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Welcome to the PROJECT VIGILANCE campaign wiki. This wiki site is a resource for a face-to-face tabletop superhero role-playing game using the M&M system called "PROJECT VIGILANCE". This site is a wiki which is a web page that can be edited by anyone with surfing the web! The goal of this wiki site is to form a repository of information about our game that is easily accessible and editable to the entire game group. A "campaign series bible".




Smith Tower, aka. Watch Tower
  • Current Roster: ...
    • TALON (a.k.a. Harlan Robinson) "the Avian Avenger"
      Former sidekick, natural leader - he can't stop being the first and doesn't want to be the latter. He's the best failed detective in the world, 40 years and he has yet to find the cause of his mentor's disappearance. The "boy wonder" has become the lost man searching for justice all alone in the skys... (as played by Kevin)
    • CLOCKWORK (a.k.a. Dr. James Price)
      Clockwork literally leaps before he looks. More likely to break your jaw than offer a kind word, Clockwork is the cranky team physician. With an untouchable mental quickness, he has the ability to build/rebuild complex devices, including the human body, in a matter of seconds. ... (as played by Wayne)
    • BIG-CHILL (a.k.a. Bill 'Billy' Charles)
      Big-Chill is a glacier of a man with power and strength beyond any mortal man. Brought out of reserve for Last Watch by F.I.S.H. just before "Death Duel with the Destroyers", this happy go lucky Big-Chill has proven his mettle many times. ... (as played by Karl)
    • JETBOY (a.k.a. Jake Chambers)
      Armed with fantastic futuristic devices such as his Ray Gun and Rocket Pack, Jetboy stands ready to defend America in this new shining century! Sent to help Last Watch by F.I.S.H., he first appeared during "The Dawn of DNA". Appearing completely monochromatic and from the WWII era, the mysterious Jetboy's origin has yet to be revealed.
    • HYPER-SONIC (a.k.a. Calvin Hart)
      Never seeming to touch the ground, this metahuman is capable of Mach 5 while flying under his own power. In "Kobayashi Maru" he unofficially joined Last Watch at Clockwork's invitation. His thunderous approach is becoming familiar in the Emerald City. ... (as played by Pete)
  • Previous Members: ...
    • MAGUS (a.k.a. Magus) KIA
      He was known as the man out of time. Member of an ancient order, he came to our realm as a magician who could twist reality with but a word. During the story "Kobayashi Maru", Magus fell to the Apocalypod. He chose to sacrifice himself to protect Talon. (as played by Sammy)
    • OMEGA-BOY (a.k.a. Jake Dee) MIA
      Adoptive son of the world's greatest hero and legacy to a champion from another dimension. Omega-Boy cracked open his suit to unleash an incredible blast disabling the already critically damaged Apocalypod. It should be noted that in the time since "Kobayashi Maru" his body has not been recovered. (as played by Cat)
    • STROBE (a.k.a. John Powell)
      This young man's body courses with the ancient primal energies of the multiverse. Strobe is a natural leader and has the power to back it up. Strobe's cosmic energies can be directed outward to create primal matter, blind opponents, or a directed blast. Strobe left the Emerald City to lead the team in Miami. ... (as played by John)
    • PORTAL (a.k.a. Travis Cochrane) AWOL
      Mutant with the power to rip holes in air to circumvent space and twist other's attacks against them. He's proven time after time his knack for tactical thinking and planning. During "The Island of Dr. Apocalypse", Travis was fired by Talon while at the same time quitting. His current whereabouts are unknown. ... (as played by Pete)
  • Potential Team Candidates: ...
    • CLUTCH (a.k.a. Craig Cannon-Brookes)
      Called in on a provisional basis when the Last Watch found itself unexpectedly short-handed after the events of the "Kobayashi Maru", Clutch confounded bad guys and teammates alike with his powerful bouncing and indefatigable good cheer. With the imminent return of Talon, it remains to be seen if he'll be asked to join on a permanent basis... (as played by Charles)



is a government sponsored agency, under the F.D.M.A. (Federal Department of Metahuman Affairs), that provides funding and legal legitimize for super-hero groups around American. NOTE that in order to be a super-team in the US, you are not required to joined, but the perks do make it very tempting for most legitimate groups. Team members are not required to reveal secret-identities, but they do need to register a Team Name and Team Members Code-Names. At present there are twelve registered groups of Super-Teams in the U.S. The EU has a similar project.

Current Teams of Project Vigilance include:

Global Watch

(GW) and was formed by the famous Gauntlet, who is sort of this world’s version of Iron Man. His real name is known to the public and he runs a large corporation. He is mostly retired these days, but he still sponsors the super team that he founded. Omni-Man is also a founding members but mostly operates independently these days, almost all the original members having either retired or passed away by now. Their base use to be Washington D.C. but now they have a Orbiting Watchtower that can move to almost any location above the Earth fairly quickly and launch shuttles to the surface in a matter of hours. Some present members include…

  • Magnetor: present team leader. Inventor and genius, he has created a powered armored suit and “Mag-Gun” that allows him a great deal of magnetic control.
  • Napalm: a ‘living’ fire contained within a full-body fire suit.
  • Gauntlet: while no longer an active member, his corporation, Gauntlet Enterprises, funds much of Global Watch's activities. In emergencies he will break out the Gauntlet Mark VI Battle Suit if he is needed.


The Crushers

Operating in and around the LA basin.

  • in the slammer: Temper, Vulture, Bull, Marionette, Mace, Shocker, Hornet, and the Shrew
  • killed in action: na
  • on the lam: FIST (Flying Infantry Shock Trooper), Mooker, Mercury Mercenary and Stormlord


  • in the slammer: Mr. Magnam
  • killed in action: na
  • on the lam: Force, Cicada, Clamour and Teleporter (Shadarkos, Snowblind and Stargazer did not make an appearance)

The Destroyers

  • in the slammer: Annihilator and Behemoth
  • killed in action: Iron Maiden, the Doombot
  • on the lam: Electrocutioner, Ratman and Shapeshifter

V.I.L.E. (Villains In Larcenous Enterprises)

They had a secret base under a Spokane Mental Institution

  • in the slammer: Jovia
  • killed in action: R.A.M. 101 (Robot Arachnoid Marauder)
  • on the lam: Doctor Wraithman

The Errants

A mostly European group of super criminals, they have recently appeared operating in the US.

  • in the slammer: Mongo, Valeri, Skuz, Magnetron, Miragi
  • killed in action: Dr. DNA (in the body of Martin Santos sent to a Hell Dimension)
  • on the lam: Adonis, Cockroach, She-Magi, Ghoulash (aka. Zeus, migrated to the planet Jupiter)

the Apocalypse

All those in service of Dr. Apocalypse.

  • in the slammer: many Fembots
  • killed in action: Dr. Apocalypse, many Fembots, the Apocalypod (theorized affiliation)
  • on the lam: na


  • F.I.S.H. (Federal Investigation and Security Headquarters) – premier agency that deals with metahuman treats and terrorists in the federal government. Operates out of four Super-Flying Fortress Carriers (converted aircraft carries with four primary Fusion powered thrusters).
    • The Aquarium Created and managed under the internment division of F.I.S.H. - The "Maximum-Maximum Security" facility of the Emerald City Maximum Security Penitentiary. The prison's full official name is the United States Maximum Security Installation for the Incarceration of Superhuman Criminals. Prior to the creation of the Aquarium, super-humans in US custody were usually imprisoned in special wards in FBI and Local Authority prisons; however, concern about the danger posed to non-super-human inmates by the frequent breakouts by the super-human population in the prison led to those wards being closed. Other venues, the F.I.S.H. carriers or individual Project Vigilance team headquarters, were also briefly used, though the unsuitability of such institutions for use as a general prison led to the imprisonment of most criminals there being discontinued eventually. The US Government (under F.I.S.H. direction) then set about building a unique penitentiary dedicated and designed exclusively for the detainment of super-human criminals. Using expertise, research and technology pioneered from various Project Vigilance teams, and extremely robust materials such as adamantium and osmium steel.
      • Fish-Bowls Specially maintained cells that inhibit all meta-power and hyper-electronic use for the internment of Maximum Security inmates at the Aquarium facility.
    • the Flying FI.S.H. Fortresses These flying fortresses are aircraft carrier specifically designed to be itself capable of independent powered flight in addition to the conventional functions of aircraft carriers, is the signature capital ship of the intelligence/defense agency F.I.S.H. There are only a few in operation...
      • The USS ORCA  ???
      • The USS SHARK  ???
      • The USS SEA LION  ???
      • The USS HAMMERHEAD Stationed and hanging high above the Emerald City, the Hammerhead Fortress was the ceremony ground for the Emerald City's galla event issuing LAST WATCH the key to the city. It took minor damages when a small plane crashed on the deck during the event. Major damage was avoided with quick thinking/work by Last Watch member Big Chill...
  • F.D.M.A. (Federal Department of Metahuman Affairs) “Feed-Ma”. Overall US government agency that manages all Metahuman affairs, including terrorist, heroes and independents. Sort of the Department of Homeland Security for Metahumans.


  • New Micro-Tronics: World premier corporation in software and robotics. Formed after the merger of Microsoft and Newtronic Technologies two years ago. Their new military Power Armored Suit (called Fireflies) have just started appearing in the military arsenals of the west in the last year.
  • Cross World Technologies: Owned and Operated by Randal Cross, the present richest man in the world, its base of operations is in downtown Seattle, in the new Cross Towers at Denny Way and 9th Ave (where the old Denny Park once stood). A mini-super Sky King Tower system with six “level”, each level has 10 floors and then open space in-between them.
  • Horizon Labs:


Projects & Plans

  • The Daedelus Project: The failed brainchild of Charles Whiteman, who turned out to be the alien Hartust, the project was to provide the entire Puget Sound region with free unlimited power. Ten years ago, Whiteman was exposed as an alien by the Cosmic Law Enforcer ‘Star Traveler’ and taken away by this enforcer along with most of the technology. Built on both sides of the Duwamish River, just north of Tukwila WA the massive circular structure is today a rusted out shell. Almost 3 miles in diameter, many of the city’s homeless moved their along with the criminal elements, especially after the previous mayor decided to move all the strip clubs and other adult entertainment into the area. The area around this is now called Rust City and is avoided by most decent folk, including the cops.


the City of Seattle

Seattle, WA is the location where the Last Watch is based. This city has seen a major transformation in the last 20 years as it has become a hub of high-tech industries (from computers to military hardware) and an influx of money that has transformed transportation and living. Extensive underground roadways and tunnels, above ground monorails and light rail transport millions of people every year around the Puget Sound region. The monorail connects Seattle, Sea-Tac, Tacoma, Renton, Bellevue, and Redmond with ‘the Loop’ (a large circler route of all the major surrounding cities) and ‘the Legs’ (individual branches extended into many local areas). The underground subway system runs mostly from Northgate, the University District, Fremont and Magnolia through Seattle to Sea-Tac, West Seattle and Tukwila.
Known Heroes, Teams and Organizations:

  • the Space Tether (formerly the Seattle City Center Space Needle): the brainchild of Randal Cross, of Cross World Technologies, the Space Elevator that is tethered to the Seattle Space Needle is truly an elevator to space. Rising through the atmosphere into space almost 100 miles! The high-speed elevator can rise all the way in just under two hours. Most of the old Seattle Center was destroyed to create the ‘Anchor Complex’, but it has been built around the demolished old original Space Needle. Today there is a rotating model of the old Needle but as the Space Elevator’s cable base is almost 100 feet in diameter, it is much larger then the original. The tether at the top of the re-fit Space Needle is essentially a "space elevator"however it isn't hooked directly to a station in geosynchronous orbit itself (traditionally anchored at the equator) but to a "statite" (stationary satellite) that uses solar sails to "hover" at a point directly above the Needle at all times. Passengers and cargo ride an elevator (called a climber) to the statite, where they can enjoy a meal, lounge around in micro-g, rent laboratory space, transfer to a docked spaceship, sabotage the solar power plant (if you're of the villainous mentality), or just enjoy the view! The whole system is run jointly by the Seattle Port Authority and Seattle City Light.
    Although the instilation of the Space Tether in the Pacific Northwest was extreme (due to the need a more active drive system than a solar sail would provide to compensate for rotation, unlike ones positioned at the poles) the investment groups believed in the program and funded the project to great return.
    Laws of physics would require the tether heading off no less than a 47 degree angle due south, however to maintain the clean skyline citizens of the Emerald City have grown accustomed to, the electric currents running through the tether have been engineered to use electro-dynamically to bind the structure to Earth's magnetic field. There's also plenty of solar energy to power ion thrusters to provide backup to the tether. This effect does unfortunately create a field following the tube of electro-dynamic energy dangerous to mechanical interference and persons without proper insulation gear.


  • Primordial
  • Age of Dinosaurs
  • Stone Age
  • Ancient
  • Classical
  • Dark Ages
  • Renaissance
  • Victorian
  • Industrial
  • Modern


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