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On the fringes of the mighty Darikahn Empire, the small waterworld of Aguba spins lazily in the void, a tempting morsel for power-hungry nobles...and worse. Once a world of the Karsan League, Aguba is a world of divided loyalties and petty ambition, blithely dismissive of the looming threat of the Vaylen.

Imperial Cartographer's Report[edit]


The planet Aguba is named for the Sumerian word meaning Pure/holy water, a fitting appellation given the hydrology of the world and it's devotion to the Mundus Humanitas.

Galactic Location[edit]

Located on the southern edge of the Darikahn/Karsan border.

Atmospheric Conditions[edit]

Human Life Supporting
Thin and exposed to high levels of solar radiation.


Predominantly Liquid
A waterworld with underwater habitats and a few islands.


Most settlement is located underwater, in coastal shallows. Some settlement, predominantly agricultural fiefs is located on the island archipelagos, but these are rocky and largely inhospitable.

Tech Index[edit]

Generally low, possibly a 2.3 on the old scale. Research facilities on the planet have led to an advanced understanding of biotechnology, particularly in the field of cloning.

Dominant Form of Government[edit]

Imperial Stewardship
Formally a feudal world under the control of the Karsan league, the incorporation of Aguba into the Darikahn Empire has resulted in a more civilized form of government, led by an Imperially appointed Steward. Given the history of the world, his authority has been tempered by a Scientific Charter requiring him to consult with a council representing the interests of the major scientific bodies on Aguba.


Heavily Factionalized
Power on Aguba is dispersed among the following factions: Indigenous Life Forms, Organized Crime, Psychologist Foundation, Rebel Line, Slaves and Serfs, Theocratic Institutions (the Mundus Humanitas).

Predominant Military[edit]

Regrettably, the loyalty of the military forces of Aguba is under question, given the number of Lords-Pilot drawn from the previous feudal structure.

Planetary Attitude[edit]

Hubris leading to misplaced belief in their security.

Primary Industry[edit]

Advanced/Experimental Medicine/Biotechnology

Level of Quarantine[edit]

What specifically gets quarantined?

Level of Regulation[edit]

Loosely Regulated
What is actually outlawed or regulated?

Disposition Totals[edit]

Initial Totals
Human: Infiltration 19 / Usurpation 24 / Invasion 27
Vaylen: Infiltration 28 / Usurpation 26 / Invasion 26

Infiltration FoN rolls
Human: Justin Various gets 4 successes on his Administration check (using Bureaucracy as a FoRK)
Vaylen: Kasha Scarlet gets 3 successes on her Smuggling check (using Falsehood and Security-wise as FoRKs)

Current Totals: Human 23 / Vaylen 31

Major Characters[edit]

Count Jacques Rostov[edit]

Lord Steward of Aguba system. (V FoN Invasion Phase)

Alain De'Varre[edit]

Chief Scientist and head of the Scientific Advisory Council. (V FoN, Usurpation Phase)

Captain Kasha Scarlet[edit]

Vaylen smuggler and spy (V FoN, Infiltration Phase)

Lord Inanna Aguba[edit]

Daughter of the former Karsan Forged Lord of Aguba. Born in system, raised out of system, but back on Aguba as a merchant trader and Hammer Lord. (H FoN Usurpation Phase)

Elias Aguba[edit]

Inanna Aguba's wayward brother the Psychological Researcher

Lord Valan D'ardano[edit]

Hammer Lord working with the Lord Steward. Primary military power in the system.

Justin Various[edit]

Bastard brother of and X0 to Lord Valan D'ardano.

Geoffroy De'Marcus[edit]

Mundus Humanitus Witch-hunter


Justicar and Security Minister to Lord Steward Rostov