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Canon Compatible

New/Revised Powers

Alternate Spheres

Spheres (version 1) - One attempt at a revised Sphere system (still in progress).

New Rotes

New/Revised merits

Other Assorted Stuff

Hedge Magic Options


Two Step Casting for Mage effects - Based on the the Changeling Morphean Arts system.

Paradox (revised) - Alternate rules for Paradox. Includes new systems for gaining and losing Paradox as well as ajudicating the effects of Backlash.

Quiet (revised) - Alternate rules for Quiet. Note: These were made using the revised Mage core book and without any reference to the Book of Madness, so I can't tell how well they jibe with that work.

Settings & Setting Elements

Canon Incompatible




Recommended Reading

White Wolf

I know that technically all canon material should really be recommended, however the books indicated below are the ones that have been most influential in creating [Umbral Domains] material. Books are listed in order of percieved importance:

Mage: the Ascension. Revised ed. Brucato, Phil, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 2000.[1]

Sorcerer. Revised ed. Hubbard, Conrad, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 2000.[2]

Guide to the Technocracy. Brucato, Phil, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1999.[3]

Technocracy Assembled 2. Cenczyk, Mark and Phil Brucato. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 2000.[4]

Beyond the Barriers: The Book of Worlds. Brucato, Phil, et al. White Wolf Publishing Inc. 1996. - Although I suspect that the Werewolf: The Apocalype related book The Umbra might be just as good or better on the topic.

Other Publications

0X - Piers Anthony

Imagica - Cliver Barker

High Sorcery - Andre Norton

Darwinia - Robert Charles Wilson

Other Media


The Matrix

The Lathe of Heaven

Dark City

Butterfly Effect



Hellraiser IV: Bloodlines (no previous experience with this series necessary)

Phantasm IV: Oblivion (no previous expierience with this series necessary)

Spirit of Wonder: the Movie


Serial Experiments: Lain


Pi: Faith in Chaos


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Mage Page - One of the older Mage websites out there, with a comprehensive array of topics and ideas, including both the canonical and brilliantly non-canonical.