Arsii son of Yul

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  • Class: Warrior
  • Level: 6 (Myrmidon)
  • Experience Points: 55,750​/64,000
  • Total Hit Points: 36
  • Combat Bonus: +3
  • Armor Class: 2 (Leather, Dex, Ring of protection +3)
  • Movement: 9" (Light 6/6) or 12" (Unencumbered 3/3)
  • Saves Bonus: +3 (Ring of Protection)
  • Money: 1,989gp (Jewelry 1600 gp, 1200 gp) (Gem 500 gp,100 gp, 2600 gp, 50 gp)

awarded xp[edit]

1,150 + 6,100 + 3,000 + 500 = + 15,000


  • Strength 11
  • Intelligence 09
  • Wisdom 07 (-1)
  • Dexterity 16 (+2)
  • Constitution 13 (+1)
  • Charisma 10

Special Abilities[edit]


  • Stealth +1
  • Notice +1


  • Common

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Multiple attacks on lesser foes: I receive a number of attacks per round against lesser foes (<= 1/2 my level) equal to my level
  • Immune to fear: I am unaffected by all normal and magical fear-based effects
  • Morale Boost: I boost the morale of my followers
  • Style - Split-Move Shot: move at full rate and fire at any point without penalty


Arsii is a foreign looking man of slight, wiry build and olive complexion. His dark, shoulder length hair is kept with a braided leather band set with an emerald and beads of copper. His clothing and travel cloak have seen much and obviously are chosen more for the wilds than noble palaces.

Arsii is a stoic man, always serene and calm. Even in combat he is methodical, quiet and efficient. He fled his homeland in the wake of a battle with a local tyrant which resulted in a noble being killed. He now roams the world, sharing his gift of killing for the greater good as he seeks the whereabouts of the legendary artifact that could secure his return from exile.



Ring of Invisibility Ring of Protection +3 Potion of Flying


Item Location Notes
longbow Back 1 Encumbrance
quiver of arrows Back 20/20 arrows
shortsword Belt 1 Encumbrance
Leather Armor Worn 1 Encumbrance
purse Belt 20 gp, 50 gp gem
backpack Back 1 Encumbrance
tinder box Backpack
Potion of Invulnerability Backpack
quiver of arrows Backpack 20/20 arrows
quiver of silver arrows Backpack 20/20 arrows
quiver of arrows +1 Backpack 2 arrows
water skin Backpack
iron rations Backpack 1 week's food
empty large sacks x3 Backpack