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Leviathan: The Tempest is a fan project for the World of Darkness, occuring on the main RPGnet forums. It was originally conceived of as a pseudo-serious response to the joking suggestion of a White Wolf game for the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but has since snowballed to include numerous elements of mythology and a (un?)healthy amount of Lovecraftian influence. Players take on the role of an individual whose bloodline is tainted by the essence of primordial behemoths, causing strange transformations of both the body and the mind.

The project is currently in a transitional step as it is mostly written and useable; although some elements are missing, as well as playtesting and foolproofing. The first thread is located here. Thread two is here.

Current Material[edit]

Leviathan is currently formatted as a World of Darkness splatbook, with one wiki page per chapter. The Index Is Here

Archive of Old Material[edit]

Everything below this point is old ideas and musings; it remains mostly for the curious.

Themes and Conflicts[edit]

  • Transitions:
  • Transformation:
  • Excavation:

Alternatives - Themes and Conflicts

The Real History[edit]

Alternatives - The Real History


Alternatives - Gaining the Template

Alternatives - Character Types

Relevant Attributes[edit]

Alternatives - Relevant Attributes

Innate Abilities and Powers[edit]

Alternatives - Abilities and Powers

Alternatives - Cosmology

Social Life[edit]

Alternatives - Social Life


Alternatives - Antagonists

Dumping Ground[edit]

Dumping Ground - The Kings Raven

Dumping Ground - Omegatron

Dumping Ground - Satchel

Dumping Ground - Llenlleawch

Dumping Ground - List of pictures