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Unwanted Heroes of Shenzhou[edit]

A campaign wiki for a game of Tianxia - Blood, Silk & Jade

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Setting Issues and Campaign Aspects[edit]

Our Campaign Aspect will be: Unwanted Heroes

Our Setting Issues will be:

Legacy Issue: The Empress' Legitimacy Called into Question.

A year ago, the former Emperor gave instructions on his deathbed that his 10-year old son would be his heir and that Lord Lin, a cousin and minister to the Emperor would be his Regent until the boy came of age. Lin was an unpopular minister among the masses, however, and he despised the Empress because of her active role in influencing her late husband's administration of the Empire. Many worried that Lord Lin might be scheming to take the throne himself--some have rumored that he actually did attempt just that. The widowed Empress capitalized on this popular discontent to launch a bloodless coup of her own where she took direct control of the Empire and declared herself Shuandi, the rightful and true Emperor of Shenzhou. Lord Lin was demoted and exiled to his ancestral home, but he has many allies among the aristocracy who don't like the direction the Empire is going.

Current Issue: Gathering of Shadows within the Empire and Beyond its Borders.

Supporters of the Empress accuse the old guard of stirring up conflict and encouraging marginal groups to sow disorder in an attempt to discredit her. Opponents of the Empress accuse her of weakening the Empire, causing bandits, criminal societies, and foreigners to grow bold in attacks against the Empire. Shadows Mountain Ox and The Sisterhood of the North are caught up in this. Other factions will also be drawn in--either as friends or foes of the Empress.

Impending Issue: The Tigers Will Strike When Ready.

The foes of the Empress whisper that rebellion is not an "if"--it is a "when". Lord Lin will be restored as Regent, and the ancestral rights and privileges will be restored to the noble families. In fact, ought he not be made Emperor himself? He is a blood relation to the late Emperor, and having a true Emperor on the throne would provide the stability that a regency lacks.

Player Characters[edit]



Player nutshell sheet here. (Download to see clearly--Google Drive messes up the formatting.)