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A FATE hack for the Malazan Book of the Fallen setting[edit]

This page have not been updated for years.
Currently trying to update the hack to comply with the 2013 release of Fate Core.
Feel free to comment or help out

General Stuff[edit]

Weapon, Shield and Armour Rules
Stunts (Need updating)

Sorcery and the Warrens[edit]

Rules for Warren Magic (Need updating)

Aral Gamelon, the Path of Demons
Denul, the Path of Healing (Need updating)
D'riss, the Path of Stone (Need updating)
Hood's Warren, the Path of Death (Need updating)
Mockra, the Path of the Mind (Need updating)
Meanas, the Path of Shadows (Need updating)
Rashan, the Path of Darkness (Need updating)
Ruse, the Path of the Sea (Need updating)
Serc, the Path of the Sky (Need updating)
Telas, the Path of Fire (Need updating)
Tennes, the Path of the Land (Need updating)
Thyr, the Path of Light (Need updating)