As it Begins in the Short Game

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The Amberites have survived 70 years of King Randoms increasingly disturbing reign.

After an auspicious beginning Random grew increasingly paranoid.

His modernization program stripped all the roadways in the Nation of Amber and replaced them with puzzled stone. While the roads were exposed a system of underground works were put in place. Random brought a massive company out of shadow, Mole Co, with thousands of specialized workers that dealt with mining, caverns, and digging. The mole people, who trained and used semi-intelligent bulletes, burrowed and dug and tunneled. Their unparalleled ability with stone, brick creation, as well as their cheerful and friendly manner made the inconveniences bearable for the general public. When the smallest dug or bored up into walls to accommodate inserting plumbing without tearing buildings a part.

Adding a system of underground plumbing, which brought indoor plumbing and water systems to Amber, was greeted with delight and enthusiasms. Despite the incredible difficulty and invasive short term project the sudden inclusion of indoor bathrooms before the 3rd year of Random's reign won him huge support in all elements of Amber society.

Street lighting was another huge victory. Glass balls mounted to walls, and on corner posts glowed as the skies grew dark. The light during dark storms as well.

A Busline of clockwork buses providing free public transportation revolutionized lives in the many cities. The clatter and whir added a bit of noise to the city but the leather wrapped rubber tires cushioned the rough rides.

The Council of Commentary began with good intentions and interesting results. It has a mandated membership that crossed Amber Society and included members of the Golden Circle. Not a law-making body initially it has grown bold. The council is comprised of 100 people. 20 positions are held by certain Households and Establishments from Amber. 10 positions are held by specific Golden Circle Kingdoms. 5 are assigned by the King of Amber but will not be members of the blood of Amberlin. 10 are specifically from the city of Amber. 7 seats represent the other soverign realms on the Amber sphere,;Rebma:, Tyalece, Acadia, & the Far Isle.

A spirit of democracy sweeping over Amber and its Golden Circle.

Not everyone is happy. Azcala is on the move and its forces travel shadow. Borlak has made excursions closer to Amber then ever before. Mandalaly is a force of nature. Avalon remains in seclusion. And the Courts of Chaos watch all things eastward.