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'''Species:''' Rodian
'''Species:''' Rodian
'''Template:''' [http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rodian_Gunner| Rodian Gunner]
'''Template:''' [http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rodian_Gunner Rodian Gunner]
'''Sex:''' Male
'''Sex:''' Male

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Character Details[edit]

Name: Sneed of Bushu Clan

Species: Rodian

Template: Rodian Gunner

Sex: Male

Age: 25 Galactic Standard Years

Height: 1.4 meters

Weight: 45 kilograms

Homeworld: Rodia

Objectives: Evade the Teekto/Bushu blood feud, which means moving around a lot.


Sneed is friendly with his crewmates but can be very anti-social with anyone he doesn't know or has just met. He doesn't discuss his past and becomes irate when anyone questions him about it. When sizing up a situation, he tends to have a pessimistic, grim outlook. He thinks the worst of people until proven wrong which can take several events to cement the idea in his mind. While he might be friendly with his team, he hardly trusts any of them with his life though this is information he keeps to himself. Sneed complains regularly that most worlds are cold compared to his jungle home.


Sneed is short even by Rodian standards and a little lanky which gives him a less-than-intimidating stature. He looks young despite numerous scars and burns across his body. He has murky brown skin and a series of small spines on the top and back of his head. His eyes are black compound orbs that reflect light like a field of stars. Sneed tends to wear a simple all-black uniform set off by a large red scarf around his shoulders. When stuck in a place for longer than an hour, Sneed becomes antsy and paranoid, constantly checking over his shoulder for... something.


Sneed was born to the Bushu clan, an unimportant person in an unimportant family. He learned how to hunt, track and survive in the wild from a young age. It was a common practice of his clan to throw the younglings into the jungle several days journey from home and see if they could make it back. He survived this process four times throughout his life until tragedy befell his clan.

In a bid for revenge, his clan's name was besmirched by clan Teekto. Apparently one of the Bushus had a child with one of the Teektos, to which the more prominent clan took offense. They viewed their clan as superior and found that mixing with lessers only would bring them down. And so a blood feud was initiated, publicly, a mere hour prior to their sudden and overwhelming attack on the Bushu clan. It was completely legal by Rodian politics. Thankfully Sneed was out in the jungle making his way back home when he saw the fires rising into the sky.

With no alternatives left him, Sneed snuck through the fetid jungle until he made it to a starport. He wasn't picky, promising to do whatever it took to gain passage off the planet. A smuggler saw potential in the young Rodian and took pity on him, granting him a ride off the planet if Sneed promised to work for him for a year. Sneed jumped at the chance, wanting only to escape with his life. He'd yet to even enjoy his adulthood let alone explore much more than his own village. There was so much for him to see and learn.

Taken under the tutelage of another crewman, one Grant Thyrssion, Sneed learned much more than how to just fire a blaster. He was taught all about starships, how to fly them, keep them in tip-top shape and especially how to fire their big-ass guns. That last bit was Sneed's favorite. In the next several months Sneed quickly became the official gunner for the ship, the Trailblazer, taking down pirates and TIE fighters alike. For the first time in his life, Sneed truly felt alive. He even stayed on beyond the initial year he'd signed on for.

Dropping anchor on Nar Shadda for a week to refuel and fix some battle damage was the end of Sneed's run with the Trailblazer. He'd thought himself free of the blood feud from back home and had let his guard down only to be recognized in a cantina by a pair of Rodians from Teekto clan. The bar inevitably erupted in blaster fire and Sneed had to run for the first available ship, not even giving his previous crew so much as a goodbye wave. He felt awful for that as they were his only true friends, but it was them or him.

Sneed began to hop from ship to ship each time he got into a port, trying to throw off his would-be hunters. Every few months they track him back down and another gunfight ensues, with more Teektos showing up in each exchange. Sneed knew very well that he was outgunned and that it was only a matter of time before he was killed, but he swore he'd make it as hard as possible for them.

For a time, Sneed worked alone. It was just easier to keep an eye on things if he didn't have to worry about his position being constantly given away by others. That worked out for a little while, until he ran out of money. In a moment of weakness, Sneed agreed to take part in a heist. It wasn't his typical sort of job but he could provide some muscle. The group was to steal some kind of golden doodad. The job went a little sideways and if it wasn't for his team, Sneed would have bled out.

However, grateful as he was, the Rodian just couldn't keep still. He had to move on to other jobs and keep moving. It would be two whole years until Sneed met them again.


Blast helmet and vest (+1D physical, +1 energy, head and torso only)

blaster (4D)

gear bag

headset comlink

250 credits