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Chaomancer's character in Castle Aviat, Broken's Apocalypse World game.


A woman wearing scrounge wear, Fox is sturdily built with honest face and guarded eyes.


Cool +2 Hard +1 Hot +1 Sharp 0 Weird -1



  • Moonlighting (Juggling 2)
  • Reputation


Paying Gigs[edit]

  • Deliveries (1-barter / bushwacked)
  • Honest Work (1-barter / impoverished)
  • Scavenging (1-barter / impoverished)

Obligation Gigs[edit]

  • Protecting Kelly (nothing bad happens to her / she's gone)



  • 9mm (2-harm close loud)
  • Rough, scavenged working clothes - including a heavy jacket worth 1-armour
  • 2-barter worth of stuff.

Crew and Contacts[edit]

Fox's workcrew[edit]

  • Kelly, Fox's teenage sister who needs a lot of looking after.
  • Threeface, he's an odd fellow. Religious in his own way, thinks everything's the will of the gods. But he's a damned handy fellow with an axe, and a hard worker.
  • Banjax, clever and nimble, she can fit places others can't.
  • Gonzo, biggest, strongest and least motivated. But boy can he be useful!
  • Smitty, mischievous and fun to be around, works hard when watched, but she's gotta be watched, you know?

Important Contacts[edit]

  • Ahk, the shogo - we've done some work for him.

Advances Taken[edit]