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  "Mother of orsolla"
  "Mother of orsolla"
Moiren was once Queen of Rebma.
Moiren was Queen of Rebma at the time she bore Llewella to Oberon.  There is a lot of politics in Rebma, as befits the head of its own underwater empire.  There is a faction in Rebma that has long pushed for a union of the royal lines of Amber and Rebma. Some pushed for a marriage between Oberon and Llewella.  Now they push for a union of Random with Lewella. .
===Relasa Adkefey===
===Relasa Adkefey===

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The Queens of Amber are those women who were married to Oberon and may or may not have bore him children Family Tree of Amber

Queens of Amber

Cymnea-First Queen of Amber.

Mother of Osric, Finndo, Benedict, and Borlak.



Cymnea 'Dowager Queen of Amber. Duchess of Al a Marat of Thelusia. Abbess of the Unicorn.

Cymnea has a complex and convoluted history as the first queen of Amber. After ruling for a thousand years as queen and delivering four sons, it was discovered that she was also a daughter of Oberon and therefore sister to her own children. The child Borlak was the cause of Oberon's researches into certain magical issues concerning his behaviors. Upon discovering the causes and the relationship to Cymnea, Oberon dissolved the marriage abruptly and enacted the Consanguinity Laws relating to marriages between relatives of house Bariman. Bitter and hurt, she retired to massive estates in Thulusia at Al a Marat. She has rarely left, though is often visited.

A mighty sorceress in her own right and a forceful personality.



mother of Eric, Corwin, & Dierdre.  Queen with Oberon


  • Said to be an extraordinary beauty, people who knew her say no portrait does her justice. She was also kind, forceful, and many say something of a quiet force of nature. It has never been determined what shadow she came from and the only comment made was that she was the culmination of a fine royal line in a realm that dissolved into shadow.
  • He marriage and Coronation mark the beginning of the Sovereign Realm of Amber. This separates it from any ties to Thelusia and hence to Cymnea.
  • Died in Childbirth with Dierdre.
  • Her marriage to Oberon was done quietly and despite Oberon having been single for almost 200 years there are many who bear a grudge against Faiella.



Mother of Julian, Caine, and Gerard. Queen with Oberon

Status-Alive. In residence at Queen Harla's tower in the Far Isle

A strong and dynamic woman and a great queen who aged badly. Never the less she and Oberon had a mostly political marriage that he dissolved when he met Clarissa. Divorced and bitter, she left Amber and retired to shadow. Her whereabouts are not public knowledge. Her treatment is a source of long bitterness between her sons and Oberon, as well as with Random.

Harla or Lora.

 Mother of Delwin and Sand.  Queen with Oberon

Queen Harla.jpg


A small, frail woman from deep in shadow, her religious faith was out of place among the ladies of the court who treated her badly despite her rank. She retired to a fast time shadow and passed away. Her children Sand and Delwin grew bitter over her treatment and left Amber, rarely to return till Random became King.


Mother of Bleys, Fiona, and Brand.  Queen with Oberon


Status-Living in Regor. Currently Czarina of Regor

Fiery and bright, dangerously wicked and wickedly funny. Part of the ruling line of the Empire of Regor, she and Oberon had a tumultuous relationship. Divorced and bitter, she disappeared after Brand walked the pattern the first time and has never returned to Amber.

She is known to have a Broken Pattern Imprint as well as being a Mal at Riess sorceress but she learned these skills while queen. She was recently discovered to be the wife of the Czar of Regor and the mother of numerous children by him. Fiona and Bleys refuse to speak of her.

She was involved the the Siege of Bunny Free


Mother of Giovanni, Random, and Mirelle. Queen with Oberon.

Status-Deceased A friendly, open and vivacious woman who was considered high strung at first by the court ladies, yet in her short time as queen she developed many deeply devoted friends. Born in Bursain, she spent a great many years, and bore three children to Oberon in Florence, Italy.

She was a paramour of Oberon's throughout his marriage with Clarissa. After the explosive end of Oberon and Clarissa's marriage she was brought to Amber along with her young son Random. Her daughter Mirelle was briefly in Amber and reacted badly to proximity to the pattern and placed in safe keeping.

Her oldest son, Giovanni, had left to travel shadow before Oberon brought Paulette to Amber.

However she was deeply flawed and considered by many unbalanced and perhaps insane. She committed suicide in a spectacular fashion rarely spoken of except in hushed manners.


 Mother of Flora. Queen with Oberon


Little is known of her and her shadow of origin. Oberon brought her to Amber pregnant and near term. They were married immediately and she riegned for 3 months before giving birth to Flora and dying. She was tall and blond, and many say that Flora favors her. Flora was raised mostly by Dame Margot.


 Queen With Random. No Children. Current Queen of Amber

Vialle.jpg Status-Living

A noble of the house Moir Alaes, a cousin of Duchess Kiessa Val, ruler of Moins. Blind from birth, though an expert in mirror magic, she was a charming member of Queen Moire court. Unfortunately her blindness made her an extremely unlikely marriage prospect. Court Herald to Duchess Kiessa Val, and as a Representative to the Amber College of Herald representing Rebma. Well liked and soft spoken. She was a favorite confidant in the Court of Moire of Rebma.

When Corwin and Deirdre and Random came to Rebma in the early portions of the Black Road War, Random was under a death sentence for his involvement with Moire's daughter Morganthe, who committed suicide in her grief. Moire demanded that Random marry Vialle for one year in reparation. The connection to the Amber family after the marriage ended would greatly improve Vialle's marriageability and standing in the court of Rebma. He accepted and they were married in Rebma in a Unicorn rite. Random then remained in Rebma during the Reign of King Eric until his imprisonment after a failed assassination attempt.

To everyone's surprise, Random's the most of all, the pair fell deeply in love. When Random was imprisoned by Eric for attempted assassination she joined him in prison. They spent 4 months together in an 8x12 cell. This situation enraged Rebma royals & nobles officially and made the most common of Rebman very angry. After a short time Eric released the pair and converted his sentence to something akin to house arrest i order to smooth the scales of the Rebmans at a time when Amber could not afford a rebellious neighbor.

Random's sudden elevation to the throne brought this insightful and charming woman to the throne of the great realm. Rebma has become a devoted follower of this blind queen. While Rebma has always been Amber's closest ally, nearest neighbor, and a stalwart in the Golden Circle, a Rebman Queen has brought the realm of Rebma to the doorstep of allowing itself to be annexed by the Kingdom of Amber, which many nobles of both realms believe is inevitable.

Queen Vialle's Conference with the College of Heralds

Recently Queen Vialle attended the Conference of the College of Herald assuming the Role of Sovereign Queen of Arms, long neglected by Amber's Kings and Queens. It has overturned all the factions of the Herald's Office. Queen Vialle's Conference with the College of Heralds


Mother of Derek and Arloxedra. Queen with Eric. 


Considered Queen of Amber in all but the most official records. There is no record of their marriage having been formalized in Amber though they both claim to have done so privately. There are records of a legal marriage between them on the Shadow realm of Andal. She was never formally crowned and while she sat in the queens throne during Eric's reign and served as queen, was spoken of and introduced as Queen, and styled herself in writing as queen, many consider her a mere consort.

There are many who called her "Eric's Concubine" behind Eric and her back. There is considerable bitterness in Amber towards her.

The problem is that the extreme difference in ages between Arloxedra and Derek show that Astrid had been a part of Eric's private life for thousands of years. Eric had never brought her to Amber before and her existence was a secret until after Eric became King. Only Corwin, Borlak, Benedict and Fiona knew of her before then. Presumably Oberon did as well. When magical methods are used Queen Astrid detects as married to Eric. The Church of the Unicorn is adamant that their marriage was not legitimate and refused to ofiaciate if she was officially crowned. The rumor was that Eric crowned her privately.

After Eric's death she left and retired to Eric's estates in Thalusia, where her son Derek dotes on her. The bitterness between Arloxedra and Derek has some unknown causes most likely but his refusal to visit Astrid is a large vocal part both men admit.

  • As of 5273 Queen Vialle confirmed Queen Astrid's Royal Letters Patent by announcing that Queen Astrid had worn the Queen's Coronet and been accepted by it. This thorny political issue had long tainted her time in Amber and Eric's reign. The announcement was part of King Random's efforts to settle outstanding matters of charters arising from Eric's term as King.


"Mother of Dashel"

Tradota was queen of Amber for the last ten years of Finndo's reign and fled into shadow when he did. She did not bear Dashel while Queen.

  • Recent rulings in the college of Heralds has confirmed her status as a Queen of Amber despite long standing issues in the Amber College of Heralds
  • Their son Dashel was long considered by the Amber College of Heraldsto not have been born a prince despite his parents both being anoointed monarchs and in wedlock under the Unicorn. However, Queen Vialle's Conference established his princely status.
  • Many people have long believed that despite her tenure as Queen of Amber the reality of her heritage is deeply in question and uncertain.

Queen Vialle's Conference with the College of Heralds

Status-Uncertain Recently determined to be alive though not currently with Finndo.


Dame Margot has worn the both the Crown of Amber and the Queen's Crown. Having been accepted by these two potent magical artifacts it is necessary to list her as a Queen of Amber, and a Ruling one at that. This incident of The Court of Queen Margot is sufficiently murky on facts and built up in popular fiction to the point that determining the facts are unclear.

What is clear is that at some point during the Repair Dame Margot donned both crowns and both crowns approved her service.

It is an argument among sorcerers, priesthoods, nobles and royals across shadow if Queen Margot should be officially listed as ruling between Eric and Random. She adamantly refuses to agree to this interpretation claiming that the incident of the court of Queen Margot was "an outgrowth of panic at Patternfall, fear of the citizenry at being abandoned by the royals, and an attempt by the left behind courtiers, including herself , to drink all the alcohol in the cellars of Amber before it all unraveled." The acceptance of her assertion to the throne by the wearing of coronet is a highly complicated matter.

Mothers of Amberites-Not Queens

Olacymna Al a Marat of Thelusia


"Mother of Cymnea"

The clan leader of Clan Marat in Thelusia before the establishment of the Al a Marat duchy and the Kingdom of Thelusia.



"Mother of orsolla"

Moiren was Queen of Rebma at the time she bore Llewella to Oberon. There is a lot of politics in Rebma, as befits the head of its own underwater empire. There is a faction in Rebma that has long pushed for a union of the royal lines of Amber and Rebma. Some pushed for a marriage between Oberon and Llewella. Now they push for a union of Random with Lewella. .

Relasa Adkefey

"Mother of Nina and Emilie"

From the realms of Adagalasck

Deele the Desicratix-Mother of Dalt


"Mother of Dalt"

A biter opponent of the Church of the Unicorn. Throughout her military career she destroyed many Unicorn Shrines, killed loyalists and followers of the Unicorn faithful. Eventually Oberon took to the field against and defeated her force. During a protracted session of negotiations Oberon fathered Dalt on Deele.

Later Bleys slew her on the field of battle.

Kinta of Begma-Mother of Coral


"Mother of Coral"

Mor Sen-Mother of Llewella


"Mother of llewella"

Verna Mother of Satura

Mother of Satura and Hagalta

The wife of Dworkin, so considered a queen of Amber of sorts. She is the mother of the Adask line of the heirs of Bariman. Status-Living