle starts on a night in July 2008 and is a classical Ancilla Young Elder Chronicle with politics and associated practices in mind. There are also elements that are not Canon (Gehenna never happened, 1st Edition Malkavians).

Amsterdam by Night

Basic information on Amsterdam can be found on Wikipedia or Amsterdam's international internet presentation I Amsterdam. Amsterdam is currently ruled by a number of Kindred also known to be player characters. Furthermore there are a bit more then 20 other Kindred in town.

News to be remembered

  • 6th of June 2008: Amsterdam hosts Europe and Asia Interreligious Dialogue conference. Not everyone is sure if this left the city untouched as this also drew a lot of pilgrims from around the globe in town. [1]
  • 16th of June 2008: Amsterdam Marathon [2]
  • 8th of July 2008: De Parade [3]
  • 8th of August 2008: Loveland Festival
  • 31th of July 2008: GGD (Rave against Hepatitis) [4]
  • Event Calendar

Districts and Domains

Some Elders hold domain over some districts in town.

Known Kindred by Clan and Status

Player Character Background on the linked pages is not considered ingame knowledge except for physical description. Every Player may add a Profile section between a Characters physical Description and a Characters Background on his profile page. This profile is considered common knowledge among player characters.

A PCs Charactersheet or Background are not considered common ingame knowledge. Though probably some strengths and weaknesses will be described in ones profile.

Further NSC Kindred may have a profile page if a player presents his knowledge. Most NSC Kindred how ever will might not seem so important and therefor there is no information initially present.

A NSC Kindred is always linked as if (s)he had an individual page. If one kindred has a no individual page then there is not enough ingame knowledge available to justify an individual page. Check out NSC Kindred first.
Known Kindred
Malcom de Medici (Primogen, PC by Toras)
Arthur Alten, Neonate
Hope, Neonate (Childer of Malcom)
Josee Vargas, Neonate
Felix, childe of Ulaf (Primogen, PC by Avilister)
Isabelle Ricard, Neonate
Strider, Neonate
Evert van Rypen (Primogen, PC by Mandrion)
Christine Buren, Neonate
Klaas De Vries (aka Hellraizer), Neonate
Shadow, Neonate
Dr. Frank Rassmussen, Neonate
Guiseppe d'Angelo, Neonate
Kalidas Hayasiras, Neonate
Louis Degere, Neonate
Walter von Stahl, Neonate
Karl Steveneck, Neonate
Fiorenza Bermani (Lasombra)

Technical Aspects

Master Of Desaster
Avilister, Mandrion, Toras, Victor von Villain, Xaos
Chronicle Threads
Interest, Recruitment, In Character Thread, Out of Character Thread, Meta Thread
Books that are considered Canon in this game
VtM: Players Guide (ST uses 3rd Edition), VtM: Elysium Wars, VtM: Guide to the Camarilla
Wiki Categories used
"Old World of Darkness, Canon Incompatible"**, "Vampire: The Masquerade", "VtM:Amsterdam by Night"


Allies refers to mortal allies from your former life. Kindred you influence are a bit more powerful then mortals. So they fall into a different category

See also:
  • Clan Members don't count for Allies as Allies dots
  • Boons(1pt to 6pt Merit) vs. Prestation Gifts (2pt - 6pt Flaw)
  • Childe, loyal (3pt)
  • Companions, Spouses, True Love ...

Duties and Offices

There are several duties in a vampiric city. Duties are assigned at players whim. Duties how ever are duties. Holding an office is a honorable position, but also some work.

Typical offices are : keeper of the Elysium,harpy,sheriff or prince

Further there are typical effects of being an elder: Holding a domain. Domains are granted by the prince, but elders often claim a domain - and a prince will often accept this to avoid unnecessary casualties. How ever both a granted and a claimed domain cause some work or they are meaningless. Letting it come to public that the Sabbat should hide out in ones domain would be very juicy gossip till the situation has been handled properly.


Steps 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5
Generation ○○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○ ●●●○○ ●●●●○ ●●●●●
Elder Generation ○○○○○ ●○○○○ ●●○○○ ●●●○○ ●●●●○ ●●●●●

Player characters are intended to have a Generation between and including 10 to 6 using Elder Generation as Background.

This is a bitter world and there are diablolists out there. So a character with a Generation of 9 or better automatically a target. The better the generation the more vampires are after your blood. 8th and 9th Generation attracts usually some weak enemies, while true elder generations (7th and 6th) attract serious hunters. Generations that are 5th or closer to the biblical father are of course targeted by many and even strong kindred.

Language & Linguistics

Dots Languages
●●●●● ● 32
●●●●● ○ 16
●●●●○ ○ 8
●●●○○ ○ 4
●●○○○ ○ 2
●○○○○ ○ 1

Especially traditional additional languages in Netherlands would be German (eastern area) or French (southern area) - both have historical and minority ties. Many Dutch speak one of these two languages and their choice is often tied with some pride on their side and a slightly derogative position towards the other fraction. Young ones usually learn English in school.

  • We use the European Exponential Method for foreign languages.
  • First it is assumed that Player Characters speak Dutch.

Local Influence

Generally speaking: Influence is power. Elder love power. If you don't know where to "waste" Points, Influence is always a good idea. It's not the same as having Protean 5, Celerity 5 and Fortitude 5. It's: Why kill someone in his haven if you can send a bunch of construction workers on a sunny day to tear that place appart.

Typical organisations: Administration, Culture, Education, Local Court, Police, Industries, Redlight-District, Organized crime

Reference: Some of these values are well described in Player Guide and Elysium Wars.

●●● ●●● Total control in a region (only one player can have this in one fraction) Mayor over-regional contact
●●● ●●○ Well controlled organisation. Tight grip. You may stress things and get away with it without anybody even taking a note.
●●● ●○○ Well controlled organisation. Tight grip. You may stress things from time to time, but overdoing it might cause trouble.
●●● ○○○ You control a significant insider (and therefor a bunch of subordinates). So you've got the chance to call in a significant favor.
●●○ ○○○ You got an insider with little influence. You can shift some minor things or call in a favor that won't ruin your contact.
●○○ ○○○ You got an insider. Get some info. (Worker)
○○○ ○○○ Who are you ? Get out of my sight


○○○○○ A Neonate
●○○○○ A known Neonate
●●○○○ Ancilla
●●●○○ worthy Ancilla / Elder
●●●●○ Primogen

Status defines a basic position of a Vampire in Town. Duties are not reflected through Status.

Character Sheet Math

We utilize stats significantly above Neonate, but below Standard Elder Arrays. This is a City level Elder game (not global manipulation) and it's about actually running a city. So Backgrounds are worth to be taken. Merits and Flaws that suit a political game are usually welcomed. You probably know quite well what you would not want in a game ...

This way Offices & Domains are handed out on player-group decision and not by spending points on it. These are "hard to rate values", so they are denoted under Duties.

Category Dots
Attributes 8/6/4
Abilities 20/12/8
Disciplines 5 in Clan, 2 free
Backgrounds automatic free Age 1, Status 3. 15 free
Freebies 50 (includes Age 1)
Duties Primogen
  • Backgrounds: Players may choose individual Backgrounds up to 6 dots per background independent of Generation.
    • Age 1 reduces Humanity by 1. Increasing Humanity during Character Creation costs 5 Freebies.
    • Status 3 refers to Elder Status, Status 4 refers to Primogen status and/or holding an office. Being Prince of a city is NOT reflected by Status dots.
  • Derangements for high trait ratings If a character starts with an attribute, ability or discipline with 6 or more dots (s)he suffers a derangement. The more or higher the traits the more severe it shall be.
  • Merits and Flaws
    • Unwanted Merits/Flaws: "dark fate" (5pt, PG), "Probatory sect member" (4pt, PG) , "Guilt wracked" (4pt, GttC)
    • Wanted Merits/Flaws: Everything that fits well into a political game.
  • Duties of a character are Offices such as domain, keeper of the Elyisum, scourge, sheriff or prince. Duties are duties. They don't fit well as merits or flaws. Though being booted out of an office (and other Vampires knowing this) is a Flaw.
  • Specialisations: Don't forget that you automatically specialize in EVERY Attribute and Ability if you start with a rating of 4 or higher.

Character Sheet

A template that shall help you

Amsterdam by Night
Name Character name Player Player name
Concept description Clan ...
Nature ... Demeanor ... Generation 10th - 6th
Physical Social Mental
●○○○○ Strength ●○○○○ Charisma ●○○○○ Perception
●○○○○ Dexterity ●○○○○ Manipulation ●○○○○ Intelligence
●○○○○ Stamina ●○○○○ Appearance ●○○○○ Wits
Talents Skills Knowledge
○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation] ○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation] ○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation]
○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation] ○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation] ○○○○○ Trait [Specialisation]
○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait ○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait
○○○○○ Trait
Virtues Disciplines Derived
●○○○○ Conscience ○○○○○ Auspex Humanity ●●●●● ○○○○○
●○○○○ Self-Control ○○○○○ Celerity Willpower ●●○○○ ○○○○○
●○○○○ Courage ○○○○○ Presence Blood Pool 10 + ●●●○○ ○○○○○
Backgrounds Merits Flaws
●○○○○ Elder Generation ●○○○○ Something good ●○○○○ Something bad
●○○○○ Age
●●●○○ Status
●●●○○ Resources