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You WILL abide by the LAWS OF SHADOW

Welcome to the Midnight: North & South campaign wiki.
With the Campaigns beginning on October 7th 2006, this wiki site is a resource for a face-to-face tabletop fantasy role-playing game using the Midnight Setting for the Dungeons and Dragons system. This site is a wiki which is a web page that can be edited by anyone with surfing the web! The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about our game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group. A "campaign series bible".

Maps of the World

Player Fun Items
Picturing Aryth: a wiki site to upload images to represent locations on Aryth.
Picturing Aryth thread: The original thread for Picturing Aryth on Against the Shadow fan forum.
Midnight Party Game Calendar - South: Here are the working calendars for the game schedule.
Midnight - Language Lexicon: this is a list of words we've made up and pulled from texts for meanings of words in various languages.
Midnight - Ways we've killed/hurt stuff: this is a fun list for how things have gone done in game...
Bluebooking: an explanation on RPG bluebooking, and how we can use it for Midnight. NOTE: Between sessions the maximum xp award for Bluebooking will be 500xp.
A bluebook form: Midnight RPG - Chapter 00.000
Midnight - RPG Theory Improvements: a list of things to improve our campaigns...
GM Theory - Ideas to help run RPGs: my random list of ideas...

D&D4e - "The Slaughter at the Caves of Chaos": a wiki "bible" for my first D&D4 campaign plan. D&D4e - SatCoC Yahoo Group

the Campaign Connections
Darkness Falls: A fansite OGL info resource for Midnight.
Midnight: North & South Yahoo Discussion: This is where the group actively discusses game events, recaps as well as the planning of game gatherings and general group chit chat.
Midnight Basics: a very short info brief about the difference of Midnight and D&D.
Midnight: Shadowkillers serial campaign is broken into story arcs. What are Story Arcs?

Armies of Elves, Dwarves and Men attempted to defeat Izrador the Enemy, the Shadow in the North, in the most important and final of battles in the Third Age. They met and fought valiantly against armies of Orc, Demon, Dragon and other Shadow Minion on the southern shore of the Pellurian Sea.

But… They lost.
It is the the Last Age of man…

Hope takes hold for one last effort.
The dream... salvation of mankind, elfkind, the men of stone and those that wish to live free... The Queen of Elves, the King of Dwarves, Patriarch of Dragonkind, Kith & kin of halfling and gnome, the Sons of Man - they call to you.

What will you do?
For destiny to survive you must reforge, what would not be...

“Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul!”
The words of hope strung together in the black tongue meaning “Out of darkness bind them!”

These bainful words shall be spoken as a rally cry, a call, a voice in the darkness - asking for help...

Asking for hope...

Midnight: Southern XP Rewards
Midnight: Southies SWAG & BOOTY
Lawful Neutral Neutral Good Undetectable Neutral
Orc Wood Elf Caransil Undead
Queen's Eye
Fell Warden
Seer Naturefriend Speaker Foundling
Character Sheet Files
As the group watched Zal return they learn the Bloodguard of Steel Hill road on the Keep... with quick thinking Kyuad disquises himself as the former "Bloodtaker" Lord of the Keep, inviting Steel Hill's guard in for the night. The pathwalkers discuss plans to lure Anaximath to the Keep, tackling two birds with one dream vision... Meanwhile Kyuad learns of the High Captain's politics and Plague Quest. Midnight passed to the next day the newly reincarnated elf contacts the Witch Queen for advice and then in dream to the dragon Anaximath... the group has 9 hours and counting before the beast is on Crystal Keep!!
timeline of the pathwalker story

Wikipedia's article on Midnight

All the people of Eredane know that freedom is a dying word. The Shadow in the North is a seemingly unstoppable force. The weak and the mad give in to his dark temptations, while the strong and the wise can only fight, and die. Some say that there is no hope against the dark lord and his Night Kings.
But the land of Eredane is vast and older than men or elves; throughout the ages, many things have been lost amidst is open plains, its hidden crags, its dark forests, and its cold lakes. Some of those things have been uncovered by accident or design, by the minions of the Shadow or by the forces of light who resist his insane and cruel plans ... these are the secrets of shadow. Daily Life Under the Shadow

Through the ages destiny has searched for those with the will and want to make a difference in the Last Age of Man the Light is cast to two groups thousands of miles seperated by land but standing side by side against the Shadow in the North. One group of Pathwalkers begins their journey in the space between Alvedara and Cambrial, while the other find their journey beginning just below Cale some distance from Steel Hill and the Veradeen.

ITEMS Given to NPCs by players[edit]

This is a page to note any/all items made or given to NPCs. This is just to help track who has "special" charms and things or where things go if removed from a PC.


  • Shadow-Wall: Sir Walden Mikhail, knight of the Sarcosan realm. Believed to have long life, he fought beside the Witch Queen at the last battle 99 years ago. His eyes were ripped from him by the hand of Jahzir himself. He is of the Seer path. His home in the Sothern Erenland is also called Shadow-Wall.
  • Ivelose: the jungle elf said to be an Eye of Aradil. When encountered outside the Dead Marsh he was on his way to Alvedara on mission from the Witch Queen herself. His revelations were both odd and perceptive and will cause some to consider their direction, actions and whereabouts...
  • Mi'shun: Mi'shun the female Jungle Elf (Danisil) Wildlander Captain of the Arrow unit assigned to Pathwalkers. She is the sister of Valendil's wife.
  • Kess: Kess is the female Jungle Elf (Danisil) that is wife to Valendil. She is Mi'shun's sister.
  • Breoul: (M) Caransil druid, 2nd at the Academy.
  • Suruliam: (F) Danisil leader of the Hamlet, Lady Counsilor to the Queen.
  • Craigth Galeck: (M) Seer.
  • Ebul: (F) Miransil on the Gamarillian Front.
  • Ossion: (M) Danisil Wildlander.
  • Sovaliss: (F) Danisil Spymaster to the Queen, Master of the Eyes.
  • Varzon (the wyrmling): Found beaten and alone in a cage beneath Shadowwall. Apparently coming from Alvedara, it's journey continues as the heroes take it toward destiny with the elves. He is a powerful bread, a dragon born in a time when no dragons have been born in millenia. His scales are still soft, but his breath weapon of acid can eat through metal and his elven songs have uplifting spirits.

First-Hold Overview[edit]


  • Dahmir of Weton-Bleh (male human, Sarcosan, Aristocrat, of Sharuun):
  • Zimania Shihkan (female human, Sarcosan, Aristocrat, of Zorgetch)
  • Togumx-Gub (male, hobgoblin, Rogue, of Zorgetch):
  • Garains Farthel (male human, Erenlander, Aristocrat, of Al Kadil):
  • Kanas Kakishi (female human, Sarcosan, Aristocrat, of Erenhead):
  • Abbidga Kirena-Tena (female human, Sarcosan, Aristocrat, Festrun):
  • Spah of the Earthcloaks (male, gnome, Rogue, of Shadowdown along the Eren River):
  • A warning given by the Dornish spirit in the form of the wolf Anauil...
"Cease you ways and join Izador or for every town saved we will burn 10 to the ground, for every soul they save 10 will be hanged, the people of the land will curse your names and if anyone joins you not only will their life be forfit but the lives of anyone they ever knew.
...in strait places gar keep all store, And burned ye plainland them before, That they shall pass away in haist What that they find na thing but waist. ...This is the counsel and intent Of the gud King's testiment and command."

the reptilians of the Dead Swamps[edit]

Led by a stark white alligator, these Dire creatures' full intentions are as yet unknown. Striking a pact with our heroes they seem to seek only a bit of pleasure from the world that hates them.

  • the silent one:
    • the broken tooth: (aka. Snaggle)
    • the ripped eye:
    • the snapper:
    • the pleasure seeker: "yes... FAT...Horses"
    • the eager youth:
  • the orange elder:
    • the many others:
  • father cobra:
    • the son cobra:
    • the daughter/sister cobra: Turned out to be not a 'real' snake/person but rather referring to the "Sister of Mercy" flail weapon sought by the cobras!
    • "Snakerates":inquisitive green one
    • the rattler:


ORC TRIBES: Dead Mother,

  • Neega: thought to be an asterix that inhabitted a large crow when last he watched the party.
  • Legate Pessiogn: a legate that came up from the Aruun Jungles.
    • the Exocutioner: DECEASED a massive Dorn in the service of the Legate Pessiogn.
    • Skuld: the Oruk in service of the Legate Pessiogn.
      • The Chimera: This beast escaped into the forest near Festrun. Younger and smaller than imagined in myth, it was said that Pessiogn captured this legend. But is it the singular creature of myth we know? (read more at Kyuad's Lorebook)
      • The Aranesil, or Spider-Elf: This beast died at Shadowwall. Begging for it's death while encaged. Know one knew what it was a strange amalgamation... Kyuad and Eranon disected it. (read more at Kyuad's Lorebook)
      • The Megartkorvid, or Running Roc: These three beasts escaped into the forest near Festrun. The strange twisting of crow mixed with bear, so the feathers and fur revealed. Pessiogn claimed creation, Kyuad does not believe he has the power or ability... yet... (read more at Kyuad's Lorebook)
  • the Bog Hag: a malevolent twisted elf that prowled the outlying Dead Marsh. She met her match after commanding her Bog Orc and Spinter Steeds to take down the heroes, all in effort to appease local political manueverings with the Dire Alligators. Durgaz crushed her head into the swamp floor then posted he broken skull on a spire to spoil the return of her spirit for the fell.
    • the Splinter Steed: the sadly insane and twisted unicorn of old, now nothing but shadow-hate tainted by the world of evil. This beast served the hag, perhaps as a pet - all the way to death.
    • the Bog Orcs: emaciated and swamp ridden, these or hailed from the Feral Mother Tribe at one time, but now seemed to serve the swamp and the hag that lived with it.
  •  ??? :  ??

At Night Kings' Command[edit]

  • King Jazir Kammil, the SWORD of Shadow. Jazir is the most known of all Night Kings, the absolute ruler of Erenland. His frequent court is in the city of  ???. Early in the winter of  ??? he began a pilgrimage to Erenhead where it's said he would name the generals that would continue leading his armies. The most feared turn of events would be to know who would take over the Kaladrune campaign.
    Jahzir has entrusted the war against the Caransil to the most competent of his generals, Grial the Fey Killer.
    Three orc tribes vie for leadership of the armies:
    • the Bloody Sword:
    • Scaled Mother:
    • Dark Mother:
    • General Grail, the Feykiller: Grial is likely the key Orc in all of Eredane. He is lead General to the Night King Jazir's armies. He has personally lead many battlewaves, and now pushes the front of the war on Erethor with the Burning Line in the South and has issued a decree to form a second Burning Line in the North. Grial has divided the Shadow’s army into four separate commands in an attempt to stretch and weaken the elven defenses.
      • Commander Belark the Blackheart: (Oruk) Along the Gamaril River, the Blackheart commands 40,000 orcs that have tried to secure the river basin and cut off the Caransil villages north of the river.
      • Commander Frag Longtusk: (Orc) In the Green March, Commander Longtusk with his army of 45,000 orcs fights a more mobile war against a scattering of human and elven villages, attempting to bypass the elven defenses.
      • Commander Kiah the Flame Axe: (Oruk) Just south of the March, in the scorching heat and choking smoke along the Burning Line, the Flame Axe (Oruk) leads the largest of the armies, over 90,000 orcs and goblin-kin, against the heart of the elven defenses. *** Commander Jorg Kinslayer: (Orc) In the Darkening Wood, the Kinslayer besieges the elven stronghold of [Three Oaks] and deals with a forest gone insane, although it is rumored among the orc troupe that Kulos has been given command of Cambrial's great host (in definance of Jorg's efforts) to finally break the stalemate in the Darkening Wood.
        • Talûn-karkû, the white worm (Orc Commander) a fearsome Orc with a distinctive mane of white hair.
          • Dafrum-Dâgalûr: the battle group led by the White Worm. Durgaz’s old regiment, consisting of somewhere between 400 and 500 Orcs at any given time. Consists of members from approximately a dozen families, all of whom are constantly jockeying for position within the regiment (whose leaders are, of course, doing the same within the army of which the regiment is part.) Durgaz’s treachery is not tremendously well-known within the regiment, as open discussion of the incident tends to rouse Talûn-karkû’s anger. Among those that do know, not much is known beyond the fact that Durgaz went mad, killed two fellow soldiers and fled. It is assumed that he is dead.
            • Radagug, the dog: (Orc, Wildlander) Durgaz’s older brother, by about twenty minutes. Although most orcs have numerous half-siblings, only those born at the same time can be sure they they have both parents in common. Competition was fierce between the brothers, due primarily to Durgaz's superior strength and skill with arms, and matters did not improve when Durgaz was made an officer with the Dafrum-Dâgalûr, leaving Radagug in a demeaning position as the head of a company of goblins. Radagug is known derisively as "the dog" by his fellows due to the goblin association. Radagug is slightly smaller than normal orcs, he was a runt amoung his siblings and rather than fight with them for survival he sought to route with the dogs and goblins for survival in adolescence. He now harbors all that hate and focuses it in a pin-point needle directed at his traitor brother, whom he has vowed to behead. Radagug is of the Dark Mother Tribe (Tribal Lands: Bastion region, Warlord: Agnum, Head Mother: Raarn). The battle group they were attached to is the "Dafrum-Dâgalûr" led by Talûn-karkû, the white worm. They fall under the dominion of: "Jorg Kinslayer" an orc commander under "Grial the Fey Killer" who is Jahzir's lead general.
              • the Goblin Dogs: Goblin, Wildlanders & Fighters. This band of Goblins is the misbegotten horde assembled and lorded over by Radagug. More like the Orc's entrourage than a squad, they cheer and jeer on their Commander with sinister glee. These goblins are part of a larger colony bread for landspeed and blitz attacking. Yet under Radagug's care they've slipped in their tactics and enjoy torturing victims they find along their scout trip travels.
              • FORC: Goblin, Sniffer/Rogue. Forc is the the unapologeticly devious keymaster of the manacles weilded by the Goblin Dogs, which he displays proudly on a bandolier denoting that he's a "Captain". He rides a Dire Rat named Grockel. He was given his name for two reasons. The obvious actually can post nickname - when he began using a modified fork and dinner knife as his means of backstabbing and tormenting victims. The less known but even more appt reason is he tends to mimic the Orcs to get an air of power which comes off slightly rediculous at times and resulted in the nickname shortened from "False-Orc" down to simply "Forc". Though some speculate that the "F" more likely stands for a more obscene word...
                • Forc's Brigade: Sadly after Forc's run-in with the heroes of Shadowwall his escape would grant him a special duty... He was put in charge of a band of Sniffers that would follow the bands of orc and mercenary army up and down the Shadow's Highway, cleaning the road clear of dung and manure...
            • the Traitors of Festrun: there are a small contingent of known villagers in the Hamlet of Festrun that apparently pay to watch the orc Radagug behead prisoners. It is not known how or why they have this strange contract...

  • Sunulael, the Priest of Shadow: Though little is known of the Priest, all know it is he that has the potential of being the dominant of the Night Kings. His mechinations worm as tenticles through all Shadow units. He is supreme priest of the Order of Shadow and rules the Legates through fear and promise. His court waivers between the city of Cambrial to the South and within the halls of Theros Obsidia in Highwall (??). Early in the Winter of ?? he has begun feuling Jahzir's armies with an undead host emenating from Cambrial.
    • General Kuros, the Exonerated: (Sarcosan) An outspoken supporter of Sunulael and enemy of his critics, his command of the armies of Cambrial came with orders to raze the forests of Erethor. The Priest of Shadow entrusted this Priest of Shadow mission to Kuros not because he felt the man was a great leader, but instead because of his fanaticism. In his years of service, Kuros has personally led many forays against those who oppose the Priest’s rule in the south, even orcs and other legates. However, in so doing Kuros has made many enemies in Theros Obsidia; to maintain the careful balance of politics, Sunulael believed it was best to remove him from the center of intrigue lest he lose him to a Cabal knife.
      The masters leading the Priest of Shadow's directive have sent three generals to command the forces that are to prove Jahzir and his generals are inferior by taking the Erethor... By the time of the great arc of Obares, the fey resistance in the Darkening Wood will either be crushed or Kulos will be sacrificed to his god.
      • "the Hanged Man": (human?, General)
      • "the Hunter": (a North man, General)
      • General Jaran, the Reaver (Caransil?).
    • Vrolk the Vile: a known legate in direct service to the Night King Sunulael. He is said to hold sway over the "Cadaverous Eye", some relic of the power of death. His lair lies within the Obsidian Spire amoung the Dead Marsh, where he devides his time between his master's labs at Cambrial.
      • the Undead Wyvern: a strange concoction and pet to Vrolk. Made with the "spying eye" in it's gut to fly the area in search of his masters command. The beast crashed to the ground in a crater of it's own carcass. The spying eye crushed following it's hold on both Kyuad and Durgaz.
      • the lost at Satan Rock: strange spirits trapped forever at this ancient prayer rock, perhaps one of the oldest to the dark god in the north. These souls linger still protecting those that worship and poaching those that blasphemy with their lingering chill... Thorton's encoutner at the rock led to his death shortly after.
      • Krell Azam'han (male human, Sarcosan, soldier legate, merc leader) had recently conscripted dozens of the "Dafrum-Dâgalûr" and other army groups seemingly with the permission of Jahzir, although the orcs didn't appreciate the "transfer"... Not a typical soldier legate, his frail physique would indicate he was never fought a battle in his life. Stringy black hair, greasy from weeks without washing, hangs like rotting cords on a gibbet’s arm. Bulbous eyes protrude from beneath his thick drow and crooked yellow teeth add ugliness to his vicious grin. A scrupulously groomed goatee is Krell’s only concession to personal hygience and recently the soldier legate has developed a hacking cough that, more often than not, leaves a bloodly residue upon his lips. He blames the swamps with bitter angst.
        • Zad-el-Rakib: ("Gift to the Rider") the Grey Speckled Arabian horse, believed to be an Asterix assigned to Krell. Hailing from a breed of horse with a reputation for intelligence, high spirit, and outstanding stamina. With a distinctively chiseled head and high tail carriage, it is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world. One of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Prized by the nomadic Sarcosan people, often being brought inside the family tent for shelter and protection. This close relationship with humans created a horse breed with a good disposition, quick to learn, and willing to please. But it also developed the high spirit and alertness needed in a horse used for raiding and war. This combination of willingness and sensitivity requires the horse's owners to handle their horses with competence and respect. Reference Material
        • Krell's Merc Units: Typically his units consist of a dozen or so leather clad mercs armed with short recurved bows and cedeku all on proud war horses of their family stables.

Traitor Princes & Legates of Note[edit]

  • Governor/Prince Ahvazi Abbas: (male, Sarcoson) The most influential of these collaborators is Governor Abbas, cousin to Jahzir and Prince of Alvedara. As governor of Jahzir’s seat of power, his ambition is tempered by his fear of the king. His kinship with the Night King gives him more leeway than others, but does nothing to reduce his terror.
  • Legate Shantelus Ereach: (male, Sarcosan) The Greater Legate of Cambrial is Shantelus Ereach. The control of the grand mirrors in Cambrial and Sharuun by greater legates outside the Keepers of Obsidian is a source of concern for the Five, particularly as these high priests are of the Devout.




Eredane's Political Map of Districts
the Druid's Swamp



Through the AGES[edit]

The Calendar Year[edit]

Sarcosan Sahi Calendar[edit]

Each day on Aryth is about 26 hours long and each year is approximately 337 days.
Adjusting for the vagaries of Sarcosan religious portent, each Great Arc is therefore about 34 days long. Each arc is further divided into lesser helias that vary in length between two and 17 days. Because of their inconsistency, and because only Sarcosan priests seem able to keep track of them all, the lesser helias are seldom used to mark time. There is one day during each helia, however, that is often used to measure time and it is called the helial zenith. The zenith is the midpoint of each arc and marks the day on which the ascending arc transitions to the descending one.
For ease of comparison to known constants, note that because of the longer day length in Aryth, a character who has lived a given number of the shorter Aryth years is still just as old in actual time as a character that has lived the same number of years in the real world.

Great Arcs of the Sorshef[edit]

Each arc is named after the god-rider that is believed to hold the most power within that region of the stellar Sorshef. There are sections of the Book of the Sahi that tell of times in the ancient past when the god-kalifs of given arcs changed and were therefore given new names, but this has not happened since before the Sarcosans came to Eredane.

  • Months of the Year: better known as "ARCS" to folk of Aryth.
    • SHAREEL (1)
      "the Arc of the Sisters", the first thaws in the central plains usually come by the end of Shareel and the wild boro begin their migration north.
    • DOSHRAM (2)
      "Planting", This arc is when young horses are broken. Sarcosan weddings are also thought most favored during Doshram.
    • SAHAAD (3)
      "Spring's End", this arc is the favored time for birthing foals. Traditionally this is also the time when nomadic Sarcosans left their winter camps. If born on the zenith of Sahaad, a Sarcosan child is thought to be destined for greatness.
    • SENNEACH (4)
      "the Arc of Battle", this is the traditional time of hunts, conquest, and trade caravans.
    • HALAIL (5)
      "High Summer", in Eredane and the hottest time of the year across most of the continent. Children of age often attempt their soba, or “breaking ceremony,” during Halail.
    • ZIMRA (6)
      "Harvest", this arc is dry and windy across most of the lands. It is considered bad luck to be born in Zimra and in times not so ancient, children born on the zenith of Zimra were often drowned.
    • OBARES (7)
      "the Arc of AUTUMN", and time for the last preparations before winter comes. Nomadic tribes returned to winter camps and settled in for the long winter by the zenith of Obares, also known as "the Day of Rests".
    • HANUD (8)
      "the Arc of the Dead", this a traditional time to honor the memory of lost relatives and the only time of the year when it is wise to ask favors of the Sorshef. The Dorns, long influenced by the Sarcosan calendar, hold their most solemn ancestor ceremony on the zenith of Hanud. They call the ceremony "the Calling of Honors".
    • HISHA (9)
      "the Arc of WINTER", this time marks the heart of the winter season. The zenith of Hisha coincides with the winter solstice and is called "the Day of the Sun".
    • SUTARA (10)
      "Long Winter", this is still a time of bleak cold before the spring. Since the end of the Third Age, the long winters often seem to cling to the lands, a dread portent many attribute to the foul ways of Izrador.

Twilight Hours[edit]


Prophecy & Scripture[edit]

  • the Scrolls of Aradil: These scrolls of prophecy penned for over a millenia since the last battles. Recently completed and put in the hands of her most trusted Eyes of Aradil they hope to one day united the Kingdom of Elves, the Dwarven Clans and the survivors of the Dragon Council of the First Age of Aryth.
  • Shadow Wall's Call: A halfling poem of hope...
    Come ride with me,
    Through the veins of fate,
    I will show how you,
    Can find a new path.

    And how lots can change,
    When fools can be kings,
    When slaves can be free,
    When shadow can be light.

    It's not enough just to survive,
    The time has come to meet at Shadow-Wall,
    Come mighty fey and valiant kin,
    You and I must fight for the light.
  • [Verlathis' Note to Steelguard]

Known Covenant Items[edit]

Charm's found or rumored of[edit]

  • the Sussar's Coin - a minor Charm of Direction: This true charm is a coin of a first age Sarcosan Sussar ensorcelled to allow the user to always sense north when flipped on the ground.

Special Materials[edit]




  • "sack-dagger": an Erenlander saying. It's a unique term that's synonymous with "ace up our sleeve" or "trump card". If you have a sack-dagger, you have something that will give you an advantage that other people don't know about. The phrase comes from the idea of holding a dagger in a sack is a pretty good way to ensure that you're going to keep the upper hand.
  • Midnight Symbols & Banners: herein are various possible symbology in the world of Aryth, from legate holy symbols to orc scars and more.


  • DOCTOR: ...he left us in the night, afraid to take the journey...
  • THORTON: ...we didn't love him enough...
  • SHADAAR: ...in death we loved him...


a list of naming reference for the different cultures of Ayrth in Midnight. You can get the idea of how to think about the NPC cultures and such, especially the humans

    • Dorns: Celtic and Norse.
    • Sarcosans: Persian and Arabic.
    • Erenlander: Spanish, English and French.
    • Dwarven: Hebrew and the catalogue on the Poetic Edda.
    • Gnomes: Slav and Italian.
    • Wood Elves: Tolkien Elvish and Celtic.
    • Sea elves: Tolkien Elvish and Celtic.
    • Jungle Elves: Central African, Hindi and Sanskrit.
    • Snow Elves: Russian.
    • Orcs: Germanic.
    • Halflings: Irish, Native American and Gypsy.



To be awarded with the successful Battle for First-Hold (chapter 36).

Heart of Freedom - (Eranon)
To reforge that which would not be…
Benefits: Resistance groups of any peoples or ideology work together better in your presence to fulfill the Eredanian dream.
First of the Free - (Durgaz)
You are legend.
Benefits: Your example shows your people that there is a better way than to follow the Shadow. Where before you were a lone voice in the darkness, now your voice carries the light of hope.
Rest in Peace - (Kyuad)
How does one find the Lost?
Benefits: In a radius equal to a half mile per level, undead are freed from their cravings and dependencies.
Prince Among Princes - (Zal'Kazzir)
The proof of power is the essence of status.
Benefits: Amongst chaotic outsiders, you are seen as a peer of even the princes.

HOUSE: Crit Deck[edit]

Usage House Rules: Rolled a critical hit? Draw a card and apply the result! Each of the Critical Hit cards in this 52-card deck has four different results based on weapon type. Chop off a head, slice through a tendon, poke out an eye—crushing your enemy has never been this much fun.

A character more than 5 levels lower than their opponent may not draw from the Crit Deck.

HOUSE: Bribery & Gambling[edit]

HOUSE: Slavery[edit]

HOUSE: Crime Attitudes[edit]

HOUSE: XP penalty for multiclassing[edit]

(from d20 Conan by Mongoose)

No XP penalty for multiclassing. Instead, characters with levels in a preferred class gain a bonus feat at 1st, 5th, and 10th class level.

HOUSE: Bonus skill ranks from high intelligence[edit]

(from d20 Conan by Mongoose)

Bonus skill ranks from high intelligence can be used to buy a full rank in non-class skills, not a half-rank.

HOUSE: channeling spellcasters extra spell learning[edit]

Beyond the spells granted by Channeler levels and feats, channeling spellcasters can learn a number of spells equal to their casting ability modifier each character level. For the purposes of counting the total number of spells learned by a character, 0-level spells count as half a spell.


(from Book of Exalted Deeds)

(extended and Midnight appropriate from the rules in Book of Exalted Deeds p.32)
Each creature has a unique true name among the Words of Creation. No mortal is familiar with the countless true names of every creature in the world, no matter how extensively she has studied the Words. Nevertheless, a character familiar with the Words can research a specific creture's true name if she has access to "legend lore" and either "contact other plane" or "commune".
Those seeking to contact other planes from Aryth find themselves having their mind travels into the spirit realm of Aryth rather than to another plane, where you interact with Eternal spirits rather than with extraplanar beings or deities. The caster chooses how “deep” into the spirit realm he wishes to travel, represented by the Planes Contacted column of the table included in the contact other plane spell description. The likelihood of receiving accurate answers and the probability/duration of Int and Cha decrease are as per the table; however, rather than suffering an Int and Cha decrease, a channeler that uses this spell and fails the Intelligence check suffers the listed decrease in Int, Wis, and Cha.
Researching a true name is similar to researching a Channeller's Lorebook. It requires one week per 2HD of the creature and an expenditure of 1,000 vp per week. The character must cast (or have cast on her behalf) "legend lore" once each week, but the material component cost is included in the research cost. At the end of the research time, the researcher must cast "commune" (Divination, Clr 5) or "contact other plane" (Divination, Chnlr 5), paying the XP cost for "commune" if applicable. Following this research make a lorebook check (by finding an appropriate resource) with a bonus equal to your "Knowledge" check, using the specialty appropriate to the target creature's type (arcana for a construct or dragon, spirits for outsiders, and so on...). If successful, he gains useful bit of knowledge and insight regarding the true name. The channeler may not take 10 or take 20 on this check, since the information may simply not be available in the book, person or other resource. Retries are not possible. The DC for this check is 15 + the creature's Hit Die. If the check succeeds, the character has discovered the creature's true name. If it fails, the character must go through the research process again if she wants to keep trying.

HOUSE: Use of a True Name[edit]

(from Book of Exalted Deeds)

Once a character has discovered a creature true name, she can exercise her power over that creature in a number of different ways.
  • Impose a -4 penalty on the creature's saving throws to resist a specific compulsion spell or effect.
  • Reduce the creatures spell resistance by 4 or reduce the amount of its damage reduction by 5. This reduction lasts for 1 minute.
  • Gain a +6 bonus on opposed Charisma check to compel service from the creature after summoning it with a planar binding spell.
  • Gain a +6 bonus to your Armor Class vs. the creature.
Each of these actions requires a full-round action, which includes speaking the creature's true name and a binding incantation in the Words of Creation. Uttering the incantation deals 5d4 points of nonlethal damage to the speaker. the character and the creature do not have to be in the same area.
NOTE: Some creatures are more restrained by channellers and legates having their True Name. For Example: Courtesan Imps are known to be able to be bound to Channellers that find and bond them with the Imp's True Name.

ERRATA: Polymorph[edit]

(from WotC Wesite Errata, Dungeon Master's Guide, page 297)

  • Delete the paragraph beginning "Creatures that polymorph themselves with an ability . . ."
  • Replace the last three paragraphs with the following text:
"Unless stated otherwise, creatures can polymorph into forms of the same type or into an aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze, plant, or vermin form. Most spells and abilities that grant the ability to polymorph place a cap on the Hit Dice of the form taken."
  • Polymorphed creatures gain the Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution of their new forms, as well as size, extraordinary special attacks, movement capabilities (to a maximum of 120 feet for flying and 60 for nonflying movement), natural armor bonus, natural weapons, racial skill bonuses, and other gross physical qualities such as appearance and number of limbs.
  • THEY RETAIN THEIR ORIGINAL class and level, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, HIT POINTS, BASE ATTACK BONUS, BASE SAVE BONUSES, and alignment.
  • Creatures who polymorph keep their worn or held equipment if the new form is capable of wearing or holding it. Otherwise, it melds with the new form and ceases to function for the duration of the polymorph.

POLYMORPH - levels: while both inherent to the single spell, polymorph has two levels of transformation.
  • POLYMORPH, Minor: This allows the caster to transform into the new form as per the Polymorph rules but cannot advance the Hit Die or Levels of the creature, with no additional material component.
  • POLYMORPH, Greater: To advance the polymorph form beyond it's natural form by Hit Die or Levels, the caster must have a piece of the polymorph form to use as material component.
Relevent Knowledge check: If a character wants to Polymorph into something he has seen he'll need to roll a relevent Knowledge check. DC10 + HD.
For Example: If the channeler wants to change into a Tiger (he saw Ahemia's), he'll need to roll a Knowledge (Animal) DC 16. And if she want to turn into a Wyverin it'd be a Knowledge (Dragons) DC 17.
  • A base success allows polymorphing into the creature's form, while each additional piece of "useful information" equates to a special attack or extraordinary ability, within the confines of the spell text.
  • Failing the Knowledge (x) roll does not necesarily mean that you do not Polymorph into the wanted creature... the caster that fails the roll might find that his chosen body is deformed and hindered in many ways (depends how much you fail the save by) and also (kust for the fun of it) it might be harder for the caster to return to his normal form.
  • Separating the knowledges, so instead of nature there will be:
  • Aberration Type
  • Animal Type
  • Construct Type
  • Dragon Type
  • Elemental Type
  • Fey Type
  • Giant Type
  • Humanoid Type
  • Magical Beast Type
  • Monstrous Humanoid Type
  • Ooze Type
  • Outsider Type
  • Plant Type
  • Undead Type
  • Vermin Type
  • Swarm Subtype
  • No problems to Polymorph into a common humanoid race... unless you have not seen such race yet.
Hit Point Loss: Upon changing, the subject regains lost hit points as if it had rested for a night (though this healing does not restore temporary ability damage and provide other benefits of resting; and changing back does not heal the subject further). If slain, the subject reverts to its original form, though it remains dead.
Speaking While Polymorphed: Forms that do not naturally speak, would require the Natural Spell feat in order to cast any spells at all while Polymorphed, or in order to activate any heroic path abilities requiring speech. While you can cast Tongues just prior to Polymorph, this only allows you to understand, not speak (For Example: Wyverns just can't make those syables).

HOUSE: Feat[edit]

(from Book of Unearthed Arcana)

False Pretenses [Spelltouched]
Those who try to charm you get an unpleasant surprise.
Prerequisite: Exposure to charm or dominate spell.
Benefit: When you succeed on a save against a charm or compulsion effect, the character trying to charm or compel you believes that you failed your save. You can play along voluntarily if you wish to. if the charm or compulsion involves telepathic commands, you continue to receive them, although you aren't obligated to follow them.

HOUSE: Feat[edit]

(from Heroes of Battle)

Extra Followers [Leader]
Your charismatic magnetism attracts even more followers to your banner.
Prerequisite: Cha 13, Leadership.
Benefit: You can lead twice as many followers as indicated for your leadership score (see DMG, p.106).





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