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Brewer at the Source
Guardian at the Source
Ehrenschild's lover at the Source
Settlement peacekeeper
Shin's deputy, from Babylon's territory
Strange, knowledgeable youth


The Circle
Aspen's followers
Collection of law givers and tribute takers
The Division
Holding the line between civilization and barbarism


To the south of the Source this the last glacier in a mountain range known to the community. From it flow four rivers, and the landscape nearby includes both a forest from which diviner's lotus is extracted.
Black Mirror Valley
An obsidian glass valley near Ararat where Aspen experienced a revelation
The Grotto
Near Ararat, but now vanished or inaccessible, a place of books and art and access to the Maelstrom
The Burned Flats
Salt flats and burned savannahs south and west of the Source, and north of Ararat
A larger settlement built in the remains of a sprawling city, west of the Burned Flats, making it southwest from the Source
The Line
Far to the east is the final holding of the Division against whatever is beyond
The Southern Sea
Far to the southeast from the Source, near the Line, rumoured to have a sunken holy city beneath the surface where life continues as it was before the world changed
A network of towns bound by laws and tithes, lays claims on the Burned Flats west of the Source, but only the river towns truly belong to it
The Source
Nestled between three mountains, at the end of a little-used road, a compound with access to fresh water and bound by ancient laws
Old Road Town
Stretched out along the road to the Source, most of the community lives here
The Poison Lakes
By the feet of the mountains and breaking up the plains north of the Source are lakes of fouled waters full of horrific life
The Frozen Flats
Cold, dry flat land scoured by cutting winds far to the north of the Source