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This is an Amber campaign started in June 2006, GMed by Madeline Ferwerda. It is set in the standard Amber cosmos after the Patternfall War. However, the PCs all began ignorant of Amber itself. Instead, they all know each other as fellow resistance fighters in a common shadow reality. There, it is 1943 of an alternate history where the U.S. stayed out of WWII, and Germany conquered England.


Player Characters

A Czech revolutionary who appeared in London after the Nazi invasion.
Secrets: 1st, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 5th, Endurance: 3rd, Warfare: 3rd*
A working-class American immigrant, conscripted as a soldier in WWI, who stayed in London and now fights for the resistance. His health was broken of late from a number of scraps. He also has been watched by the German occupation lately, which has shaken his self-confidence.
Secrets: 2nd, Psyche: 5th, Strength: 3rd, Endurance: 1st, Warfare: 3rd*
An upper-class young woman (23) who ran off to fight in the Spanish Civil, then returned to fight in the resistance.
Secrets: 5th, Psyche: 2nd*, Strength: 1st, Endurance: 4th, Warfare: 5th
A Major in the English army who served in India and Africa.
Secrets: 3rd, Psyche: 4th, Strength: 2nd, Endurance: 2nd, Warfare: 4th
A German officer, secretly a homosexual, who has become an agent for the English resistance.
Secrets: 4th, Psyche: 3rd, Strength: 4th, Endurance: 5th, Warfare: 1st

Session Summaries

  • Session #1: The Capture of Leviathan
    The PCs plot an ambush a secret meeting between a Nazi official and a sea creature by London Bridge, and capture it.
  • Session #2: The Family Revealed
    Bleys and Eleanor reveal about the family's history, and the PCs struggle with what that implies.
  • Session #3: The Death of the Fuhrer
    The PCs discover more about their heritage and find trumps of Hitler, which they use to assassinate him.
  • Session #4: The Face of the Enemy
    Hector, Federico, and Bleys are taken to the Hollow Earth and fight their way back out, while Manfred and Janica negotiate with Dara(s), and Alexandra tries to free Brand.
  • Session #5: The Wrath of Chaos
    The others visit Rebma, and eventually shadow-walk back to London, then confront Manfred with their suspicions of him. Then all are are attacked by Chaos in retribution.
  • Session #6: Joining the War
    The company take up residence in Rebma, and begin to take sides on the war effort.
  • Session #7: Dissent and Division
    The PCs are divided over the war, Hector's son Merlin shows up, and Brand makes another appearance.
  • Session #8: Chaos Revealed
    Manfred infiltrates the armies of Chaos, Federico and Alexandra capture a Chaosite spy, and Dara surrenders to reveal that Oberon is alive.
  • Session #9: Assault on the Courts
    Manfred joins the Amberites, and they conduct a two-pronged attack on the Courts: rescuing Oberon from Sawall, and then assassinating Lord Helgram.
  • Session #10: Endgame