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Shadows over Cyre[edit]


B.G.= Before Galifar

A.G = After Galifar

Italics = Official Module

- = Year

+ = Within the year.


- 10,000,000 B.G. Puriel is elected to the Supreme Council of Mount Celestia and is in love with the Angel known as Gayliel. He has been illegally teaching early man about tool-use and other ideas like writing.

-5446 B.G. Caer Shadowfast is founded as Dreadhold. It is an outpost of the Dhakaani in their war against the Daelkyr.

- 5443 B.G. Pyriel falls for a second time to fight against the Daelkyr.

-5000 B.G The Painmaster is bound in the heart of Dreadhold and the town is abandoned by the Goblins.

- 4867 B.G. The Dhakaani civilization is destroyed by Meteor after said spell is cast by their gods.

-2,000 B.G. Karrn the Conqueror takes over Dreadhold and renames it Caer Shadowfast. It is his outpost for what he hopes will allow him to conquer the other four human kingdoms.

-1,166 B.G. Warlord of Barovia, Strahd Von Zharovich, makes his pact with Death (Graazt) and Erandis D'Vol to become the first vampire.

-0 A.G. The Knighthood of the Silver Chalice is deeded the Fortress to serve as one of their many fortresses to protect against the influence of demons.

- 666 A.G. The Abyss Ninja are founded by Kalas the Monk. They perform unspeakable acts of evil under the Knighthood's nose for a century.

- 770 A.G. The Monks of the Quivering Flame defeat the Abyss Ninja and establish their own monastary.

- 862 A.G. Ethan Rhefeldt born in Sharn.

- 894 A.G. The Knights of the Silver Chalice declare their neutrality in the Last War.

- 896 A.G. The Knights of the Silver Chalice are outlawed by King Kaius, their property confiscated, and most of its members killed in battle or executed for treason.

- 900 A.G. The Knighthood joins formerly with Breland when the Cyreans attack them. Its members become the Red Cloak Knighthood. The Battle of Locksley The Emerald Claw and Count Orlock have their forces defeated by many of the ancestors of the Watchmen, Ethan, Trent, and Cassius. Later, they manage to repulse the diabolical Exterminator sent by the Lord of Blades via a time machine.

- 922 A.G. First reports of the Sword of Khyber come in from various cultists and outsiders across Khorviare.

- 966 A.G. Warforged assault Caer Shadowfast and wipe out its Brelish contingent. They begin transforming it into a supply town.

- 987 A.G. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft The "First Vampire" Strahd Von Zharovich is killed by Cassius Cato, Kael, Lindsey, Ethan, and others. King Kaius absorbs the essence of the Vampire King and ascends to his throne.

- 989 A.G. The Sword of Khyber vanishes and Genai d'Deneith starts the Twelve Deadly Gods.

- 991 A.G. The Red Hawks are established with the aid of Rangers from the Reaches and Valenar. They kill more soldiers than any other unit in the Last War except the Deneith Deadly Gods.

- 992 A.G. Rupin is the first of the soon-to-be watchmen to encounter Siber. The two become close friends but wind up going separate ways. Siber later encounters and befriends both Sofia Roberto and Kyle Ferdinand at the end of the year Siber is found guilty of General Valance's death and is labeled as a Brelish assassin.

- 993 A.G. Rupert Carter, aka Rupin Addwealth, barely survives a smuggling attempt. His dog, Dog, is killed by Rhael and Maiet.

- 994 A.G. Caer Shadowfast is taken by Colonel Du'Crion days before the Mourning.

+[After the Mourning] Two men (Ari and Reade) claiming to be priests of a draconic religion arrive. They set up shop in a crumbling temple and attract a following of beings disheartened with traditional gods.

-997 A.G. Rupin and Dey become official business partners.

- 998 A.G. The Campaign Setting begins.

+ A Magehound is Dispatched by Arch-Mage Travern of the Arcane Congress for unknown reasons, Rumors of the Arcane Congresses Vaults being sieged and robbed are spread to Caer Shadowfast.

+ Week One: Keep on the Borderlands The Caer Shadowfast heroes successfully defeat an attempt to raise the Rajah Hastur and destroy the majority of the Speakers of Orkus.

Elsewise, the Lord of Blades has his kidnapping of Artifice thwarted by Ari and Reade with their newly arrived Dragonborn companion.

+ Week Two: Hour of the Knife A series of murders plagues Caer Shadowfast caused by Vice Admiral Ramirez employing the Cabinet of Faces while Red Jack a pain demon takes up residence.

Meanwhile, Thelia and Gerald quest against the Blood Claws.

Oargev is crowned King Oargev I of Cyre. Breland recognizes New Cyre as an independent city-state but nothing more.

+ One Month: Cassius Cato is named Count of Shadowfast by all Four Nations. It is an independent nation in all but name. He likewise founds The Watchmen.

+ Two Months: The Forgotten Forge A our heroes recover the Schema by defeating Krauser and the Red Queen in Aaren D'Cannith's Factory 5.

+ Three Months: Shadows of the Last War The Heroes successfully save the village of Rose Quartz and destroy the Blood Claws.

+ Three Months, 2 weeks Whispers of the Vampire's Blade Kael, Ethan, Drake, Delake, and Samantha slay Carmilla and save Princess Haydith. Strahd's Soul sword is destroyed.

+ Five Months, 1 week Assault on Citadel D'Cannith Merrix D'Cannith and the powerful Illithid Ixll are killed by a group of heroes working together.

+ Six Months Grasp of the Emerald Claw The Lord of Blades works with Lord Shadowspawn to prepare for the return of Dread Cthulhu. Xulo is recovered by Drake.

+ Six Months, 2 weeks Battle for Ebonhold Castle Trent breaks out of Ebonhold with the aide of Gerard and others.

+ Six Months, 3 weeks Call of Cthulhu The City of R'leyh rises from the ground but ends in the destruction of the massive monstrosity.

+ Eight Months Merrix D'Cannith III marries Jorlanna D'Cannith.

+ Nine Months Merrix D'Cannith III begins constructing the Golden Dragon.

+ Ten Months Warlord Gruden declares Southern Karrnath independent of the main country, citing Kaius' Vampirism. Kaius derides it as a blatant power play and 'proves' his humanity.

- 999 A.G. The Year of the Gears Grinding

+ One Month Merrix D'Cannith hosts the Khorvaire Fair of Sciences in Shadowfast. It is a surprising hit with the Golden Dragon, a recovered Dragon Wars artifact, being the centerpiece. They briefly visit Sigil and find out that a Quori army is massing along the Astral Borders.

+ Second Month The Voyage of the Golden Dragon begins. They prevent a bomb from exploding containing Zorlan D'Cannith's weaponry.

+ Second Month, Week Two Rupin and company manage to prevent a murder of a large number of Brelish diplomats.

+ Second Month, Week Three Cassius marries Maya. The Third Battle of Korth where the Watchmen manage to repulse an attack by The Frost King's (A Daelkyr imprisoned in Frostfell) Ghezereth army. Pyriel manages to save the day with an enslaved Lord Shadowspawn. Jaina and Melissa slay Herne the Animal Lord.

+ Third Month, Week One The Watchmen arrive in Lhazaar and attempt to undermine the Dreaming Dark's control over the island. The Lord of Blades sends an Exterminator-100 unit back in time to kill the Watchmen before they are a threat.

+ Third Month, Week Two - Thelia slaughters an entire slave encampment of Black Lotus Society agents. She is taken into custody by the Arcane Congress as the survivors are finished off by Drake D'Cannith.

+ Third Month, Week Three - Kiri journeys back to Blitzschlag and defeats the Order of the Silver Claw there where she rescues her sister Amethyst from it's touch. Trent kills the Red Dragon known as Gurunberd.

+ Fourth Month, Week One- The War of Lhazaar or "One Week War" The Watchmen with Merrix D'Cannith destroy the Lhazaar Airship Navy, slaughter the Royalty of the Twelve Principalities, and slay the Old Man of the Mountain who heads the Black Lotus Society along with the Queen with Burning Eyes. The Black Lotus Society falls to pieces and the Dreaming Dark's control is broken over the land. Lhazaar becomes nothing more than a puppet state of the Four Major Nations and the Twelve. Melissa joins the 12 Deadly Gods.

+ Fourth Month, Week Two The Watchmen travel back in time to the Dawn of Eberron to meet Siberys and his Ascendent Dragons. Unlike regular travel, they merely astrally possess beings in the past and thus do not disrupt the time stream. Thelia is put on trial by the Arcane Congress, Archmage Travern is assassinated by Lord Shadowspawn, and Warlord Adal is killed by Kael.

+ Fourth Month, Week Three The Watchmen journey to Adar and are captured by Pai Mai whom they quickly lead a revolt against. The leader of the Kalashtar is killed and their greatest monastery overrun by the Reidrans before it is blown up.

+ Fifth Month The Watchmen successfully slay Zhengyi and Lord Shadowspawn forever. Pyriel apparently sacrifices himself.

+ Fifth Month, Week Two - King Kaius defeats Warlord Gruden in the The War of Burnt Ashes where the resistance to his reign is crushed.

Shadows over Cyre