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Beyond the Tomb of Five Corners[edit]

An Exalted game run by Kuros that began with the published adventure 'Return to the Tomb of Five Corners'.


The Circle came together almost six months ago, and you had Exalted several months before that. Guided by dreams, and seeming happenstance, all of you came together in the area around Nexus.

Your first adventure together was to hunt down and eliminate a large, well-organized group of bandits, led by the Barrow King, that had been robbing trade caravans coming south towards Nexus for months. Additionally, they had been extorting exhoribtant "protection" fees from surrounding villages, under threat of attacking the villages themselves.

Several of the most wealthy merchants of the smaller towns north of Nexus pooled their wealth, and hired you to eliminate the threat. They had no idea that you were Solars, and simply thought of you as a mercenaries.

The tracking of the bandits, and their destruction, took all of you several weeks to accomplish. Pleased beyond measure, the merchant group paid you in jade, and resumed their business.

Substantially wealthier, the Circle has returned to the city of Northeast Spoke to much cheering and fanfare.


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Active Player Characters[edit]



Son of the Metal Flame

Inactive Player Characters[edit]

Caran (abducted by Abyssals)

Astrid (possibly killed by Rose Blossom)

Thelaos (disappeared in Nexus)

Nyara Sunswept (returned to her Heavenly duties)



Lake Uddjare


RttToFC/Session1 - In which the Circle learns of the tomb of their previous incarnations and captures it from the (reborn?) Barrow King's men
RttToFC/Interlude1 - One of the earlier exploits of the Circle, using the 'Daughter of Nexus' adventure
RttToFC/Session2 - In which our heroes reclaim their panoply of old and accidentally release a demon into the world
RttToFC/Session3 - The Circle meets the Moonshadow Caste Mistress of Pacts Sealed in Blood and promotes her to full dead
RttToFC/Session4 - Our heroes find the Wyld Hunt in town and flee begin a tactical retreat, during which they come across a village attacked by the walking dead
RttToFC/Session5 - In which the Circle reunites and begins to investigate the zombie attack and the necromancer in red who was behind it
RttToFC/Session6 - In which Alyssa enjoys fame and luxury, Lei Zu plays messenger boy and Caran is viciously attacked
RttToFC/Session7 - Another letter is sent, Caran's disappearance is investigated and meetings with powerful people are arranged
RttToFC/Session8 - Our heroes discuss the situation with Lanterntowns most powerful leaders and reach an agreement
RttToFC/Session9 - In which aggressive steps are taken against the necromancer infestation and a new player character joins the cast
RttToFC/Session10 - In which the search for Caran remains unsuccessful, but at least Lanterntown is cleansed of corruption and brought under the protection of the Society
RttToFC/Session11 - A deal with emissaries of the Bull of the North ends in carnage as a wing of Tepet soldiers arrives and the 'emissaries' plunder Son's academy
RttToFC/Session12 - Ethics, morality and plans for the future are discussed in depths and through no fault of their own the Circle acquires a new enemy
RttToFC/Session13 - In which someone or something gift-wraps the three treacherous DBs for Alyssa, Silk succumbs to a bout of paranoia, and the Tepet prisoners are interrogated
RttToFC/Session14 - The questioning continues and being dead is no excuse! Astrid, a Lunar with mysterious motives, joins the Circle
RttToFC/Session15 - After some difficulties with the Agatae the journey north begins but is soon interrupted to deal with a group of murderous beastman barbarians
RttToFC/Session16 - Our heroes arrive at Lake Uddjare and investigate, then defeat the guardian of Ancient Shebeth
RttToFC/Session17 - In which the mystery of Lake Uddjare is unraveled to reveal only more mysteries. A conflict with the Bull of the North seems inevitable now
RttToFC/Session18 - Silk spies on the Bull's army and is nearly eaten while Son and Thelaos try to make amends with the god of the ruined city near Lake Uddjare
RttToFC/Session19 - The search for the Key brings the Circle to Nexus, where the Emissary seems to hold one of the fragments
RttToFC/Session20 - Under strange circumstances our Heroes meet the Emissary and puzzlingly are sent on a fetch quest
RttToFC/Session21 - After some preparation the Circle approaches the Tomb of Keening Spectres and find that it once belonged to a Dawn Caste by the name of Talmoranth
RttToFC/Session22 - In which the Circle is viciously ambushed by Abyssals and even the help of a newly arrived Chosen of Serenity may not be enough to save them!
RttToFC/Session23 - Timely Sidereal intervention drives off the Deathknights, the Circle changes all of Creation by returning Pluto to her former glory - mostly by accident
RttToFC/Session24 - Nyara introduces herself to the Circle and plans are made how to chose the next Emissary of Nexus
RttToFC/Session25 - Our heroes begin to implement their plan but run into a small problem: The Council of Entities
RttToFC/Session26 - A new Emissary is chosen and preparations are made for a trip to Yu-Shan, the Heavenly City
RttToFC/Session27 - The Circle discuss their plans for world domination the Lawgiver Protectorate and go through the gate to Yu-Shan
RttToFC/Session28 - In which Heavenly politics are both a curse and a blessing and our heroes conspire to bring down Amoth City-Smiter in order to gain the key fragment he possesses
RttToFC/Session29 - Next Session is on Friday the 23rd of October, 1:00PM PST


A diagram of the current plot complexities: