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Carved from a single towering pinnacle of rock, the Tower of Tyalece is a fortified place kept away from the general public. It is an autonomous Grand Duchy and part of the Kingdom of Amber but it is not one fond of tourists.

  • The docks have a small village to handle coming and going, and to provide emergency relief in need. But it is not a tourist location. It is a deep water port with no beach. The dozen smaller islands around it are similarly rocky and rugged though they sport their own collection of fishing villages that supply Tyalece its most common food staples.
  • This place is more a place of rumors and history rather then a place for exploration. Oberon built the place in the early years of Amber and has used it variously as a research center, prison, retreat, and training facility. While most of us elders have been here numerous times, the occasion of being taken there by father was usually a bad one.
  • Tyalece has its own populace, originally collected from shadows that bred an isolationist mindset. Dreanans, Rabsans, Calavettis, and others that prefer such austere and protected environments. The Tyalean tend to be quiet to the extent of being frequently overlooked. When they do speak it is often so quiet its hard to listen to them. They dress in shades of gray with occasional colors of the deep sea. Their skin is pale almost to the shade of alabaster. Their eyes are almost always brown but often they have the tendency to shift color denoting Dreanan heritage. Another Dreanan heritage taint is the occasional shock of Creanan blue hair. There is an occasional occurrence of green teeth and black skin denoting Rabsanian heritage. The elongated earlobes and noses and tendency to go bald early comes from the Calavettis.

While the Aging in Amber effect of course applies to the Tyalecens, they tend to have a life span in the 200 to 300 year range and few have the effect of growing younger. This speaks strongly to the dour and joyless lives lead by most of them that with the availability of immortality they prefer to age and die.

Tyalece have a strange style of singing that is quite beautiful. Its an incredibly soft chorus that they have sung for centuries in the deep dark places of Amber.

  • Over the millenia they have served in many parts of the Amber military, making up a tiny, nearly insignificant, portion. Despite that many have risen to high rank. Past Tyale have been Chief Unicorn Prince, admirals of the navy, and head of the The Thieves Guild.

However, most are clear about their service being part of their preparation to return home and serve in the Tower. Tyale in the military often try to attain the rank and office of the Elites as that is a prized role for the rulers of Tyalece. They tend to be assigned places deep in the dungeons of Amber in places most people would lose their minds in.

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