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Against the Giants[edit]

This article concerns Xaos play by post game for D&D 4th based on the classic "Against The Giants" adventure series.

Against the Giants Setting Background[edit]

The Hill Giants and their Ogre lackeys and bugbear servants have been a problem in Gyruff as far as anyone can remember. But they always were sporadic. Now platoons of the monsters have come down from the hills and mountains, looting, pillaging and burning. Where the Brenin's knights and foot soldiers could always take on a few of the beasts, especially backed up by a champion or cleric or wizard, now they cannot against the greater numbers. The rangers report that more are organizing.


The Brenin, Owen I, has sent a plea across his land and messengers to the surrounding countries in Oerik, and as far as the great city of Greyhawk, asking for the help of great heroes, and offering whatever prize they may wish that he may give, if they can stop the depredations of the giants.

Dramatis Personae[edit]

Player Characters[edit]

  • Master Donar Reed an older Halfling Rogue and Master Infiltrator (Played by Nick Whalley)
  • Vanguard Thom Deepholm (External Link) Dwarf Fighter Thom's father was a fighter. His grandfather was a fighter. His great-grandfather was a smithy, but that's beside the point. (Played by Zeiram)
  • Triarin Edhel the Doomsayer Male Grey Elf Warlock. (Played by Drifter)
  • Captain Cordillia Thorn, a half elf Warlord & Battle Captain. She's originally from the old Great Kingdom. She knits, keeps a journal and writes bad poetry. (Played by Robert Edwards)
  • Menkin Feist the Hospitaler, a human Paladin, originally a farm boy from Ket. (Played by Joey Martin)
  • Mordecai the Magnificent a human Divine Oracle Wizard, who studied in Greyhawk, but had cash flow issues. He gambles. (Played by Andrew W)

Non-player Characters[edit]

  • Owen I, The Brenin (Grand Duke) of Gyruff
  • Kexy, a lithe elven scout



Greyhawk Gods for 4th Edition D&D[edit]

  • Asmodeus = Hextor
  • Avandra = Fharlanghn
  • Bahamut = Heironeous
  • Bane = Erythnul
  • Corellon = Corellon Larethian
  • Erathis = Saint Cuthbert
  • Gruumsh = Gruumsh
  • Ioun = Boccob
  • Kord = Kord
  • Lolth = Lolth
  • Melora = Beory
  • Moradin = Moradin
  • Pelor = Pelor
  • Raven Queen = Wee Jas
  • Sehanine = Olidammara
  • Tharizdun = Tharizdun
  • Tiamat = Kurell
  • Torog = Beltar
  • Vecna = Nerull
  • Zehir = Pyremius

House Rules[edit]

For Skill Challenges:[edit]

  1. Please describe what skill and action you are performing.
  2. You may roll and post your result. Use whatever method of rolling pleases you, I trust you.
  3. After seeing your result, I'll post the results of each action briefly.

For combat:[edit]

  1. I'll ask you to script your actions as a series of if/then statements. Note usage order of encounter powers, preference of at-wills, whether or not you use utility or dailies, and special maneuvering.
  2. I will always move characters/monsters for best advantage for the players, keeping in mind your wishes (try to flank always, keep away, keep in their midst, etc.)
  3. I will run the combat until it is either over, or some event happens (target drops unexpectedly, character drops, surprise event, etc.) that causes an interrupt in a script.
  4. In event of an interrupt, I will ask for a new script.

Character Creation[edit]

D&D 4th edition

13th level

PHB races plus gnomes, [half] orcs, and Shardar-Kai (grey elves)

Eladrin are High Elves, Elves are Wood Elves.


  1. Our heroes arrive near the Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftain, are introduced, and begin to recon the site. (Post 1 IC)

Monsters Encountered List[edit]

Loot acquired[edit]

Clues Uncovered[edit]

Locations Seen or Heard[edit]

  • Gyruff
  • The Brennin's Castle (mentioned in passing)
  • The Steading of the Hill Giant Chieftain. Our first target.
  • A cave about a mile from the SoHGC. A fall back position.