Midnight RPG - Chapter 26.234

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Vision for Durgaz[edit]

  • The Sarcosans (Zal'Kazzir and Ahimia) are represented by serpents, and are shown to be crucial in a number of scenes involving Durgaz.
  • Scene 1: Durgaz standing in the mouth of a Dragon, barely holding on, until a flash of silver on his left reveals Ahimia, stabbing her blade up through the beast's mouth, and a few words in courtier from behind him fill him with the strength he needs to break the beast's jaw.
  • Scene 2: Durgaz stands before a large crowd of Dead Mother orcs, all of whom are chanting for him, and he thinks back to what led him to this place, he can see a serpent finding the orcs, a serpent calling to them to bring them to him, and providing the freedom he needs to break them of the sendings. (just as a side note, make sure there are both male and female orcs involved)
  • Scene 3: Durgaz marshalls his forces, battling threats in the mountains to secure his people's future. As Durgaz rushes to aid a number of Dead Mothers who are about to be overpowered by foul shadow-trolls, a huge dog-headed giant, with pincers like a crab steps around a corner and decapatates a troll, just as a huge spider-like creature sinks deadly fangs into another, saving the orcs from certain death. The two huge creatures then bend down to speak with Zal, who orders them back to defend the City, as he and Ahimia approach Durgaz.
  • Scene 4: Black robed humans (very distinct from legates; black robes with green and silver trim) are seen in numerous locations across the human lands, spying, gathering intelligence, sabotaging shadow operations and funneling the information back to Zal'Kazzir, who walks into a war council and moves several troop markers on a battle map, changing a plan to prevent disaster.
  • Scene 5: Durgaz stands at the head of HIS new tribe, now arrayed for battle, Vardatches and armor glinting in the sun, as he looks around, he can see Eranon at the head of a Cadre of Elven warriors, gleaming and bright, a large phalanx of dwarves, grim and strong, a host of Erenlander warriors and a mighty wedge of Sarcosan Cavalry, lances tipped with beautiful pennants. All of these mighty forces are united and held together by the coils of the serpent, and as he follows the serpent to it's head, he looks behind to see Zal and Ahimia standing with him, prepared to battle at his side.