Castle Aviat

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Broken's Apocalypse World game

Cast of PCs[edit]

Ruby Monsoon, The Battlebabe[edit]

OctoberRaven's character, Ruby is one of the perimeter wall guards who's recently grown bitter and cold.

Lively, the Brainer[edit]

Kittendumpling's character.

Char, the Angel[edit]

Otogi's character, and the local healer around Castle Aviat.

Fox, the Operator[edit]

Chaomancer's character. A woman running a small work crew, willing to do whatever she has to to get by and look after her little sister Kelly.

Joshua, the Savvyhead[edit]

Myth's character, a kilt-wearing, tool-carrying student of whatever isn't nailed down.


Ahk, the shogo[edit]

The war chief, as he sees himself, of Castle Aviat. Others think of him as despot.

His Goons[edit]

  • Gorg
  • Big Suzy


The local bartender, and the oldest man we know at 68.


The local record keeper, she keeps the Book which holds the births and deaths, and who's shacked up with whom.


A local trader, or maybe a scav. Travels with his family.


The chief tech-guy among the Guards


Castle Aviat (our home)[edit]

This is what we know: we're in the ruins of one of the old cities, in the cold north. It's partly sunk into the lake. And there are other settlements in these ruins, plus cannibals and slavers and all the other messed up folk you'd expect. It's mostly run by Ahk, the shogo.


A nearby settlement, about which we know nothing yet.