V&V Publications Updated for V&V meets M&M Checklist

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Publications used in V&V meets M&M

  • Crisis at Crusader Citadel (GM: Karl)
  • Pre-Emptive Strike (GM: John)
  • FORCE (GM: Karl)
  • Death Duel with the Destroyers (GM: Pete)
  • The Dawn of DNA (GM: Kevin)
  • From the Deeps of Space (GM: John)
  • The Island of Doctor Apocalypse (sequel to Death Duel with the Destroyers) (GM: John)

Publications NOT yet used in V&V meets M&M

  • Assassin! (sequel to FORCE)
  • Battle Above the Earth
  • To Tackle the T.O.T.E.M.
  • The Devil's Domain
  • The Pentacle Plot
  • Terror By Night
  • Organized Crimes
  • Enter the Dragon's Claw: Honor
  • Search for the Sensei (a sequel adventure, Revenge of the Yakuza, was announced in the booklet but not published)
  • Alone Into the Night
  • The Secret in the Swamp
  • The Great Iridium Con
  • For the Greater Good
  • Dawn of the Devil (sequel to The Devil's Domain)
  • Breakin at 3 Kilometer Island (published by Judges' Guild)
  • Trouble For Havoc (published by Chaosium, Superworld adventure with V&V stats)
  • The DNAgents Sourcebook
  • Opponents Unlimited (contained pre-created villains and villain teams)
  • Super-Crooks and Criminals (ibid)
  • Most Wanted (volumes 1 and 3; volume 2 was never published, ibid)

V&V meets M&M in ... "PROJECT VIGILANCE"