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Lawful Good Aasimar [Half-Elf] Aristocrat 1/Male Paladin 6/Knight of the Chalice 4/Gray Guard 4

Appearance: Cassius Du'Crion is an extraordinarily pretty man with elfin features and long golden hair but the muscular broad shoulders of a human male. His face is deadened and cold with the wear and tear of the Last War having stripped away most of his enjoyment from society. His voice is thick and deep unlike one might expect from a Half-Elf.

Cassius still wears his Karrnath military uniform despite the fact its been removed of most regalia. Most notably is his Order of Rekkenmark ring and sword that many Karrns are shocked by.

Personality: Cassius is an overly serious man that doesn't suffer fools gladly. He is irritated tremendously by the Last War as a subject and seems more than a little bloodthirsty at the prospect of any combat to continue improving his status as a soldier of the Kingdom. His stuffy Karrnathian mannerisms prevent him from allowing anyone in his charge to come under harm and he is an especial defenders of the ladies and small.

Background: Cassius Du'Crion is the product of King Kaius the First with an elfish Handmaiden before he chose to marry his queen. Unknowingly, this woman was actually the villainous Kazandra using magic to assume a living shape. The bastard half-elf enrolled in the army when he was twenty years of age and proceeded to serve with distinction in the Last War for the better part of seventy five years.

The war was particularly gruesome for Cassius Du'Crion with him being one of the Knights of the Silver Chalice, an Order of Demon Hunters that worshiped Dol Arrah, that was persecuted then destroyed by King Kaius when he began the forced conversions to the Blood of Vol. Losing his faith in Dol Arrah, he converted to the Blood of Vol and became one of the First Bone Knights. He turned his hatred towards the other nations while plotting ways of gaining revenge against his father for what had been done.

Fighting for the better part of a century, he was infamous amongst the other Four Nations as the Red Thunder for the fact that he did absolutely anything to win. While still maintaining a semblance of honor, this was to encourage the enemy to surrender and subjects not to rise up in revolt. Studying the fighting styles of the Eldeen Reaches, he recruited many fallen rangers into the ranks of the Karrnath Army in hopes they would teach his men how to covertly attack Aundair and Brelish positions. These, he kept separated from the undead and unknowingly included Gerald.

When King Kaius betrayed the Blood of Vol and converted everyone back to the Sovereign Host, Cassius was emotionally shattered. He turned against the Emerald Claw fully when he discovered that his daughter, Mina, had been kidnapped by Eberron's parallel version of Strahd Von Zharovich in the Karrnath province of Barovia. He successfully navigated Castle Ravenloft and managed to bring her out but not in time to save her from the dread curse of vampirism. This caused him to turn against all causes but his own.

Now approaching middle age for a Half-Elf, Cassius Du'Crion took his unit to the edge of Cyrean space and slaughtered the remaining defenders to escape the Mourning. Discovering they were to surrender and appalled by the terms of the treaty, he declared himself Lord of the Castle even as he found himself the master of a large number of Mourners mixed with various other sorts of refugees.

Roughly half of the defenders of the Castle are former members of Cassius' unit and many have brought their families from Karrnath to make their lives here. He is tremendously well respected amongst them but not a terribly inspiring leader. Most believe that he's just waiting for the peace to end so he can do something useful with his life since he has no experience as anything but a soldier.

The 'Colonel' as he is known to the majority of the inhabitants of Caer Shadowfast is the military governor of the town and enforces the Code of Kaius over the town as opposed to the Code of Gallifar. Many privately grumble about the draconian legal system of the town but few have any complaints about the fascist's effectiveness in protecting the town from frequent assault.

Cassius is a known heavy drinker on the weekends and is frequently on the look out for a new mistress since his 'relationships' rarely last long.

Game Updates: Cassius would eventually take up a relationship with Melissa and become possessed by the Demigod Throne Archon, Pyriel. Cassius is currently struggling to suppress the evil of the Throne Archon while settling into semi-domestic bliss with his new wife Maya that is the Princess of Thrane. He has also become founder of the Watchmen and Count of the newly created domain of Shadowfast.

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